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Best Bed Toppers Review

Sometimes, even after the most careful browsing, we can end up with a mattress that doesn’t feel as comfortable as it should. A bed topper can improve your sleeping experience tenfold by offering the extra cushion and support you need. However, finding the right mattress pad can be just as challenging as finding an actual mattress. We've carefully tested and selected four of the best mattress pads in 2021 available to make your search easier.

Best Bed Toppers Review

best bed toppers

Zen Bamboo Ultra Soft Fitted Bamboo Mattress Pad

Crafted from a blend of brushed microfiber and bamboo rayon, this mattress pad from Zen Bamboo provides extra lift to mattresses for added comfort. A built-in elastic band keeps it in place.

The Zen Bamboo mattress pad feels soft from the moment you lay down. Despite its thinness, the level of comfort it provides is apparent and makes it easier to sleep on otherwise too-firm mattresses. It also offers some coolness. However, it isn’t permanently cooling, and may even begin to give off heat over time.

best bed toppers

AmazonBasics Goose-Down-Alternative Mattress Topper

This protective mattress topper from AmazonBasics is made from hypoallergenic, dust-repellent materials, and includes a cotton shell for added softness.

In terms of feel, this mattress topper is of medium thickness, sitting right in between a quilt and a comforter. It's high-quality and perfect for touching up a not-so-great mattress. However, there's some lingering feedback from buyers wishing it was still a bit thicker.

best bed toppers

Sleep Innovations Mattress Topper

Sleep Innovations crafted this hypoallergenic mattress topper from memory foam for a super soft feel. It also features cooling gel for even more comfort and measures four inches thick overall.

Compared to our other selections, this mattress topper is exceptionally soft. Even people with back issues are able to sleep well with help from this Sleep Innovations topper. Once you’re done using it for the night, the foam regains its shape rather than sinking in. The gel isn’t quite as cooling as advertised, but this doesn’t impact overall comfort.

best bed toppers

Niagara Sleep Solution Quilted Mattress Topper

Featuring 66 ounces of filling and a 20“ pocket, this mattress topper from Niagara Sleep Solution is meant to fit larger mattresses and offers additional cooling properties.

Just as advertised, this mattress topper is comfortable, soft, and even adds some warmth. It is also easy to put on top of the mattress and lays down smooth with no lumps. However, it is a bit thinner and less fluffy than other options.

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