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Renew Your Skin with the Best Body Scrub

  1. Tree Hut Shea Sugar Scrub, Coconut Lime, 18 Ounce (Pack of 3) Body Scrub
  2. MAJESTIC PURE Body Scrub
  3. ZitSticka Body Scrub
  4. Organic Fiji Pineapple Coconut Body Scrub
  5. O Naturals Exfoliating Brown Sugar & Papaya Natural Face Lip Body & Foot & Body Scrub
  6. Giovanni Hot Chocolate Sugar Body Scrub
  7. Bare Botanics Body Scrub
  8. Burt's Bees Peach and Willowbark Deep Pore Body Scrub
  9. Bare Botanics Body Scrub
  10. M3 Naturals Himalayan Salt Scrub Infused with Collagen and Stem Cell Body Scrub
  11. Obey Your Body Dead Sea Mineral Salt Scrub
  12. Deja Vu Dead Sea Body Salt Scrub
  13. Oatmeal Coffee Face + Body Scrub/CANADIAN HANDMADE, VEGAN BODY SCRUB
  14. Terra Nova Green Coffee & Yerba Maté Stimulating Body Scrub
  15. Urban Decay Joe Glow Cleansing Face & Body Scrub
  16. Biggs & Featherbelle Coffee and Raw Sugar Body Scrub
  17. Kona Coffee & Sugar Detox Whole Body Scrub
  18. St. Ives Fresh Skin Invigorating Apricot Scrub
  19. Alba Botanica Hawaiian Sugar Cane Body Polish
  20. Weleda Birch Body Scrub
  21. Buyer's Guide

Body scrubs are perfect for renewing your skin while you take a shower. You can find sugar scrubs, coffee scrubs and scrubs that have a host of intoxicating and nourishing ingredients, but how do you know where to start? It’s a good idea to find a body scrub that fits your individual needs. If you have issues that you want to tackle with your skin then a body scrub is a good place to start. If you want something that cleanses and exfoliates dead skin cells as well, then most may be able to do that effectively. However, if you want a gentle scrub for sensitive skin or something that polishes your skin you’ll want to do your research to find the right body scrub that will fit your lifestyle. A list of the best body scrubs in 2022 can help you make a decision that you’ll love when choosing the right body scrub.

What are the best body scrubs of 2022?

Tree Hut Shea Sugar Scrub, Coconut Lime, 18 Ounce (Pack of 3) Body Scrub - Best Body Scrub Overall

The Tree Hut Shea Sugar Body Scrub, Coconut will have you thinking of a scrumptiously delicious treat from it's combination of coconut and lime scents. Reviewers have claimed that this divine smelling concoction will eliminate dry, flaky skin. Imagine the feel of your skin as extremely soft and soothing. The sugar works as a great exfoliant while the shea nut oil nourishes the skin leaving it moisturized. This is also a great scrub to use before going out to tan and hanging out at the beach.

MAJESTIC PURE Body Scrub - Best Results

Do you just hate dry, sore skin? Well, believe it or not - there is actually a pretty easy solution to your problem. And, the biggest part is that you don't have to pay a big amount of money either. Say hello to the MAJESTIC PURE Body Scrub. This is, without a doubt, one of the most effective choices on our listing. It is formulated with top-quality sea salt and contains organic lavender oil to help enhance the surface of your lovely skin. Unlike some specific sugar body scrubs, this one can provide everlasting exfoliation and long-term results. Both the men and women population can employ this body scrub.

ZitSticka Body Scrub - Best for Breakouts

Is your skin prone to breakouts, pimples and acne? If so, this Fizz Fountain body scrub from ZitSticka could make all the difference. It's designed to clear pores and block breakouts, preventing pimples from forming and keeping your skin clean and clear. It contains a mixture of salicylic acid and glycolic acid, as well as lactic acid, combined with the power of natural exfoliating ingredients like bamboo and pumice grains to cleanse and scrub the skin. It's also very gentle, polishing the skin's surface lightly to remove dead skin cells without doing any damage to the softer and more sensitive layers underneath.

Organic Fiji Pineapple Coconut Body Scrub - Runner Up

The Organic Fiji Pineapple Coconut Sugar Polish is known by fans as a wonderful product that promises to keep your skin glowing for months with continued use. The body scrub is made with 100 percent certified virgin coconut oil and sugar directly from the Fiji islands. The smell alone will make you feel like you're out enjoying a day at the beach. The sugar operates as an exfoliant that rejuvenates the skin, while the coconut oil provides additional vitamins necessary for that beautiful glow. The Organic Fiji Pineapple Coconut Sugar Polish also works great when warmed up, as coconut solidifies at room temperature.

O Naturals Exfoliating Brown Sugar & Papaya Natural Face Lip Body & Foot & Body Scrub - Honorable Mention

The Neutrogena Sugar Scrub Body Exfoliatoris great for sleepy heads who need an extra kick in the morning. The refreshing citrus smell energizes, giving you a great start that keeps you going for the whole day. The natural sugar beads exfoliate and melt away while you're still scrubbing, eliminating any extra grainy residue. The thick botanical oil also leaves the skin hydrated and plump. Works great with a variety of skin types including dry and sensitive skin.

Giovanni Hot Chocolate Sugar Body Scrub - Consider

The Giovanni Cosmetics Hot Sugar Scrub is known as a chocolate lovers dream to the perfect exfoliation. Customers rave about the unique combination of a sugar scrub and crushed cocoa beans. The additional ingredients of essential oils make this body scrub a thick, warming almost magical paste. The cocoa beans and sugar invigorate the body while the fats found in the essential oils repair the skin. The body scrub will have your skin appearing softer, lighter and healthier.

Who doesn't love the scent of hot chocolate? Giovanni Sugar Scrub is a gentle body exfoliator that sweetens your skin and intoxicates your senses. It's not tested on animals and is organic as well. Made with crushed cocoa beans, it also includes essential oils to soothe, smooth and regenerate skin all over. It also has essential fatty acids. These are necessary to smooth, repair and help heal skin. You'll love not only how it smells but how it performs on your skin.

Bare Botanics Body Scrub - Best Fragrance

With bare Botanics exfoliating scrub line, you can bid farewell to dry, itchy skin and welcome to baby soft skin! The incredibly amazing sea salt in this bare Botanics body scrub gently cleanses the skin away from dead skin cells, oils, pollution, and other impurities for glowing, beautiful skin! This bare Botanics organic body scrub skillfully targets the top and deepest layers of your skin with a mix of nutritionally rich plant-based moisturizers including Avocado oil, Argan oil, Jojoba Oil, and Aloe Vera. This natural body cleanser hydrates the skin without leaving a sticky feeling behind. Every coconut body scrub is skillfully hand-poured and hand-packed in Madison, Wisconsin by the bare Botanics team. They are proud of their high quality, which can be seen and felt.

Burt's Bees Peach and Willowbark Deep Pore Body Scrub - Best Sugar Scrub

The Burts Bees Sugar Scrub is a drugstore giant in producing natural, healthy products. The sugar scrub capitalizes on sweet almond, using its seed as an exfoliant and its oil as a nourishing moisturizer. It has rave reviews for the ability to control and alleviate really dry skin, including dry areas such as the elbows, knees and heels. The Burts Bees Sugar Scrub has a sweet aroma and will leave your skin feeling incredibly smooth and nourished. Although it is quite expensive compared to other brands, it will be worth every penny.

Bare Botanics Body Scrub - Consider

Tired of itchy, rough, and dry skin? Perhaps it’s high time you say goodbye to it and say hi to some baby-soft, fragrant skin! Loaded with natural organic ingredients like Avocado Oil, Aloe Vera Juice, Coconut Oil, Vitamin E, and more – it’s time for you to pay attention, moisturize, and care for your skin and give it the pampering it deserves. The Bare Botanics Body Scrub is made in Wisconsin, contains no synthetic fragrances, is 100% vegan, crafted by hand, and contains no nut oils! Since it’s made up of natural ingredients, you’ll have to exercise extreme care while applying this product – or you might end up having tiny scratches on your body.

M3 Naturals Himalayan Salt Scrub Infused with Collagen and Stem Cell Body Scrub - Best Salt Scrub

The Sunshine Herbal Oils Herbal Salt Scrub will have your skin radiating and feeling silky. Consumers claimed that this salt scrub will provide users with a luxurious spa treatment without leaving the house. This scrub contains precious Celtic Sea Salt from the exclusive salt reserves of France. The salt scrub is known for their healing powers and the ability to awaken the body. The subtle scents are delightful and will lift your spirits as the salt scrub works to awaken your body during the day. The salt scrub will also have your skin feeling clean and soft.

Obey Your Body Dead Sea Mineral Salt Scrub - Best Salt Scrub

The Obey Your Body Dead Sea Mineral Salt Scrub Treatment Exfoliating Purity is great for invigorating and regenerating the skin cells. If you're like most fans of this salt scrub your skin will feel luxurious throughout the day. The salt scrub is a mixture of plant extracts and aromatic oils which work together to purify and moisturize the skin. Perfect for softening up those dry areas on the skin. It's also considered non-greasy and doesn't leave any residue behind in the shower, making cleanup easy after a good exfoliation.

Deja Vu Dead Sea Body Salt Scrub - Best Salt Scrub

The Deja Vu Dead Sea Body Salt Scrub Passion Touch is made up of over 21 minerals. The salt scrub combines these minerals with Chamomile Oil and Aloe Vera Gel to effectively moisturize and heal skin tissue. The body scrub hydrates and exfoliates the skin with Dead Sea salt. Reviewers are excited about this products ability to smooth out dry and callused skin. It's non-abrasive and works as a natural disinfectant to regulate the moisture within the skin.

Oatmeal Coffee Face + Body Scrub/CANADIAN HANDMADE, VEGAN BODY SCRUB - Best Coffee Scrub

The Organic Cocoa Kona Coffee Body Scrub is is most commonly referred to as a vegan friendly product. Fans have been intrigued by their unique ingredients which consist of coconut, coffee with additional rosehip and apricot oils. The best part of the Organic Cocoa Kona Coffee Body Scrub are the coconut and coffee products which act as exfoliants, leaving the skin feeling nourished and rejuvenated. The body scrub is also known for smelling deliciously like eating chocolate chip cookies while relaxing on the beach. Although the body scrub may leave behind brown residue from the coffee beans, it's still considered a favorite because it will leave skin looking fresh, feeling smooth and glowing.

Terra Nova Green Coffee & Yerba Maté Stimulating Body Scrub - Best Coffee Scrub

The Terra Nova Green Coffee & Yerba Maté Stimulating Body Scrub is considered a proven exfoliate that gets rid of dead skin cells and improves circulation. Terra Nova’s scrub is known to fight against cellulite by breaking down cells. The coffee scrub also contains yerba mate and orange essences that give off an energizing aroma. The coffee scrub is praised for its bubbly mixture, leaving you feeling great and refreshed after your shower. This scrub is great for those wishing to smooth out their bumpy skin.

Urban Decay Joe Glow Cleansing Face & Body Scrub - Best Coffee Scrub

The Urban Decay Joe Glow Cleansing Face & Body Scrub lives up to its claim according to reviewers, their scrub will leave you glowing from head to toe. The body scrub has a uniquely designed compact bottle and is considered quite gritty when it's first dispensed. Nevertheless, it smells delicious, like a sweet coffee concoction. The Urban Decay Joe Glow gingerly exfoliates, removing dead skin cells. The product is even gentle enough to use on your face. A little goes a long way and although the bottle is miniscule compared to drug store scrubs, it only takes a small amount to exfoliate the skin. Those looking for a gentle, energizing and great smelling scrub are in luck!

Biggs & Featherbelle Coffee and Raw Sugar Body Scrub - Best Coffee Scrub

The Biggs & Featherbelle Coffee and Raw Sugar Body Scrub has received raves for combining the coffee and sugar as a beauty treatment. Although sugar has been used for centuries, Biggs & Featherbelle has chosen to use it within their body scrub. The combination of the sugar and coffee allow them to work together, renewing tired skin and boosting circulation within the body. The sugar exfoliates, coffee reinvigorates and the oils nourish the skin so that it can shine for a long time after you walked out the door. Coffee lovers can rejoice in the smell of the body scrub which has an aroma like your little guilty pleasure and makes your skin shine.

Kona Coffee & Sugar Detox Whole Body Scrub - Best Coffee Scrub

Pacifica Kona Coffee & Sugar Detox Scrub has garnered recognition for mixing sea salt, coffee and sugar. The body scrub works to rid the epidermis of unneeded skin cells so that you’re left with smooth, soft, pretty skin. Making your body a perfect canvas for a tan. The sugar and salt exfoliate and detox the body, while the rich argan and coconut oils replenish it with the vitamins and nutrients needed for staying healthy and young. Coffee stimulates cell growth and makes skin look fresh and rejuvenated. The Pacifica scrub is a messy treat, but your skin will definitely thank you for the effort.

St. Ives Fresh Skin Invigorating Apricot Scrub - Best Scrub for Sensitive Skin

The St. Ives Fresh Skin Invigorating Apricot Scrub has become a classic staple in a woman's beauty routine. The St. Ives Fresh Skin Invigorating Apricot scrub is made up of slightly larger grains than most other scrubs and provides a deep yet gentle exfoliation process. The formula consists of grain, made of all-natural ingredients which has a delightful fruity scent. A little goes a long way and one tube (or container) can last you for several months. With its low price and adoring fan base, this product is definitely worth the purchase.

Alba Botanica Hawaiian Sugar Cane Body Polish - Best Scrub for Sensitive Skin

The Alba Botanica Hawaiian Sugar Cane Body Polish contains quite a natural ingredients from nuts including macadamia and almond. The nuts combined with sunflower oil and exfoliants such as sugar and salt moisturize the skin. The body scrub is favored because it leaves your skin feeling soft, nourished and hydrated. Although, the body scrub is gentle, it works wonders and will dissolve all dead skin cells. It's also great for exfoliating the feet, elbows and knees. The scrub also makes the skin silky and smooth to the touch. With its pleasant, unisex smell the body scrub is a perfect treat for yourself or as a gift.

Neutrogena Sugar Scrub Body Exfoliator is an energizing citrus scrub. It's dermatologist tested and it won't overdry your skin like some products. In fact, it's gentle enough to use every day, which is great for sensitive skin. It uses sugar crystals which are natural and gradually dissolve to avoid over-exfoliation.

Weleda Birch Body Scrub - Best Scrub for Sensitive Skin

The Weleda Birch Body Scrub is good for those that suffer from rough skin and looking for a good exfoliation solution. The body scrub is mild and perfect for if your skin irritates easily. The body scrub leaves you feeling moisturized throughout the day. It's made up of an extract of organic birch leaves which will purify and detoxify the skin. The natural oils, organic products and fatty acids are known for having purifying and detoxifying effects, which will give you radiant and refreshing skin. Although intended to combat cellulite, Weleda Birch Body Scrub also works to improve your overall circulation.

Buyer's Guide

When your skin starts to feel scaly, rough, and appears coarse and cloggy, it is your body’s way of telling you that it is time for exfoliation, which is one of the major functions that body scrubs offer to your skin. Also known as body polish, body scrubs are made from a mixture of salts/sugar, oils, and other ingredients that exfoliate and moisturize your skin, while also increasing blood circulation to your skin. They are must-haves in the shower menu of skin experts, enthusiasts, and people who generally care about having clear, healthy, and popping skin.
However, because of the different types of skins that we have and their varying tolerance to some ingredients, there are different types of body scrubs. If you're looking for active information on body scrubs, the best type that would suit your skin type without irritation, and how to apply it, please read on because this information is exactly what this buying guide offers.

Why Do I Need A Body Scrub?


This is one of the most basic functions of a body scrub. Body scrubs help to scrape away unwanted dead skin cells from the outermost layer of the skin. The dead skin cells are the causes of the scaly feeling that your skin gives and the reason why your new products seem to not be working. Body scrubs clear them to promote the generation of new cells and to smoothen, brighten and improve the appearance of your skin.


Most body scrubs contain an oil base that helps to moisturize your skin, leaving your skin soft, radiant, and supple. This helps to slow the signs of aging and wrinkles on your skin and prevents skin dullness and flakiness.

Skin Balance

Using the right body scrub for your skin might just be the right and easiest method to keep your skin oil balanced. Body scrubs retain moisture in your skin, which as a result keeps your skin from being too dry or too oily. Most of them also have a wonderful scent.

Product Introducer

Body scrubbing certainly does a better job at unclogging your pores than the natural desquamation process which might leave dead cells on your skin. Body scrubs help to prepare your skin for new products or spa treatments. They should be used when introducing new products to your skin because they help to thoroughly clean and open your pores, helping your skin to absorb the new products easily. This would consequently help the products to have a better effect on your skin.

Blood Circulation

Largely because of the mode of application, body scrubbing helps to improve blood circulation to the skin surface, thereby improving skin tone and radiance and preventing cellulite.

Skin Confidence

Body scrubs generally rejuvenate your skin and leave your skin healthy, hydrated,soft, smooth and radiant. This improves your skin’s glow and in turn, your skin confidence.

Smooth Shaving

Body scrubs help to reduce ingrown hairs which would make shaving or hair removal easier and smoother, preventing razor bumps.

What Are The Types Of Body Scrub?

Body scrubs can be classified based on different criteria like maker, size, etc. But, the major classifications are made based on the contents of the scrub and the type of skin it is most suitable for.

Salt Scrub

It is usually made with different types of sea salt. This type of body scrub is the most abrasive and is the best for a thorough exfoliation. It is best for oily skins and skins that are acne-prone as salt naturally clears oil better and has antiseptic properties which kill bacteria that cause blemishes. It is also great for healing the skin.

Sugar Scrub

This type of scrub is the most popular type of scrub. It is usually made from white or brown sugar and it is gentler on the skin, compared to the salt scrub. Sugar is a natural humectant so, it moisturizes the skin and helps the skin to retain hydration. It is best for people with sensitive, normal, or dry skin.

Coffee Scrub

They are made from coffee extracts and because coffee is a natural stimulant, they help to stimulate faster cell generation. The caffeine also helps to tighten the skin pores thereby reducing inflammation.

Herbal Scrub

There are different combinations of herbs that can make up the herbal scrub. From lavender flower to rosemary flower, orange peels, and many more. They all have their unique properties and perform as healing, relaxing and therapeutic agents. They tend to be gentler and usually have great scents.

What To Look Out For When Getting A Body Scrub

Skin Type

Your skin type appears to be the most important thing to consider when choosing a body scrub. Find the body scrub with the ingredients that suit your skin type and go with it. People with dry skin should go for moisturizing scrubs, people with sensitive skin should use gentle scrubs, while people with oily skin are advised to go for more abrasive scrubs.


It is considered generally safer to go for body scrubs with natural-based ingredients than chemical-based or synthetic ones. This would help to prevent the damaging effect of too many chemicals on the skin.

How Much Do Body Scrubs Cost?

Based on content, maker, and size, body scrubs generally cost between $5-200.

Body Scrub FAQs

Q. Do You Apply Body Scrubs Before Or After a Bath?

A. It is advisable to apply your body scrub after taking a shower and not before. This is because body scrubs usually contain oils that are also essential to the process. This would give your skin more time to absorb those oils.

Q. How Do You Apply Body Scrubs Correctly?

A. It is important to first take a shower or wet your skin before applying a body scrub. Body scrubs are to be applied by gently rubbing it in your skin with your fingers, in a circular motion. Rub for about 30 seconds before rinsing off with lukewarm water.

Q. How Often Can I Use A Body Scrub?

A. This depends largely on your skin type and how much it can take. If you live in a polluted and dusty area, you should look to scrub at least twice a week but, it shouldn't be more than three times. Do not over scrub, to avoid skin dryness and sores.

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