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Get a Good Night’s Sleep on the Best Camping Pillow

  1. Goose Down Travel Camping Pillow
  2. Therm-a-Rest Compressible Camping Pillow
  3. Wise Owl Outfitters Camping Pillow
  4. Nemo Fillo Pillow - Inflatable Camping Pillow
  5. REI Base Camp Pillow
  6. Buyer's Guide

For many, thinking about past camping adventures conjures fond memories of campfire stories, wildlife encounters, exciting discoveries, and perhaps a morning or two talking to camp mates sideways due to an overly stiff neck. Technological advances in recreational equipment have created products that can make your camping experience as minimal or as luxurious as you would like. Whether you are backpacking with an unfathomably light pack or car camping with every possible piece of gear your little heart desires, there are plenty of camping pillow options to keep your head and neck happy. Although your home pillow may be able to do the job, having a comfortable pillow that is compressible and portable will greatly simplify your camping experience. Below are some of the best camping pillow in 2022 options based on comfort, support, ease of cleaning, portability, and positive consumer experiences. These options are also extremely versatile, and will serve you well during air and boat travel, road trips, or even as throw pillows to add extra comfort to a couch or chair.

Here are the best camping pillows of 2022

Goose Down Travel Camping Pillow - Best Camping Pillow Overall

If you simply must have the best, most luxurious camping pillow and cost is of no issue, look no further than the Quixote Travelite Classic Goose Down Pillow. If you aren't sold by the comfort of the Hungarian goose down fill alone, you likely will be after seeing the pillow compress down to an unimaginably small size and poof back out as fluffy as the day you first saw it. To top it all off, this pillow is literally as light as a feather, and will hardly add any weight or bulk to your pack. The cover is designed to withstand campsite abuse and is even water resistant, while the pillowcase is a 400-thread count cotton dream. Considering the insulating ability of goose down, your head will stay comfortably warm as it enjoys cloud-like comfort. Quixote also makes a synthetic version of this pillow at roughly half the cost.

Therm-a-Rest Compressible Camping Pillow - Runner Up

If you prefer luxury car camping and want your campsite to include the amenities you enjoy at home, this pillow is worthy of consideration. In fact, some users have even replaced their home pillows with this one due to its extraordinary comfort and support. The Therm-a-Rest compressible pillow comes in small, medium, and large sizes, and is even available in several fun designs. This allows you to choose a pillow size that meets your camping needs while showing off your unique style. The larger size is great if space is not an issue when packing, while the medium option is large enough to provide a cozy sleeping experience while tucked in the hood of your sleeping bag. This pillow is machine-washable, and self-expands from its compressed state. If you are a fan of earth-friendly, recycled products, you'll appreciate that this pillow is filled with materials left over from the production of Therm-a-Rest sleeping mats.

Wise Owl Outfitters Camping Pillow - Honorable Mention

This camping pillow tops the charts in terms of comfort, weight, and portability. It weighs a mere 2.4 ounces, takes only a few short breaths to inflate, and packs down to the size of a softball. The unique shape of the pillow can accommodate multiple sleep positions. Slightly under-inflating it will create an ideal pillow height and deepen the pillow’s center grooves to keep your head snug during the night. Eyelets on the sides of the pillow allow you to attach it to your sleeping pad to keep the pillow in place (your sleeping pad needs to have attachment loops similar to those found on a mont-bell U.L Comfort Pad for best results). Consider the mont-bell lightweight fleece pillow cover for added comfort and softness.

Nemo Fillo Pillow - Inflatable Camping Pillow - Consider

The Nemo Fillo gets rave reviews not only for its incredible level of comfort and quality, but also its handy portability and versatility. This camping pillow is inflatable, and has a layer of memory foam. Together, these two components allow you to adjust the firmness of the pillow to your liking while maintaining cushioning for added comfort. Bungee cording on the back of the pillow allows you to stuff in some extra clothing and adjust the height of the pillow to meet your individual needs. The stuff sack is conveniently attached to the pillow cover, and allows the pillow to be compressed to a conveniently portable size. The cover itself is super-soft microsuede, and can be easily removed and tossed in the washer. If you tend to move around a lot while you sleep, consider the larger luxury size.

REI Base Camp Pillow

REI Base Camp Pillow - Best Camping Pillow

This pillow is aptly named, considering it is designed to enhance the comfy cozy aspect of your base camp. This pillow provides an admirable balance of fluffiness and firmness. It has a reputation for being refreshingly lofty, and maintaining that loft as opposed to going flat over time. The polyester and cotton fabric is soft and comfortable, while the filling (recycled!) adds firm and cushy support. Straps on the pillow help you easily secure and store it, though this pillow is not as compressible as other options on this list (which is only a potential disadvantage if space is an issue for you during your adventure). As an added bonus, this pillow is the most inexpensive option on this list.

Buyer's Guide

Most people enjoy being outdoors and connecting with nature. It is scientifically proven that being amongst nature boosts our mood and improves our mental health. If you live in a city, you will find that the wilderness will help you relax. To fully appreciate nature’s healing properties, you may wish to spend a few nights camping. There are a few essential items you can take to make your stay as comfortable as possible. One of these items is, of course, a camping pillow.

With so many options on the market, how do you choose the best one for you? We have created this buying guide to help you plan exactly what to look for in the best camping pillow.

What are camping pillows?

Camping pillows are smaller than a regular pillow. They are made to take up less space and weigh less than the usual pillows you use in the bedroom. Camping pillows come in different shapes and sizes and are made of a variety of materials.

Why do you need a camping pillow?

There are many reasons why you might need a camping pillow. These include:


(obviously!)If you are going camping, you will have a much better quality of sleep if you use a camping pillow. Good quality of sleep means you can better enjoy your surroundings. You will have more energy to hike further, or do any other outdoor sports. Good quality sleep is a proven mood regulator. You don’t want to be cranky and ruin the camping trip for your fellow wilderness explorers!


If you want to take a pillow on a journey but don’t like the feel of neck pillows, a camping pillow is a good option to take instead. Some of them deflate and can pack away to a compact size, great for hand luggage.

Commuting to work

If you have a long journey on a train to get to work, you can make it a little more comfortable using a camping cushion. Enjoy that extra 10 minutes shut-eye you didn’t get in bed!

Staying with a friend

If you’re used to using a couple of pillows when you sleep, you may wish to bulk up the number of pillows available when staying as a guest in someone else’s home. As mentioned before, some inflatable pillows will only take up a small amount of room in your bag when deflated.

Things to consider when buying a camping pillow

Choosing the right camping pillow is important. You don’t want to begrudge bringing an item that adds to the weight of your camping gear. To choose the best camping pillow for you, we suggest considering the following features:

Type of pillow

There are three types of camping pillows: Air pillows, foam/filled pillows, and stuff sack pillows.

Air pillows

are made with an air chamber that inflates to your desired level of firmness. They are ultra-lightweight, and some can deflate and fold into sizes as small as a pack of cards. You can stuff them into your sleeping bag sack or put them in a pocket. If choosing to buy this type of camping pillow, you should opt for one with neck support.

The only thing that puts many people off choosing an inflatable pillow is the thought that it might puncture. Although this is always a possibility, most good-quality air pillows are durable and puncture-resistant.

Foam/filled camping pillows

are compact pillows stuffed with down or foam. They are the closest thing to a pillow you would use on your bed, only smaller. The foam/filled camping pillow is often considered the most comfortable product on the market. However, they take up the most space and weigh more than other camping pillows available.

Stuff sack pillows

might seem like a strange thing to buy. Effectively, you can use any sack and stuff it with your clothes to make a pillow. However, some stuff sacks have a foam layer inside them to make your bundle of clothes feel less lumpy and more even.

Stuff sacks are a good way to take more clothes on vacation without paying for extra cabin luggage - you are allowed to take your carry-on case and a small pillow on a flight. It is a fabulous way of saving space in your suitcase and comfortable too.

Materials used

When it comes to air pillows, you should opt for one made with materials like thickened TPU or polyester. You will have a comfortable night’s sleep if the pillow has a foam cover. If your air pillow does not have a removable cover, look for a pillow that uses tricot weave. This form of knitting makes the fabric both sturdy and soft.

Memory foam is an affordable and extremely comfortable option when shopping for a foam/filled camping pillow. A polyester filling allows for easy cleaning. You can usually wash a polyester pillow in the washing machine. Always check the label just to be on the safe side.

When purchasing a stuff sack pillow, choose one with a reversible design. It should have a tough material on the outside with a soft lining on the inside. This way, you can turn the pillow inside out for a more comfortable night’s sleep.

Camping pillow price range

You can buy a camping pillow for as little as $6. However, you may struggle to find a durable camping pillow in this price range. You can expect to pay up to $70 for a top-end pillow. Typically, you can buy a decent camping pillow for about $25.


Q: Can you use a regular pillow for camping?
A: If you are using your car to transport all your camping equipment, and you have the room, there is no reason you can’t use a regular pillow for camping. If you carry your gear around in a backpack, it will take up far too much room and add unnecessary, unwanted wait.

Q: What are some good camping pillow brand names?
A: Thermarest, Sea To Summit, Sierra Designs, and Hi-gear are well-known camping pillow brand names you may wish to research. There are more camping pillow brands available, which you can find with a quick search on Google.

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