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Don't Get Stuck: Here Are the Best Car Batteries

  1. Interstate Batteries MTP Series Car Battery
  2. Optima RedTop Starting Car Battery
  3. EverStart Car Battery
  4. Optima Batteries RedTop Car Battery
  5. Buyer's Guide

Car batteries are often overlooked during general maintenance. While this may not be much of an issue with modern-day maintenance-free battery designs, the real problem may not show up until the temperature drops and your battery cannot supply enough cranking amps to start your engine. If your vehicle is already displaying signs of struggling to start, you may want to preemptively replace it with the best car battery in 2022 before you're left stranded.

Comparing the Best Car Battery for 2022

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Interstate Batteries MTP Series Car Battery - Best Car Battery Overall

The best car batteries combine strong, reliable starting performance with a long warranty just in case anything goes wrong, and Interstate understands this down to a science. The MTP series is, as Interstate claims, the best flooded (i.e. standard, non-AGM) battery that the company offers. It's offered in over two dozen of the most common battery sizes, and are commonly found at auto repair shops and tire dealers. Cold cranking amp performance varies depending on the size, but Interstate batteries generally carry a higher CCA rating than many OE batteries. As of May 1, 2019, the warranty period for all MTP-series batteries is 30 months free replacement, followed by a prorated amount of 45% between months 31-48, 25% between months 49-60, and 10% between months 61 and 72.

Need any more reassurance that Interstate batteries are a popular go-to choice? Costco has discontinued their Kirkland Signature battery line and has opted to carry Interstate batteries in their place. Costco may have a different warranty policy, however - be sure to check before you buy.

*If your car requires an AGM battery, check out the MTX series for the correct replacement battery.

Optima RedTop Starting Car Battery - Runner Up

If you've browsed the battery section in an auto parts store any time within the past couple of decades, you've almost certainly seen Optima's distinctively designed batteries sharing shelf space with dozens of regular black boxes. Unlike traditional batteries that rely on flat lead plates submerged in an acid bath, the RedTop utilizes spirally-wound plates separated by a fiberglass mat encased in each cylinder-shaped housing. This layout allows more of the lead surface to remain in contact with the battery acid. When combined with the claimed purity of the lead (99.99% according to Optima), this allows the RedTop to dramatically outperform similarly-sized batteries when it comes to starting amps and discharge rate. As an added bonus, the RedTop is completely sealed and will therefore not leak acid when tilted or inverted. These batteries tend to carry a higher price tag than competitors, but the extra performance certainly brings peace of mind - especially in harsh climates where starting your engine can often be a gamble.

best starter car battery

EverStart Car Battery - Honorable Mention

EverStart batteries can be found for sale at your local Walmart. This shouldn’t be any reason to dismiss these batteries, though, as they are made by the same manufacturer that puts out high-end name-brand batteries. The Walmart-exclusive EverStart batteries are high on affordability and performance, with amp ratings that make it suited to be used in extreme climates such as freezing conditions. As is the usual with modern car batteries, EverStart batteries are maintenance-free meaning you’ll never have to add small amounts of distilled water periodically. If your battery needs are not excessively intensive, EverStart batteries are an excellent value.

Optima Batteries RedTop Car Battery - Consider

For all-out performance, the Optima YellowTop has your needs covered. This distinctively designed battery features class-leading cranking power, and also carries the ability to undergo deep cycling without failure. Simply put, the Optima YellowTop battery was designed not only to reliably start your car or truck in every condition imaginable, it will also power all of the accessories without breaking a sweat. Like most other modern car batteries, the Optima YellowTop is completely maintenance-free, and is also spill-proof. This allows easy mounting out of the way, where it will provide years after years of high-performance, reliable service.

Buyer's Guide

Best Car Batteries Buyer's Guide

To help you go through the buying process of the best car battery for yourself, we're here with a buying guide; you'll learn some crucial things you should look for in a car battery while buying it. You'll also learn some of the types and price ranges of car batteries available in the market.

What are The Things You Should Consider While Purchasing a Car Battery?

The manufacturer specifies the type of battery your vehicle requires. You must keep track of when your battery needs to be replaced. When buying a new battery, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Car Battery Size

Car batteries come in a range of sizes, lengths, and widths to suit the needs of your vehicle. You have the option of selecting the one recommended by the car's owner's manual. The best car battery is one that fits snugly into the designated battery space and protects it from damage.

The Freshness of The Battery

If you've never bought a car battery before, this might be a new concept for you. As a result, the code on the battery indicates its freshness. A few batteries have letters indicating months and a number indicating the manufacturing date. A key thing to note is that you should not buy a more than six-month-old battery.

Reverse Capacity of The Battery

It is one of the most critical things to look for in a car battery. The ability of a car battery to perform on its own is referred to as reverse capacity. When a battery has high reverse power, it can help the car get through difficult situations, including alternator failure and leaving lights on by mistake.

Maintenance of Car batteries

When selecting a battery, you'll notice that there are two potential maintenance scenarios. The first is low maintenance, as it has unsealed caps that allow you to add distilled water regularly. The seconds require no maintenance because it is sealed and has a liquid electrolyte that does not need to be replaced during the given car battery lifetime.

Warranty of The car battery

It is preferable to select a battery that provides a long time of free replacement when purchasing one.

Battery Life

Battery life is critical and should be checked regularly. You should seek advice from a battery expert or an auto parts shop. They will inspect your battery and notify you if it needs to be replaced.

What is the Price Range of Car Batteries Available in The Market?

The price ranges of car batteries are determined by the manufacturer, the type of battery, and how well it is maintained. Some are very affordable, and they are most likely the most commonly used. Since they are new, the second one is slightly more expensive. Any auto part store near your home will quickly provide you with new or replacement parts. Amazon is also an excellent place to get a car battery. However, it is essential to replace the battery regularly.

Car batteries come in a variety of price ranges. It all depends on the battery's efficiency and requirements. On Amazon, there are a variety of battery types to choose from. The most affordable battery on Amazon starts at $198. The most expensive one costs $300 or more.

What Are The Types of Car Batteries?

There are various types of car batteries available on the market. All of them are based on the model of your car and the amount of energy it requires. The following are some of the most popular battery types on the market.

Calcium battery

These batteries require little maintenance and are readily available on the market. These lead-acid batteries can be recharged with ease. When compared to other car batteries on the market, they are the most powerful.

Deep cycle battery

These are easily accessible on the market. In terms of electricity, it has the maximum potential.

ATG batteries

These energy-saving absorb glass mat batteries are environmentally friendly. These batteries have a longer life cycle and are suitable for modern vehicles with high energy demands.

EFB battery

This energy flooded battery has a high energy supply, lacking in most car batteries. It ensures long-term use and high efficiency.

Lithium-Ion (Li-ion) Batteries

This battery is capable of carrying more charges than any other. It is lighter than other types of car batteries currently on the market.

How to Maintain Car Batteries for long-term Use?

The average battery life is two to five years. Weather conditions, for example, can have a significant impact on a battery. Warm weather is known to trigger battery drainage, which reduces the battery's lifespan. The following are some helpful suggestions for maximizing battery life.

1. Replace your battery every four years.

2. Regularly check the acid level.

3. Clean the battery once a month.

4. Carefully add water to the battery.

5. Drive your car after three days; do not abandon it for a long time.

6. Keep the battery warm for optimal results.

Car Battery FAQ

How do I bring my car battery back to life?

If you have a dead battery, there are a few things you can do to get it to function again right away
• Jump starts your car by attaching it to the battery of another vehicle. This is the most common approach. Use jumper cables and avoid using frozen batteries for this purpose.

• Distilled water: If your car battery isn't working, add distilled water to it. The battery runs out of water from time to time. To prevent a scenario like this, monitor the water level regularly.

What is the difference between cheap and expensive car batteries?

The only difference between a cheap and an expensive car battery is the price. On the one side, low-cost batteries are readily available and can operate for a shorter time. We recommend that you not purchase a low-cost or used battery because you need to replace it after a specific time.

How do I know if my car battery needs replacing?

Here are a few indicators that tell you that it's time to change your battery

1. Starting the engine takes longer.

2. The Check Engine Light is illuminated.

3. it's conceivable that the batter fluid is low.

4. The battery is out of date.

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