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The Best iPhone Cases to Keep Your Phone Pristine and Protected in 2022

  1. Mkeke iPhone Case
  2. Meifigno iPhone Case
  3. Otterbox iPhone Case
  4. Sonix iPhone Case
  5. COOLQO iPhone Case
  6. Sonix Cosmic Stars iPhone Case

For most iPhone owners, a case isn't just an accessory — it's a must-have item. For all the time and effort Apple puts into the design and engineering of its phones, the fact is that real life, with all of its scrapes, bumps, and accidents, is enough to turn a once-pristine iPhone into a dented, gouged, and scarred piece of technology very quickly. It may continue to function, but additional protection is something most owners equate with peace of mind. iPhone cases come in a variety of styles, from multiple layers of security that isolate the phone from the outside world to thin shells that provide only minor protection. Others not only provide a shell against the environment but address the Achilles' heel of all modern electronics - battery life. Read on to figure out the right case for you and your needs!

Our Top Five iPhone Cases

Mkeke iPhone Case - Best iPhone Case Overall

Want to flaunt your iPhone while keeping it safe? The Mkeke iPhone case is a great option for people who don't like to hide the aesthetics of their device under a spotlight-stealing protective cover. It is slim and transparent enough to accent the aesthetics of your beloved smartphone. To top it off, the product is compatible with the 2018 XR variant, fits perfectly, and prevents slippage due to the grippers on its exterior. The case is made of TPU and polycarbonate. Therefore, the hardness of the latter meshes well with the flexibility of the former to result in shockproof composition.

  • This product is rated 4.6 out of 5 stars through user-generated reviews on Amazon
  • Comfortable bumpers are added to the design
  • The case isn't as flexible as it should be and is prone to shattering

However, this iPhone case doesn't just rely on basic materials to protect your device. Rather, its air pockets level up the buoyancy provided during a fall. Just like any other standard phone cover, this has a button and port cutouts but what's different is that the volume area isn't covered. Additionally, the edges are curved complementary to the iPhone XR shape. All and all, there is plenty to like about this product, especially considering how affordable it is.

Meifigno iPhone Case - Another Top Pick

Being their newest model, there is still a bit of shortage of sturdy phone cases for Apple's iPhone 13 Pro. If you are a proud owner of one, the Meifigno Magnetic Case is a solod option. It features heavy-duty construction that has passed 3000+ Times Military Grade Anti-Drop Tests to ensure ruggedness. Even if you drop your iPhone from a height of 6.6 feet it will survive the fall with this case.

  • This product is rated 4.5 out of 5 stars through user-generated reviews on Amazon
  • Compatible with MagSafe Accessories
  • Super Anti-Scratch and Anti-Fingerprints
  • Don't have a button cover

The Meifigno Magnetic Case features a magnetic ring on the back that perfectly aligns to fit all Apple MagSafe accessories including Apple Battery pack and Apple Wallet. It does not impact the wireless charging speed allowing you to charge your phone quickly and easily. Plus, the skin-friendly Nano Oleophobic Coating improves grip while resisting stains and scratches.

Otterbox iPhone Case - Runner Up

Watching your iPhone sustain damage is as painful as it can get. So, why not prevent it with a sturdy case? This variant from Otterbox is definitely one to contend with. As a part of the highly commended Commuter series, it increases the structural longevity of your device by preventing deterioration due to drops. According to the manufacturer, the product is perfect for people who are often on the go.

  • This iPhone case is rated 4.6 out of 5 stars through user-generated reviews on Amazon
  • Customers benefit from a limited lifetime warranty when they purchase this
  • Scratch-resistant capabilities make it an all-rounder
  • Some customers suggest it's not sturdy enough

A slender design reinforced by dual layers comes together to put up a tough fight against harsh surfaces. Be it a bump along the edge or a nasty trip, as long as the case is on, there's very little reason to worry. Additionally, the case doesn't just deter damage but also prevents falls in the first place through its sturdy grippers. Overall, investing in this can be a great decision for the long term and not a heavy one on your wallet.

Sonix iPhone Case - Honorable Mention

This magnetic safe shock absorbent iPhone Case is one of those reliable products you can invest in without stressing over the details. It comes with added accessories and raised corners to upgrade device protection and maintain the user's peace of mind. However, the aesthetics aren't diluted by its impressive functionality either. Sonix's quirky designs speak volumes on their own and make it easy to spot the phone when it has been misplaced.

  • This product is rated 4.4 out of 5 stars through user-generated reviews on Amazon
  • Beveled edges surround the camera hole to limit damage to the lens
  • Customers benefit from Sonix's lifetime warranty
  • The case is deemed too expensive by some buyers

Most importantly, users benefit from end-to-end protection despite the case's lightweight build. But that's just scratching the surface until you find other amazing features to convince you why this product is a worthy option. Beyond the basics are amazing scratch resistance and convenient portability. All you must do is fit the case and go about your day as usual. Needless to say, holes are made where necessary for seamless device operation.

COOLQO iPhone Case - Consider

This polycarbonate and thermoplastic TPU blend iPhone case is both sturdy and flexible allowing for a quick sit on any compatible device. It flaunts a three-in-one layering structure and military-grade protection that offers impact resistance against drops from heights as tall as 10 feet. The case is geared around the edges of the camera to limit shock to the lens and prevent the screen from cracking.

  • The product is rated 4.5 out of 5 stars through user-generated reviews on Amazon
  • This iPhone case comes with a 90 days warranty all customers can avail in case of receiving a damaged or faulty product
  • It also features a scratch-resistant screen protector that keeps the visual front of your phone unscathed
  • The case is a bit rigid and tends to crack during harsh impact

To do justice to its aesthetics, the manufacturer has imported anti-paling materials from Germany so that your iPhone keeps looking stellar while being protected. Customers also get a tempered glass screen protector with a nano oleophobic sheath on top. This prevents moisture stains and fingerprint marks so your scrolling experience is never compromised.

Sonix Cosmic Stars iPhone Case - Consider

Immerse yourself in the galaxy and let your phone case make a great first impression on all those who see it! The Sonix Cosmic iPhone cover never fails to grasp your attention. Heralded as the manufacturer's best-seller, this product is compact, lightweight, and absolutely pocket-friendly.

  • This product has a whopping 4.8 rating through user-generated reviews on Amazon
  • The camera is surrounded by beveled rubber edges for shock control
  • The screen is coated with a UV protector that prevents scratches
  • Some customers received a damaged case

While you can select from different design options, each has a transparent background with gold constellations artistically smeared on top. But don't let its cutesy looks convince you it's not sturdy enough to protect your phone. Quite the contrary, it is carefully crafted to withstand high-intensity drops and collisions without breaking. In fact, this is military standard with shock absorbent gears attached at the edges. The UL-certified product fits around iPhone 11 and keeps it secure from all angles.

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