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The Best Cockroach Killer To Maintain Your Sanity

Cockroaches evolved with the dinosaurs, and in their natural habitat, they are actually a very necessary insect in the food chain. It is when they invade a house, home or apartment that they become a nuisance. Without any natural predators, cockroaches will quickly overrun any dwelling, and they will particularly flourish in areas that are unkempt with food stuffs left laying about, grease from cooking that is not cleaned, and crumbs that are left on counters or that have not been swept up from the floor. That type of environment is a cockroaches paradise. And before you can kill them, you have to clean up their food source, or they will continue to re-infest the area.

Cockroaches are notorious for their hardiness, so the best cockroach killer in 2022 on this list must be 100 percent effective from the get-go. Price is no object here since pest eradication has no cost limitation. Ease of use will come into play, but the best cockroach killer will be quick and the most effective to rid your house or home of cockroaches ASAP. Just remember, baits and ingredients in cockroach killers are also toxic to kids and pets, so care must be taken to hide baits in places that are hard to reach and hard to get at.

Compare The Best Cockroach Killer Of 2022

Bayer Maxforce German Cockroach Killer - Best Cockroach Killer Overall

If you want the most effective cockroach killer, bar none, than Bayer Maxforce FC Magnum Cockroach German Roach Pest Control Gel Bait is the one for you. It works in two ways. When a cockroach feeds on it, just one feeding will kill the roach. However, if a cockroach merely comes into contact with this gel, it will absorb enough of the toxins, through its body, to cause its demise. If the roach feeds on it, it will leave feces that are also toxic to any other roach that comes into contact with them. The active ingredient is fipronil, a nervous system disrupter. The fipronil gel is injected under cabinets, cupboards, along roach runs in dark places and anywhere there might be a roach gathering. It won't dry out for up to 1 year, and it will give continuous protection during that time.

Harris Boric Acid Powder with Lure Cockroach Killer - Runner Up

Boric acid has been one of the most often used and effective ways to rid your dwelling of cockroaches, and Harris Boric Acid Roach Powder with Lure has a food attractant added to their boric acid to make it even more effective. It works in two ways. The boric acid is poisonous if ingested, but it also will be absorbed through the skin if walked on. It comes as a powder and is "puffed" or blown into known cockroach habitat areas. The food attractant, usually grains of sugar or flour, ensure that the roach will eat some. Boric acid is time tested and effective, but it is toxic to kids and pets. Always make sure it is applied in areas that are not readily accessible to either, and this boric acid formula also comes in tablet form to best suit your needs.

Combat Source Kill System Coackroach Killer - Honorable Mention

For one of the safest roach killing methods on this list, try Combat 41913 Source Kill Roach Killing System. It uses hydramethylon as its active ingredient, which is distributed in covered bait stations. Although not tamper proof, it still makes them more difficult to accidentally ingest and therefore, they can be placed more out in the open. Lay them behind toilets, on top of counters and places where roaches like to congregate. Hydramethylon essentially breaks down a roaches metabolism, It is a slow kill ingredient that allows the roaches to take particles back to the nest where others might feed on it and also die as a result.

Raid Max Cockroach Killer - Consider

From one of the most respected insecticide companies around, Raid Max Roach Killer kills roaches both on contact and for up to 6 months afterwards. It is made of synthetic pyrethrins, which are natural insecticide ingredients that come from the chrysanthemum plant. If spot sprayed on a living roach, it will die virtually instantaneously. However, the formula is infused with petrochemical oils which means the pyrethrin ingredients won't soon evaporate, and they keep on being effective for up to 6 months. This is not a bait, so a roach must physically come in contact with this substance for it to be effective. Spray heavily where there is known roach traffic, and when they come into contact with Raid Max, that's all she wrote!

Black Flag Ant and Roach Killer - Consider

One of the most unique ways to eliminate roaches is Black Flag Roach Dry Killer. You simply spray a line of dry residue over known roach trackways, like where molding connects to a wall or floor, and when a roach walks onto the fluids, it will receive a lethal dose of the synthetic pyrethrin active ingredient. You can use this can to draw a barrier around foodstuffs or water supplies, forcing roaches to walk over it when they want to eat or drink. Once they cross the line, they'll never cross it again. It lasts for up to 8 weeks, is easy to apply and can be used under cabinets, around pipes, on baseboards and virtually anyplace where roaches travel.

Buyer's Guide

Killing roaches is not as easy as one might think. Roaches live in colonies and it's hard to kill them one by one. The most effective method that gives a quick and efficient result is the cockroach-killing product! But how do I choose the one that gives optimum results? Let's find out.

Cockroaches do not spread viral infections, but they are a source of bacteria and can cause some serious health issues. As they love to wander on unwashed dishes, they can also cause food poisoning. Therefore, it's extremely difficult to get rid of them!

What Are the Types of Cockroach Killers?

Roch killers come in different products and variants and they differ in how they work. Each variant has its own unique features that you can’t expect from others. Sprays can go deep in hidden places, while roach motels have an edge to be safe for children and pets.


Roach killing powders are a fast and effective way to get rid of cockroaches. The powder can be used at any place even at hard-to-reach points. You can pour the powder in between the nest of roaches and they are finished in a few minutes.


Sprays are easy to use and a quick solution for your kitchen safety. Sprays usually attack the nervous system of the roaches and kill them in less than a day. Also, they are handy products as compared to other roach killers and can reach inaccessible places too.

Roach Motels

Roach motels are enclosed boxes that attract roaches into them with no option of going back. These motels offer a safety factor for children as they are not poisonous.

Some other motels attract roaches into the motel having a poisonous substance that kills them right away. It's an effective option but not safe for pets and children.

Roach Gel

Gels emit some strong appealing smell that roaches can't resist. The best part of the gel is that they do not kill the roaches right away, it starts its action when roaches return to their habitats. When they are killed in their habitats, they become food for others, this creates a spontaneous process and the other roaches get finished too.


Foggers – also known as bug bombs – are can-shaped roach killers, containing a poisonous gas. Upon activating, the foggers leave a harmful gas that gets into inaccessible places, covering the whole room. Foggers use pyrethroids, which slowly fail the roach's nervous system and slowly kill them.

Before you use foggers, make sure the edibles, dishes, and other utensils are covered. Also, leave the room for at least 4 hours to make the air go back to normal.

Factors Should You Consider Before Buying a Cockroach Killer

Effectiveness On Pests

When choosing a cockroach killer always pay attention to what pesticides it is using and on what insects they are effective. Different killing products work differently and have their specific targeted insects.

The glue sheets can catch every size of an insect, including rats, lizards, ants, and roaches. Roaches have some sort of good immunity, so the roach killers use high-potency pesticides that can even affect your pets and children.

Safety Factors for Pets and Children

Safety matters first! Make sure your family and pets are in a safe area before starting the operation. The gels and baits are attractive to kids and pets due to their bright colors. So make sure you keep an eye on your kids.

Some children-safe options are available but they are not that effective. You can use those roach killers if the problem is not that severe.

Length Of Efficacy

Length of efficacy means how long the roach killer will produce the desired results. Most of the roach killers produce results for 1-month at a minimum- the period can be as long as 2 years.

Type Of Bait

There are two types of baits commonly used to attract and kill roaches. Fipronil is used for some baits and some killing products use hydramethylnon.

Fipronil uses poison and works fast! Roaches can't take a single step after consuming it. It uses sugar to attract and fipronil to kill them on the spot.

On the other hand, hydramethylnon uses a slower process of killing! They attract and lure the insects to eat. When they finish, they get back to their habitat, slowly lose their nervous system, and it's over. The process doesn’t stop here, the killed roaches now become the food of other roaches, and kill them too! The spontaneous process kills the whole community in your home.

What Do Professionals Use To Kill Roaches?

The high-level insecticide used by professionals to eradicate roaches is Indoxacarb. This substance is also found in gels. Due to its high potency and effectiveness, it is recommended over all other insecticides.

What Kills Roaches And Their Eggs?

You can use boric acid to kill roaches and their eggs naturally. Just a shower of boric acid is enough to get rid of roaches for a lifetime.

Sugar and Baking Soda as a Cockroach Killer

Sugar attracts the roaches and baking soda kills them right away. Place the sugar and baking soda near the roach's nest. Now, you just have to worry about cleaning the dead roaches.

Best Cockroach Killer FAQs

Why Is It Important to Use Cockroach Killers to Get Rid of Cockroaches?

Cockroaches can be a source of allergy or can trigger an asthma patient. As they carry bacteria on them, there is a chance of making you sick. If the cockroaches wander on the dishes, there is a risk of food poisoning involved. Furthermore, if not dealt with timely, cockroaches can multiply very quickly. So, it is very important to get rid of them as soon as possible.

Can I Use Cockroach Killers With Pets in the House?

Yes, cockroach killers can be used with pets in the house, but do keep an eye on your pets. Especially when using cockroach motels, make sure the pets don’t have access, as they may hurt themselves or if ingested, may get sick.

What If My Child Consumes the Cockroach Killer, What Should I Do?

If your child has ingested any type of cockroach killer, call emergency or poisons info helpline right away because cockroach killers and ant baits are one of the highest causes of poisoning in children from the ages of 1 to 5. Then, rinse their mouth with lots of water and wait for help to arrive.

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