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Our Hands Down List of the Best Coffee

  1. Death Wish Coffee Co Dark Coffee
  2. VitaCup Medium Dark Roast Coffee
  3. Lifeboost Coffee Ground Medium Roast Coffee
  4. Starbucks Dark Roast Coffee
  5. The Original Donut Shop Roast Coffee
  6. McCafe Premium Roast Coffee
  7. Maxwell House Medium Roast Coffee
  8. Buyer's Guide

When it comes to coffee, there are many options and important details to consider. You'll want to consider a strong versus a light brew, a variety of bean types, and even a single-origin coffee. Some may want to use freshly roasted coffee beans, while others prefer a coffee machine to create a home roast. This list features some of the best coffee in 2022 options for coffee lovers everywhere.

Before we get started, we'll note that we're not recommending artisan or super-premium coffees here. If you're after that type of coffee, you've more than likely made up your mind about what you prefer, and we probably won't change your mind either way. The following coffee options are great for anyone looking to grab a quick cup in the morning before running out the front door.

Here Are the Best Coffees of 2022

Death Wish Coffee Co Dark Coffee - Best Overall

This coffee has a distinct and earthy taste, contains a blend of roasted beans, and is known for packing a mean punch in terms of caffeine content. Considered "the world's strongest coffee", this coffee is made with premium and organic Arabica and Robusta coffee beans. The organic beans provide high-quality energy, artisanal flavor, and will have even the biggest coffee lover never looking back.

VitaCup Medium Dark Roast Coffee - Easy to Brew

VitaCup Gourmet Blend Coffee contains ancient ingredients, superfoods, and a complete range of Vitamin B, all of which work together to boost metabolism and minimize bloating. This fat-burning coffee contains Garcinia Cambogia with Hydroxycitric Acid that keeps you fuller with natural fiber. Made with 100% arabica beans, this slim ground coffee has vitamins B1, B5, B6, and B12 to help boost your energy. It contains essential energy-boosting vitamins and antioxidants like Garcinia and Ginseng, sourced from exotic fruits and herbal roots, to help you stay on the right track in your weight loss journey.

Its easily digestible formula, enriched with natural fibers and nutrients, makes it the best overall weight loss drink on our list.

Lifeboost Coffee Ground Medium Roast Coffee - Another Top Pick

This medium roast coffee from Lifeboost provides a well-balanced cup of joe. The premium beans are harvested from Nicaragua. You'll get a cup of coffee that's silky and well-balanced, with a hint of cocoa. We recommend this bag of coffee to those who enjoy a medium roast that is full-bodied and flavorful. Whole bean and ground options are available. While we recommend grinding your own beans for maximum flavor, but the pre-gound bag holds up the same rich flavor. Pour-over and French press brews are ideal for this coffee.

Starbucks Dark Roast Coffee - Honorable Mention

It's no surprise that the most popular coffee shop worldwide makes the list! This coffee has a rich, smoky taste and smooth, rich aroma making it perfect for any coffee drinker. This coffee is made from 100% Arabica beans, meaning it has an intense flavor without being too sweet or bitter. The explosive flavor remains smooth and allows you to enjoy your favorite worldwide coffee brand in the comfort of your own home, or as an amazing gift!

The Original Donut Shop Roast Coffee - Also Consider

If you rely on a Keurig coffee machine for your daily dose of coffee, here's a great option. These responsibly sourced coffee pods are an easy, delicious, and convenient way to get some coffee on the go without any artificial ingredients. These coffee pods are easily recyclable by providing easy-to-peel and empty technology. They don’t contain artificial ingredients and are full of bold flavor. The company is committed to 100% responsible sourcing and recyclability but does recommend checking your local recycling program to understand what works best for your community.

McCafe Premium Roast Coffee - Contender

Okay, hear us out - McDonald's has made incredible strides in the quality of their coffee, and we're confident enough to recommend them for Keurig machine owners. This coffee has a medium-roast and smooth taste packed with a large amount of caffeine providing a full-bodied experience. This coffee is made with 100% Arabica beans and uses absolutely no high fructose corn syrup. The pods have a smooth, balanced flavor perfect for home or at work. This product comes in many options in terms of quantity, so buy the one that's most convenient for the amount of coffee you tend to drink.

Maxwell House Medium Roast Coffee - Also Consider

Sometimes, all you want is a quick cup of coffee without messing around with foil bags or complicated packaging. Maxwell House is a familiar name for all coffee drinkers, and their consistent quality makes it an easy option if you prefer to use a standard coffee maker. Made with Arabica and Robusta beans, this coffee has a smooth finish and excellent mouthfeel. Its packaging is perfect for home or providing in bulk for office mates in the break room. It comes in convenient packaging to keep the coffee fresh, along with many different blends and roasts to choose from. Unlike pod options, this coffee blend can be used in all coffee makers.

Buyer's Guide

Drinking coffee is a great way to get your day started. It can give you the energy you need throughout the day.

Even though it may seem easy to buy coffee, there are actually a lot of different things that go into buying the right coffee for you.

In order to help you choose the right type of coffee for you, we have created a wonderful buying guide to help you when shopping for coffee.

Things to consider when buying coffee

So, you want to buy some coffee, but you don’t know where to start? Don’t worry, you’re not alone! Since there are so many different things to consider when buying coffee, we’ve created a helpful list to help you when shopping.

Do all coffees have caffeine?

Most people drink coffee because they want to get some energy from it. But, some people would rather drink coffee just for the taste. In this case, you’ll want to buy some decaffeinated coffee. Decaffeinated coffee is just like regular coffee, except it doesn’t contain any caffeine.

Is there such thing as too much caffeine?

Yes, there is such thing as too much caffeine. When you are drinking coffee, you want to make sure not to drink too much. The recommended amount of caffeine per day is around 400 milligrams for adults. That is around four or five cups of coffee. If you drink more than this, you may see negative side effects.


One thing you want to consider before buying coffee is what type of roast you want. There are three different types of roasts available to you, dark, medium, and light. They all differ in their own ways. Dark roast is going to have the least amount of caffeine, and light roast is going to have the most. Medium is a balance between the two.

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