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For More than Just Kids: The Best Crayons

  1. Faber-Castell Beeswax Crayons
  2. Stockmar Beeswax Stick Crayons
  3. Prang Standard Size Crayons
  4. Crayola Crayons
  5. Caran d'Ache Neocolor II Artists Crayons
  6. Buyer's Guide

Crayons are a fun, easy medium to work whether they’re being used by preschoolers or professional artists. With their broad appeal, there’s a wide range of quality crayons to choose from. Most people will pick up any brand of crayon or look for the cheapest box on the shelf. Lower end crayons are too waxy and won't leave a lasting mark on the page, and can also be too brittle or soft, frustrating younger artists because of frequent breakage.

Each of these best crayon in 2022 offers something a little different in style, material, or price, but they were all selected based on their status as top-quality crayons. These picks all have at least 24 colors to choose from, come in vibrant pigments suitable for professional artists, they’re of higher artistic quality than most brands and are also non-toxic, making them safe for children to use.

Best Best Crayons Worth Considering in 2022

Faber-Castell Beeswax Crayons - Best Crayons Overall

While many crayons use paraffin as their base, adding a small amount of beeswax creates a harder crayon with a nice, subtle scent and more vibrant color. Faber-Castell Jumbo Beeswax Crayons combines a high-quality beeswax base with a large, extra-strong shape to make a very sturdy art crayon. These crayons have a triangular shape keeping them from rolling off the table (Making them a great choice for younger children) and come in sets of up to 24 colors. These crayons are also available as a 240-count school pack with 20 sets of 12 colors each. Even better, they come at a bargain price, compared with other brands of beeswax crayons.

Stockmar Beeswax Stick Crayons - Runner Up

Stockmar Crayons are a favorite choice for many parents because of their beautiful pigments thanks to a beeswax-based formula carefully blended and measured to ensure the best color. The crayons come in the traditional crayon shape though they’re also available as large, sturdy coloring blocks. Stockmar Crayons have a slightly wider palette than most specialty crayons with up 32 colors available in either sets of assorted colors or single-color packs. The crayons main drawback is their price, significantly more expensive than similar brands. However, this offset by the fact they’re long-lasting and don’t need to be replaced as often as standard crayon brands.

best standard crayons

Prang Standard Size Crayons - Honorable Mention

While other crayons utilize paraffin or beeswax for their base, Prang use a soybean base making these crayons a 100% renewable, eco-friendly product. The soy-based formula makes the crayons relatively soft with a smooth feel which some people find comparable to major brands. These crayons are a little more fragile due to their softness but for older children they should work fine. Prang crayons come in a good variety of colors in packs of up to 64 colors and are priced affordably.

Crayola Crayons - Consider

Crayola is the name which defines crayons for many people. These are the go-to crayons for parents, teachers, and a number of professional artists given their low price and ready availability. This brand offers a wide selection of styles and pigments with over a hundred colors including glitter, metallic, neon colors as well as specialty crayons for fabrics or glass. There are even washable crayons for parents worried about children drawing on walls or tables. Crayola crayons break fairly easily but are still a good option for kids to use without concern for newness or being careful but their newer styles hold up better under heavy use.

Caran d'Ache Neocolor II Artists Crayons - Best Crayons

More of a soft pastel than a crayon, Caran d’Ache Neocolor II Artists Crayons are expensive with individual crayons costing about the same as a 12-pack of children’s crayons. This makes them a bit of splurge purchase but they’re highly popular with artists for their color and quality. The crayons are also water-soluble meaning they can either be used dry like traditional crayons or treated with a wet brush like paints or watercolor; even when blended with water these colors retain their smooth, vivid feel.
As a top-quality crayon, Caran d’Ache offers lightfast pigments with concentrated colors great for professional artists and students. The crayons come in 126 colors, offering individuals a broad color palette to work with.

Buyer's Guide

Crayons! This world will give you nostalgic feelings about your childhood! Everyone in their childhood would have used them to color pictures or to decorate their work in the best possible way. They are one of the best tools to give color to a child’s imagination.

Crayon, also known as the wax pastel, is a stick of pigmented wax used for drawing or writing. Note that wax crayons are different pastels because the pigment is mixed with a dry binder such as gum arabic. In the case of oil pastels, the binder is made from a mixture of wax and oil.

Going to purchase some of the best crayons for your kids? Follow the below the buyer’s guide to get your hands on the best products:

What Are The Different Types of Crayons Available?

Crayons are one of the first art supplies that go directly into the hands of children. This gives them the opportunity to add colors to drawings created by them. There are different types of crayons made for different drawing purposes. Let’s have a look:

Twistable Crayons

The first type of carton on our list is the twistable crayon by Crayola. It is a well-known company that has expertise in creating the best crayons in the market. These crayons are made to handle the two biggest problems. One is the sharpening of crayons, and the other is a paper wrapper. Need to make your crayon sharp again? Just twist it to use it again for coloring. No need to use the sharpener! They are best for traveling, and there will be no wrappers in your car.

Neon Crayons

If your child wants to give his or her drawing a striking look, then you should definitely buy these neon series for them! You can get it in packs of 8 for adding more brightness to a picture.

Shimmer Crayons

These crayons will add shimmers to draw once you move the paper. One of the best features of these crayons is that you can use them on dark paper as well. It is best for kids who love to draw on dark paper like purple-black or dark blue. For these, you will have to pay a little extra in comparison to the traditional crayons.


These crayons are slightly chunkier, and they provide a more vibrant color without applying much pressure. These are best to do the rubbing and to draw on dark paper. They have a slight triangular space, so they will not roll off the table when you are looking at them!

What Are The Tips To Do Beautiful Coloring With Crayons?

If your child wants to do the best coloring using crayons, then you should tell him or her the following best tips:

Color In One Direction

The first and important rule for your child when doing coloring crayons is to move the crayons in one direction. Don’t change the direction while coloring because this will give you an odd look at the end. Just set one direction in the start and follow that direction till the end to get a good look at the end.

Apply Consistent Pressure

It is important to keep consistent pressure on paper using crayons to get a uniform look. If your child is going to press hard at a certain point, then he or she will get tired quickly, and those areas on drawing paper will have a dark shade of color. You should tell them to softly handle the crayon and don’t apply too much force on the tips of the crayon while coloring.

Do Coloring Outside the Lines (Sometimes)

It is okay to allow your child to color outside the lines in some cases. In some situations, you might have a picture that needs to be trimmed later, so allow your child to make consistent long strokes that may go outside the lines. But still do teach your child that they should always do the coloring within the boundary of a diagram.

What Are The Key Considerations When Buying Crayons?

When going to buy crayons for your child, keep the following things in your mind:

Type of Box

Crayons come in different types of boxes like plastic or made of hard paper. It is best to buy crayons packed in plastic boxes because they are easy to organize and can be stored for later use as well.

Color Variety

You should pick a pack of crayons for your child that have different colors. A large range of colors will make your child excited and allow them to be creative while coloring their drawings.

Crayon’s Size

Crayons are available in different sizes. You can pick the size according to the size of your child’s hand so that they can hold the crayon properly. This will assist them in mastering the pencil-holding technique as well.

What Is The Price Range For Crayons?

You can expect to buy crayons within a price range of $6 to $52. The price variation will be according to the brand you are going to buy and the number of crayons you want to buy. In some standard packing, you get 8 or 12 crayons. Furthermore, in some packing, you can get 24 crayons or even more. For this packing, you will have to pay more. Some brands also offer packaging in which crayons, colored pencils, and color markers come in a bundle. Those bundles will cost you around $52, depending on the brand.


At what age can a kid use crayons?

A kid with the age of 18 months can use crayons. This the age where a child is able to grip and hold objects.

Are crayons safe for toddler use?

To be safe for use, the crayons should be labeled as “non-toxic.” It is important for parents to check the packaging before buying. Some packaging might contain words like “chemical-free.”

How to keep crayons safe to last longer?

Crayons will last longer if you keep them cool or dry. Remember that excess heat and moisture will make them smudgy or brittle.

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