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Balance Sound with the Best DI Box

  1. Radial Engineering ProD2 Passive Stereo DI Box
  2. BSS Audio Active DI box
  3. Whirlwind pcDI Direct Box
  4. Countryman Type Di Box
  5. Pro Co DB2 Box
  6. Buyer's Guide

The direct input box (commonly referred to as the DI) plays a crucial role in delivering balanced sound in contained recording environments as well as in more dynamic live performance settings. By taking a high impedance, unbalanced signal and converting it into a low impedance, balanced sound, the signal can be routed over a long cable distance without any frequency loss. Though this may not all sound like the sexiest part of the signal flow process, its function is invaluable, as it allows the audio signal to remain intact even when traveling through long cables.

We've chosen the following best DI boxes in 2022 because they each feature a pad to protect against unwanted hot signals from overdriving through the unit, they all weigh less than two pounds so they're easy to travel with, and they're also able to handle multiple types of input sources, providing versatility for musicians and engineers who need a tool that can perform several functions. Read on for our favorite picks and an informational buyer's guide.

Best DI Boxes Worth Considering in 2022

Radial Engineering ProD2 Passive Stereo DI Box - Best DI Box Overall

The Radial ProD2 full-range passive DI box utilizes an isolation transformer that eliminates unwanted noise from your signal. Its small size and tough build make it ideal for use in both the recording studio as well as the live environment. A -15dB pad reduces prohibitively loud incoming signal, helping to prevent distortion-causing circuit overload. This DI box is also equipped with a full no-slip rubber bottom to ensure that the unit won’t slide around and that it remains electrically insulated. In addition to being a great DI for instruments, the ProD2 is also handy for running signal from external media sources like CD, DVD, and Mp3 players.

BSS Audio Active DI box - Runner Up

The BSS AR-133 is a DI box that performs its key function, maintaining the fidelity of audio signal, swiftly and succinctly. It features phantom power as well as battery supplies; should the former fail or accidentally be switched off during use, the latter will instantly kick in thus allowing the unit to seamlessly continue operation without interruption. The design of the AR-133 is also notable because not only is its aluminum case a mighty protector from any unwanted dings or bruises, the arched body allows you to run cables back underneath the unit from the end. This design feature works wonder to make things a lot more organized for individuals drowning in loose cables. Its input offers a 0, -20, or -40dB pad, so this unit can easily switch between instrument, line, or amplifier levels.

Whirlwind pcDI Direct Box - Honorable Mention

The Whirlwind pcDI is actually equipped with two separate DIs; one employs a stereo 1/8 inch jack input, while the other provides an option for RCA cables. This gives it an advantage over other DI boxes that aren’t always equipped to receive signal from tape decks, computer sound cards, and other non-instrument audio sources. Both the input jacks and XLR output jacks are color-coded, preventing any confusion in the signal flow process. The unit features a ground lift switch to eliminate any unwanted humming or buzzing noises. A 20dB pad switch also provides safety from any sources that may be coming in too hot.

Countryman Type Di Box - Consider

Countryman’s Type 10 DI box offers a response and audio quality that remains extremely faithful to the original signal that is sent through the unit. This can definitely be attributed to the unit’s wide and flat bandwidth. The Type 10 is built with an analog circuit that will tune itself to the signal that it receives, preventing any distortion and noise from creeping in. Weighing in at just a little over one pound, this unit is built tough enough to handle the perils of touring and gigging. The unit also features a switchable -15dB and -30dB pad, so you can keep any unruly audio under control.

best Pro Co DB2 Box

Pro Co DB2 Box - Best DI Box

Pro Co’s DB1 was already a popular DI box amongst musicians and audio geeks alike, but the DB2 only improves that sound, offering crystal clear signal in stereo. That means that users are getting two separate channels of audio in one single unit. And when you plug into only one input, the DB2 morphs into a transformer-isolated signal splitter. The unit also features a ground lift switch to take out nasty hum and buzz noises. Each channel in the DB2 has its own 20dB pad. And because this unit is a passive design, it doesn’t require any phantom power or batteries to operate.

Buyer's Guide

Being in the music industry is a rollercoaster ride. The lights, the cheers, and the blaring tunes make being on stage or recording in a studio one-of-a-kind. However, what happens when you think you’re playing well but everything simply sounds off? Great musicians often have to bear the brunt of unwanted flares in audio which degrade the overall experience.

However, the good thing is that this isn’t much of a problem when you have a DI box on your hands. Unbalanced signals are an audio enthusiast’s worst nightmare and curbing them through a DI box is a viable solution. With a continuous influx of different variants on the market, it isn’t easy to decide which is the best DI box out there. Regardless, it’s not as complicated as you think either. As long as you get the gist of what you’re looking for, you’ll be good to go.

Buying the best DI box can transform your audio

It can’t be denied that music gear isn’t the easiest thing to buy. You need to have at least some technical know-how of what makes one piece of equipment better than the other. A DI box simply has too many pros for you to miss out on it. Remember, high impedance isn’t the kind of problem that will go away on its own.

Why you should buy the best DI box to elevate your performance as a musician

Win the crowd over

Whether you play guitar or bass, you already know that your audience looks forward to that amazing instrumental sound. No matter how much you’ve mastered the craft, imbalance in impedance and frequency can lead to disappointing results. While you might be able to tweak the sound on the computer, the same can’t be said for live performances. Investing in a good DI box can never be a bad idea especially if you find yourself jamming at a gig every weekend.

Affordable prices

Don’t want to invest in a DI box because it’s too expensive? You might want to think again because this piece of music gear is not that pricey. Even the best DI box doesn’t stretch out to tens of thousands of dollars— a DI box is rightfully considered the holy grail of a guitarist's life and essential music equipment isn't necessarily too pricey.


There is virtually no manual way for you to achieve what a DI box does automatically, so don’t waste your time thinking otherwise. Self-engineering a solution to high impedance will not lead to the results you’re looking for which is why you should just buy a DI box and let go of the hassle.

Elimination of unwanted noise

If you’re sick of the background noise, it’s high time you invest in a DI box. By connecting your instruments through enhanced electrical compatibility you can look forward to seamless sound productions without the need for constant background canceling, pesky hovering sounds, and anything that doesn’t belong.

Everything to consider before buying the best DI box for your musical ventures

While buying a DI box may not be as simple as getting groceries, it’s certainly not rocket science. There are many options out there but not all are worthy of praise. While you can make your selection easy by choosing from the top reviewed products on Amazon, digging a little deeper can certainly help. Rest assured, the factors you need to consider are actually much simpler than you might think.


When it comes to choosing the best DI box, pricing should be an important aspect of your decision. This isn’t because the price is directly proportional to how great the product is. You can find some of the greatest DI boxes ever made lingering under the $500 mark with subpar varieties priced as high as $2000. This isn’t to say that the price-quality relationship is inverted either. However, you must be careful not to spend too much money on a DI box when there are better alternatives available.


Not all DI boxes are made alike and the type you should buy depends on your needs. So, before spending any money, ask yourself a few questions. Do you need a DI box for in-studio recordings or on-stage gigs? Each category has specifically suited variants with active and passive distinctions.


The number of channels in your DI box determines the ease of connectivity to your PA. For instance, a DI box with a couple of channels is best suited for keyboards. On the other hand, if you want to connect it to more appliances, you should go with one that has multiple channels.

Ground Lift

DI boxes with ground lift allow maximum background noise cancellation. This way, you can disconnect the primary pin to break the ground loop between the box and the microphone, ultimately getting rid of the nasty sounds that put a damper on your performance.


Getting a DI box with a pad can protect your equipment against electrical overload by reducing the onslaught of signals through a threshold maximum. This helps you regulate the sound output by limiting distortion associated with connected instruments.


Q. What is the pad in the DI box for?

A. Just like any other piece of electronic equipment, your DI box can sometimes heat up. With a pad, however, the incoming flux of signals is adjusted for overall regulation and better sound output.

Q. What’s the cheapest DI box available on the market?

A. The cheapest DI box available today is less than $10. However, it’s pretty unbelievable how music gear can even be made at such a low price point. If you’re new to the industry, it’s probably best to stay away from a DI box if it costs $10 or less.

Q. Do I need a DI box with a ground lift?

A. The short answer is no. However, getting one with a ground lift is definitely the smarter choice. This is simply because even the best DI boxes can’t completely eliminate unwanted sounds but a ground lift easily achieves that.

Q. Can I produce good music without a direct injection box?

A. Yes, you can! Regardless, the quality of your music will not be ideal. So, if you’re eager to make your mark on your fans or want the final beat to be better, you shouldn’t deny yourself the chance to get a direct injection box.

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