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The Perfect Place for Your Dog to Stretch Out and Rest: The Best Dog Bed

  1. Big Barker Headrest Edition Dog Bed
  2. Big Furniture Gustavo Sofa Dog Bed
  3. Fantasy Furniture Cleopatra Chaise Lounge Dog Bed
  4. K&H Ortho Thermo Dog Bed
  5. Buyer's Guide

Big dogs can have big needs, and that includes a space where they can stretch out or curl up. And a space that's not your bed. Realizing that people have different ideas of how big a "big" dog is, we've decided that "big" dogs start at the size of a Golden Retriever or Labrador Retriever, both of which have an average adult size of at least 55 pounds according to the breed standards set by the American Kennel Club.

We've looked for durable best dog beds in 2022 that are also easy to clean. Big dogs generally have more joint issues than smaller dogs, so we've also searched for dog beds with good support. Beware: some of these beds are so comfortable that your big fellow may find you sharing his bed!

Detailing the Best Dog Beds of 2022

Big Barker Headrest Edition Dog Bed - Best Dog Bed Overall

The Big Barker line of dog beds is specially made for big dogs, from Labs up to Great Danes and everything in between. Built with 7 inches of sturdy foam plus a 4-inch headrest option, the Big Barker beds come in three sizes and three neutral shades. The cover is easy to remove and maybe more important, is easy to put back on after machine washing. A waterproof liner is also available. These beds come with a 10 year warranty so even though these beds are pricey, they are well-worth the expense.

best furniture sofa dog bed

Big Furniture Gustavo Sofa Dog Bed - Runner Up

If you'd like your sofa all to yourself for once, Big Dog Beds offers an incredible array of doggy furniture for all sized dogs, and especially for BIG dogs. Want your dog's sofa to match yours? Send them a sample of your fabric and they will work with you to build a dog sofa that will blend seamlessly with your decor. The Gustavo Pet Sofa Bed is especially eye-catching with its sleek design and roomy bed. The bolsters add to the cozy feeling and your big dog will be snoozing successfully on his own sofa when he happily discovers that you upgraded to the memory foam pad.

The price of these beds can be daunting, but if it's in your budget, it may be worth the investment, not just for the fun look, but for your dog's comfort as well.

best Fantasy Furniture Cleopatra Chaise Lounge Dog Bed

Fantasy Furniture Cleopatra Chaise Lounge Dog Bed - Honorable Mention

Don't you just wish you could find a dog bed to match your leopard print chaise lounge? Fantasy Furniture has the answer with its Cleopatra Chaise in Leopard Print. Made with a sturdy wood frame and comfy foam padding for dogs up to 15 pounds, this charming bed will entice your Pharaoh queen with its elegance and luxurious look. The bed comes with an extra pillow, adding to that glorious feeling of sailing down the Nile on your private barge.

K&H Ortho Thermo Dog Bed - Consider

No one likes to get into a cold bed on a cold night and neither do our dogs! The K&H Ortho Thermo Bed is the answer for dogs who need a little something extra, even if it's not that chilly. These beds are made with two foam layers to provide support and comfort while a removable heating element makes the bed extra cozy; perfect for our loyal friends. The plush cover is removable and washable. This bed is intended for indoor use but can also be used on a covered porch. No more cold beds!

Buyer's Guide

It might not seem like it to you, but a bed is one very important part of your dog’s day-to-day activities. Just like humans, these pups need a warm and comfortable place to relax in during the day and a safe place to sleep at night. They love and appreciate the coziness and safety of having a place of their own where they could sit in and soak up the sun, or spend time watching other members of the family carry out their daily activities.

We know that you want the best for your dog and that the process of picking out the right bed for it could get exhausting. This article lists out all of the important things you need to know about dog beds and equips you with all the knowledge you need to make the purchase process an easier one.


There are quite a lot of dog beds available, categorized based on designs, shapes, material, and functions. Here are a few:


This is the most common type of dog bed. They come looking like pillows in different shapes, colors, and styles, and are the most basic kind of beds. There are no added features, just a simple cushiony bed and for this reason, they are not advisable for you if you have an old dog, a puppy, or a sick dog.


These are dog beds that come with a metal frame upon which the mattress is placed. The elevation keeps your dog far away from the cold floor, making for a little more warmth, and prevents insects or bugs from disturbing the dog in its bed. This is only advisable for young and active dogs for whom climbing would not be a problem.


This is a dog bed that has a raised rim surrounding the whole bed, giving it the look of a donut hole. It is great for dogs that love to cuddle up in bed, and also for dogs that like to lay with their head resting against the edges.


This is a bed that has been equipped with the ability to provide heat for your pet either through electricity or thermally. They are perfect for the winter months and are best for young dogs, aging dogs, and dogs with scanty fur.



No matter how good-looking or comfortable you think the bed might be for your pup, the size should be the first thing you consider. It is important to know the size of your dog and apply for the numbers while shopping for a bed for it. For small dogs, getting a bigger bed isn’t so much of a big deal, however, with bigger dogs, a small bedroom could be very uncomfortable and limiting.


Understanding your pet’s sleeping behavior, and getting a bed that complements it is important. For example, a donut bed would be wrong for a dog that loves to stretch out while sleeping, and an elevated bed would be perfect for one who loves to dangle its limbs as it sleeps.


Most dog beds are made of materials that are resistant to mild or moderate chewing, however, if your pet is a heavy, constant chewer, you might want to consider getting a bed that is made with heavy-duty chew-resistant material. This ensures that you do not spend a lot of cash replacing beddings over and over again.


Getting a heated bed for your doggie would ensure that it can keep warm, especially if it is a pup, an old dog or it has scanty hair. Depending on your budget and taste, you could either chose to go for a thermal bed that reflects your pet’s body temperature back at it, or you could purchase one that gets its heating from electricity.


The beddings of your dog’s bed should be made of materials that are easy to wash and keep clean. This ensures that the bed is always neat and promotes better health for your pooch.


In the event that you need to take a trip for a few days, and you’re bringing your dog with you, it would save you a lot of trouble if your dog bed is easy to wrap up and bundle into a bag or a trunk. That way, even though you are far from home, your doggie doesn’t have to miss the warmth and comfort of its bed.


Dog beds are one of the most affordable dog accessories out there. They go for as low as $10 - $15 dollars for the standard beds, which is really cheap and gives you good value for your money. The average price range ranks between $20 to $50 and while you might think of it as too high, you should remember that it is usually safer to consider quality before pricing, especially when it comes to satisfying your pet. The range for expensive dog beds goes well between $100 and above.


Q: Do dog beds end up smelling over time?

The smell of your dog’s bed depends largely on the fillings that are used for it. Light stuffing that doesn’t retain water and dries easily would go a long way in ensuring that the bed doesn’t smell. Other important things that could prevent a smell are breathable bed covers and constant washing and disinfecting.

Q: How often should I wash my dog’s bedding?

You should wash your dog’s bedding at least once every two weeks, or as soon as you notice that it has grown really dirty. Also, you should give your dog a proper bath occasionally to keep the beddings cleaner.

Q: Can a dog bed be too big?

Generally, a bed that is too big is much better than one that is too small. However, having a bed that is too big for your dog could make it feel unsafe and cold too. So the idea is to get a bed that complements the size of your dog perfectly, giving it enough space to stretch out comfortably.

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