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Best Dog Ramps to Keep Your Pup’s Joints Healthy

  1. Pet Gear Lightweight Dog Ramp
  2. PetSafe Portable Lightweight Dog Ramp
  3. PetSTEP Original Folding Dog Ramp
  4. COZIWOW Portable Dog Ramp
  5. Generic Adjustable Dog Ramp
  6. Buyer's Guide

Dog ramps are essential to a dog's well-being. These compact pieces allow dogs to move up and down furniture or vehicles without placing too much stress on their joints. Here are some of the best dog ramps in 2022 for you to consider that will make it easier for your dog to snuggle next to you on the couch or get in the car.

The Best Dog Ramp Models of 2022 in Detail

Pet Gear Lightweight Dog Ramp - Top Pick

This dog ramp features an easy transition and is an ideal option for older dogs that are no longer able to jump. This dog ramp is easy to move from room to room with no tools required. It’s soft, protecting your pet's paws, and can be removed for easy cleaning.

PetSafe Portable Lightweight Dog Ramp - Runner Up

This dog ramp is designed to provide optimal support and stability for your pet while also being lightweight, foldable, and compact when entering or getting out of a vehicle. This dog ramp is easy to fold and store in your car, truck, or SUV. It’s made from high-quality materials right here in the United States.

PetSTEP Original Folding Dog Ramp - Honorable Mention

This dog ramp has a non-skid floor mat for stability. The material is a soft, yet sturdy rubber-like material which is better for paws. This dog ramp can be used in wet or dry conditions, easy to clean, and can hold up to 500 pounds!

COZIWOW Portable Dog Ramp - Contender

This is a heavy-duty, multi-purpose pet ramp. It’s constructed out of high-quality plastic and is stable for use on most surfaces. Rest assured your fluffy pal won't slip thanks to it's non-slip grip and sandpaper-like surface when they are ascending or descending the ramp.

Generic Adjustable Dog Ramp - Consider

This dog ramp is easy to set up and it’s constructed of wood and made right here in the USA. It's a perfect companion for your pets thanks to its ribbed carpet for traction and adjustable angles from 14" to 24". Even larger breeds won't have a problem since it can hold up to 200lbs.

Buyer's Guide

Best Dog Ramps Buying Guide

Dog ramps are the best for senior dogs and pups because vertical leaps and jumps can injure their spine and ligaments. This detailed buying guide will help you pick the best ramp for your furry pet, which you can use both indoors and outdoors.

What Is A Dog Ramp?

Senior dogs and those canines suffering ligament injuries need maximum rest and least stress while jumping on or off the couch. The beds and sofas at our home are too high for them, so they have a tough time reaching there. Getting a ramp helps them to climb up the bed, couch, or even in a vehicle without stressing their joints. Therefore, your little pet stays safe from jumping injuries.

Which Factors To Consider While Buying A Dog Ramp?


No one wants to spend hours assembling a ramp, but a ready-to-use product is much preferable. Thus, it's better to get a pre-assembled or easy to assemble ramp so that your pet can use it immediately.


If you cannot shift the ramp from one place to another, there is no point in buying it because your pet will not stay fixed in one place. At times you have to place it near a sofa or a bed while at other times you have to attach it with your car. So, check if your ramp is foldable or collapsible. Also, it should be lightweight.


The ramp size matters because each dog is different in size as per their breed. The higher the surface of the bed or vehicle, the longer the ramp should be so that your pet can climb up or down with minimal effort. For instance, if you want your dog to reach 24 to 30 inches high car seats, you need to place a ramp of 5 to 6 feet in length. Similarly, the width of the ramp can be decided according to your pet's size. Make sure that it is wider than your dog's shoulder and hips so that he doesn't get hurt while walking on it.


Observe the inclination angle while purchasing a ramp for your furry friend because a too steep ramp will cause fear, and your dog won't want to climb it. Just like we face difficulty in climbing up to a steeper hill, they feel the same. The best solution is to opt for a long ramp with less vertical angle. For example, ramps with an inclination angle of 14-20 degrees serve well for smaller breeds. If you can adjust its angle, then it's better.

Weight Capacity

Not all ramps provide the same weight capacity, so check this factor carefully before buying one. If you have a small dog, go for a ramp with a 60-100 lbs weight capacity. Average products can bear this weight range easily. However, make sure to choose a ramp of higher weight capacity up to 200 lbs for large and senior dogs. Loading more weight than its capacity can damage its construction.


This is the essential feature to look for before getting a dog ramp. So if you are concerned about storage, a foldable and compact ramp will be of great help as you can store it in the corner of your room or carry it in your vehicle effortlessly.

Which Is Better Between A Dog Ramp And A Dog Stair?

The only benefit with stairs is that they come at a much lower price. Unless you have budget concerns, don't purchase a dog stair for your senior pooch because he will be more likely to fall down the stairs. Besides, ascending or descending every step is more challenging for an old or injured dog while ramps offer smooth angled walking. They are also easy to store and adjust as compared to stairs. Therefore, spending a few bucks on a ramp is far better than spending huge money on medical bills later.

Are All Ramps Safe For Dogs?

Dogs have soft paws with slippery textures, which can quickly get hurt if they trip or fall over. Therefore, you should be highly alert about the grip and padding that the ramp provides. Old and heavy dogs have more risk of falling because they cannot balance well in the inclined position. Hence, go for non-skid textured ramps to avoid falls and slips. A surface like sandpaper helps in providing better traction to their feet even when the ramp or their paws are wet. You can also make them wear anti-skid boots or padding to help them grip the ramp well. Furthermore, if it has side ramps or rails, it will offer added safety. So when a ramp is not providing these features, don't count it as a safe one. Also, make sure to train your pet properly before letting him walk on the ramp.

Dog Ramp FAQ

Q: How can I train my dog to use a ramp?

A: Training dogs to walk up or down a ramp is easy when you offer them their favorite treat. It can be a biscuit or a chicken piece. Take it in your hands and hold it higher and far away from your dog so that he has to struggle to reach the treat. You can also place small pieces of the treat along the ramp, which can lure the pooch to keep walking to reach the next piece. This way, he gradually learns to use the ramp.

Q: Is a ramp worthy of buying?

A: Whether you have a senior dog, a small-sized pup, or a dog with injured joints, you need a ramp to provide comfort and protect him from further injuries. Since most of the ramps are foldable and compact in shape, storage is no more a problem. So, they are completely worth buying.

Q: How much inclined should a ramp be?

A: A ramp with 14 to 25 degrees inclination is safe to choose. If you have a puppy from a smaller breed, choose below 20 degrees inclination. Not giving proper inclination while walking can put their joints under stress.

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