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The Best Duvet Covers to Add a New Look to Your Bedroom

  1. West Elm Striped Duvet Cover
  2. ECOCOTT Duvet Cover
  3. DAPU Pure Linen Duvet Cover
  4. Anthropologie Nimbus Duvet Cover
  5. IKEA Ofelia Vass Duvet Cover
  6. Elite Home Milena Medallion Collection Duvet Cover
  7. Buyer's Guide

Duvet covers are an attractive and convenient alternative to the more traditional bedspread and sheet combination. Duvet covers can be washed, and changed easily to create a new look in your bedroom. And with a washable cover, you can dispense with a flat sheet altogether, if you prefer. We've gathered a line-up of budget-friendly, attractive, good quality and the best duvet covers in 2022 that will look great but also withstand multiple washes to keep your bedroom looking fresh and neat. With duvet covers, thread count is not as important as with sheet sets, but you'll want to look for a good quality duvet cover with at least 200-thread count.

Here are the best duvet covers of 2022

best striped duvet cover

West Elm Striped Duvet Cover - Best Duvet Cover Overall

The wide gray stripe of this West Elm duvet cover is fresh and modern, while being neutral and versatile at the same time. Gray is an especially popular color this season but will continue to be classic as the years go by. It is a great neutral that pairs well with colorful accents and a variety of home décor styles, from modern to classic contemporary. The West Elm duvet cover comes in 200-thread count and can be machine-washed and tumble-dried, making it easy to maintain but nice and soft against your skin.

ECOCOTT Duvet Cover - Best Wallet Friendly

The ECOCOTT Duvet Cover Set is a budget-friendly option for anyone looking for a two-sided duvet cover. It is made using 100% natural cotton that is treated with a special process to preserve its texture and color. Even after repeated washing, the duvet cover remains smooth and soft. A good thing about this cover is its reversible design. It boasts the same fabric on both sides but in different colors so you can use it both ways.

You can choose between two sizes and lots of colors. However, be careful that the colors are equally tempting. It will be difficult to choose just one. It has a zipper closure fitted with a smooth zipper that makes it easy to put on and remove. Plus, there are four corner ties to keep your comforter in place underneath the cover.

DAPU Pure Linen Duvet Cover - Best High-Quality Design

Out of all the different duvet cover models available on the market, the DAPU Pure Linen Duvet Cover Set stood out to us for its premium construction. It boasts 100% natural French linen made exclusively from high quality French grown flax from Normandy. It is naturally grown and harvested using eco-friendly practices. The material is stone washed to achieve glossiness and ensure fine durability and a soft hand feeling.

The set has received OKEO-TEX Standard 100 certification which shows that it is environmentally friendly and free form chemicals. It is very suitable for people with sensitive skin as well as for babies. The slender and all-natural fabric gets softer with every wash. Plus, it has self cleaning capability so there is no need to wash it frequently.

best duet cover

Anthropologie Nimbus Duvet Cover - Runner Up

We're aware that at over $200 for a queen, the Anthropologie Nimbus duvet cover isn't exactly budget-friendly. However, we wanted to offer an option for those who are willing to splurge on unique design and comfort. Made of super-soft jersey fabric, you'll want rub your face all over the ruffles of the Nimbus duvet cover. The ruffled pattern is slightly vintage-looking and somewhat bohemian, which are both hallmarks of the Anthropologie brand. Sturdy but soft, this duvet cover withstands multiple machine washes without losing its good looks.

best ikea duvet cover

IKEA Ofelia Vass Duvet Cover - Honorable Mention

When it comes to IKEA, you have to be discerning about the product you choose. While some of their duvet covers are cheap, thin, and pill easily, others are long-lasting and surprisingly good quality, especially considering their low prices. The Ofelia Vass duvet cover is one such example, able to stand up to multiple washings and bleachings without losing its pretty looks. With a subtle waffle pattern, wrinkles look all the better on this duvet cover, and we love the look of a crisp white bed, a perfect blank canvas for colorful accessories.

Elite Home Milena Medallion Collection Duvet Cover - Consider

These fun printed duvet covers are inexpensive and are a fun way to dress up your bedroom. Available in a large variety of colors, you can get one to suit your every mood. Soft and sturdy, they stand up to many washings but feel soft and comfortable against your skin. Completely reversible, it's almost like getting two duvet covers in one, with one colored side and one white side with a colored pattern. The medallion pattern is not too feminine and would be perfect for a child's bedroom as well.

Buyer's Guide

Best Duvet Cover Buying Guide

Duvet covers are not only about design and comfort, but they can affect your quality of sleep. Using a cover lengthens the life of your duvet and keeps your sleeping space hygienic. A duvet cover is much easier to wash than the duvet itself. It protects the duvet from dirt and allergens.

In this guide, we’ll outline all the factors to consider when buying a duvet cover. This way you can match your budget with quality and comfort according to your needs.

What to Consider When Buying a Duvet Cover?


There are a wide range of fabrics to choose from when considering duvet cover options.


Due to its softness, cotton is the most popular choice for duvet covers. Cotton comes in variable qualities depending on the weave. Although moisture retention can be a slight concern to some, it is breathable and comfortable. Long-staple cotton, such as Egyptian cotton, is durable and has a luxurious feel.


Linen is durable and breathable but tends to wrinkle easily. It has a coarse texture. Despite that it is not very silky, it works well for all seasons.


Flannel has a soft fuzzy feel that gives it an element of thickness, comfort, and warmth. Flannel covers are ideal for winter but may be too hot during the summer months.

Bamboo Rayon

Bamboo rayon is a semi-synthetic material made from bamboo fibers. It is durable, smooth, and breathable. The fabric can also be blended with other materials for additional softness. These include polyester or cotton.


Polyester is specifically used in duvet covers for its breathable, stretchy, sleek qualities. It is a synthetic material that can take on different styles depending on the blend. Microfiber is a popular type of material for duvet covers made from polyester.


Blending different fabrics can reduce the cost of expensive materials and balance the drawbacks and benefits between different fabric types. Linen-cotton blends are a good choice for duvet covers since they are comfortable yet less expensive than pure linen.

Organic Materials

Most natural fibers are available as organic products. Look for certified organic cotton and linen for environmentally friendly options.


The way fabrics are woven together affects their texture and breathability. Use the following as an indication of the characteristics each weave type offers.

Percale: Also called a plain weave, this has a crisp and cool cotton feel. It is however not as soft or smooth as sateen.

Sateen: Sateen weaving patterns result in a smooth and sleek-looking fabric.

Twill: This diagonal pattern gives a slightly rougher feel to cotton. The material can be treated to make it softer without compromising the twill texture.

Satin: This intricate weave is made of silk. It is not very durable but is known for its soft, silky, and cool qualities.

Jersey: Jersey duvet covers are popular due to their comfort throughout the seasons. Due to being a knit, rather than a weave, they are prone to pilling.

Closures and Inner Fasteners

Duvet covers come with different fastening options. Once the duvet is placed inside the cover you will be able to secure it with buttons, clasps, or even zippers. The best option here really comes down to personal preference of convenience and the look you prefer.

Some duvet covers come with a fastener to attach the duvet to the inside of the cover. This prevents the duvet from bunching up on one side of the cover.


Not only do you want to check that the duvet cover fits the duvet, but also that it is appropriate to the size bed you have. Most covers and inners follow general size guides for twin, full, queen, or king beds. Ensure that the duvet fits into the cover without any excess fabric hanging loose.

Consider whether you want the duvet to cover the bed down to the floor, halfway down, or only with a slight overhang. This is a personal preference according to style and movability once you are in bed.

Color and DesignDuvet covers are a great way to experiment with a new look in your bedroom. Since they are easy to switch around you can try new colors and patterns. Whites are popular but also show dirt quickly and may be harder to keep clean.

PricePricing varies greatly according to size, quality, and brand. A cheaper brand may not always last very long. Weigh up the cost with fabric quality and durability. You may end up saving money in the long run by buying a better quality product.

Duvet Cover FAQ

Q: What is the best way to wash a duvet cover?

A: Washing instructions depend on the material your duvet cover is made from. The tag on the inside of the cover will guide you according to the fabric care requirements. It is generally best not to use fabric softeners since they can leave a residue that weakens the fibers and attracts dirt.

Q: Is there a difference between a duvet and a comforter?

A: Yes, although they are referred to interchangeably, they are two different products. Duvets have a synthetic, down, or cotton filling. They are designed to fit into a cover that will protect them from dirt and prolong their durability.

The covers are easy to remove and wash, while the duvet itself does not have to be washed as often. Comforters on the other hand have no additional cover. They can be filled or may just be a heavier type of blanket.

Q: What is a duvet tog?

A: The duvet tog refers to the warmth a duvet provides. The scale runs from 1 to 15. A number one would be for summer whereas a higher number is best for cold winters. The material type used for the duvet filling will affect the insulation. Synthetic duvet fillings don’t regulate temperature as well as natural options. Natural fillings tend to offer better insulation.

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