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Speed Up with the Best Electric Bicycle

You're looking for a little help with the work involved in that commute to the office. You have heard about electric bikes, but aren’t really sure you know where to begin. All that comes to mind is a vision of the mopeds from yesteryear. The electric bikes available today are much cooler and more sophisticated.

One of the most important things to consider is how you will use the bike. Are you just commuting to work? Will you need to pull some hills? Do you want the option to pedal, or would you just like a throttle? Is weight and size an issue?

When searching for an electric bike, look for the best bike for your lifestyle as well as your budget. You will find models that will work for whatever kind of riding you do. Check out our list of the best electric bikes in 2021.

What are the best electric bicycle of 2021?

best OHM Urban Electric Bicycle

OHM Urban Electric Bicycle - Best Electric Bicycle Overall

OHM cycles are manufactured in Vancouver, BC, Canada. They manufacture high performance electric bikes with quiet BionX electric motors. The OHM cycles drivetrain has 4 pedal assist settings and a patented removable battery. The Urban XU 700 has a lightweight frame, long-lasting battery, and is the ultimate electric bike for commuting and recreational fun. It comes with a standard rear rack for carrying everything you need for the office or the trip to the park.

best Optibike Electric Bicycle

Optibike Electric Bicycle - Runner Up

If you are looking for Made in the USA at any cost, the Optibike is for you. Each Optibike is hand-built in Boulder, Colorado. You can customize this bike with the motor size you want: 500-850 watts. The battery is stored inside the frame. With speeds of up to 30 mph and exceptional hill climbing ability, the Optibike is a winner. The R-series took the championship 2 years running in the Pikes Peak Hill Climb event. The Optibike has long run times of up to 55 miles. Hydraulic disc brakes give it exceptional stopping power.

best The Shadow Electric Bicycle

The Shadow Electric Bicycle - Consider

The Shadow Ebike is manufactured by Daymak Inc. and is completely wireless. This bike is like the "Bluetooth" of the bicycle world. The Shadow features wireless throttle, wireless brakes, and wireless pedal assist. All of the state-of-the-art technology is hidden inside a sleek wheel design. The motor is available in two sizes: 250 or 350 watts. With pedal assist, this bike can reach speed of up to 25 mph, and approximately 20 mph if you want the motor to do all the work.

Buyer's Guide

What are electric bicycles?

Electric bicycles are bicycles equipped with motors to assist movement. The motor of an electric bike is usually powered by rechargeable batteries. They are just like regular bicycles in shape and appearance.

Although they have been around for a while, interest in electric bicycles has recently surged.

Electric bicycles differ from motorized bikes in that e-bikes weigh considerably less and have zero emissions. On the other hand, motorized bikes weigh more and emit fumes into the atmosphere, especially gas-powered motorized bikes.

What are the types of Electric Bicycles?

There are three main types of electric bicycles, they are:

Pedelec or Pedal Assist Electric Bicycles

In pedal-assist

electric bicycles, the motor gets activated when you pedal. This means that the motor juices up your pedaling, helping you cover more distance with minimal effort. Batteries of pedal-assist bicycles typically last longer. You can switch between different modes with pedelec bikes. The pedelec’s three modes are:

Low pedal assist – In low pedal assist mode, you do more of the work by pedaling, while the motor gives a little helping hand. This mode is best for those who want to exercise their legs.

Medium pedal assist – In medium pedal assist mode, there is a balance between your pedaling and the juice the bike’s motor provides.

High pedal assist – In high pedal assist mode, your legs take the backseat while the motor does most of the work. It is ideal for commuting faster but comes at the cost of high battery consumption.

Throttle Electric Bicycles

Unlike pedal-assist e-bikes, throttle e-bikes do not require you to pedal for the motor to kick in. A thrust of the throttle activates the bicycle’s motor. Throttle bikes allow you to literally sit back and steer the bike while the motor handles the rest of the work.

Speed Pedelec

The third category of electric bicycles is similar to the pedal-assist e-bikes as it also requires pedaling for the motors to kick in. However, speed pedelec bikes can reach a higher top speed than ordinary pedelecs.

Note that some types of e-bikes are equipped with throttle and pedal assist mode. In some of these models, you switch between the two modes, while in others, you can use the two simultaneously.

Tips for Handling Electric Bicycles

Like the traditional bicycle, an e-bike with a flat tire will make your movement sluggish. Not only this, but it will also require more energy to propel the bike forward, irrespective of whether it is a throttle bike or a pedelec.

Always remember to charge the bike. As basic as it is, it is easy to forget to charge the bike after use. To make this easier, you should create a routine for charging the bike when you get home. It could be in the form of a cue or a reminder.

What do I Need to Consider Before Buying an Electric Bicycle?

For a long-lasting electric bicycle that optimally performs to your expectations, you should consider the following things before you make a purchase:


The first thing to consider when buying an electric bicycle is the battery capacity. It determines how long the bike’s motor will last after a full charge. Since the main distinguishing feature between a regular bicycle and an electric bicycle is the motor. You should aim to get an electric bike that has a battery that keeps the motor running for as long as possible. Lithium batteries typically last longer after a full charge and have better overall battery life.


Your main use of the bicycle should also be considered when making a purchase. There are now specialized electric bicycles that are optimized for specific purposes. For example, electric cargo bikes are ideal for users that will always have cargoes to convey. Off-road e-bikes are another type of specialized electric bicycle for hill climbers.

Hub vs. crank motors

When it comes to the motor on an electric bicycle, the motor could either be located on the hubs or crank. For hub motors, it could either be found on the front wheel or the back wheel. Hub motors have the advantage of being easier to maintain than crank motors.

Crank motors are also referred to as mid drives. In his type of electric bicycles, the motors are found in the bicycle’s crank area. Electric bicycles with crank motors are the most popular types of electric bicycles. Electric bicycles with their motors in the crank are

How much do Electric Bicycles Cost?

The price of electric bicycles ranges from $700 to $4,500.

Final Thoughts on Electric Bicycles

Legislations, as regards the status of electric bicycles, differ from clime to clime. Certain categories of electric bicycles require the rider to obtain a license to ride. Therefore, you should get a clear understanding of the legislation guiding electric bikes in your locale before getting one.

Electric Bicycle FAQs

Q - Can I ride an electric bicycle in the rain?
A - Yes, you can. Electric bikes are usually waterproof. However, the battery could get damaged if the bike gets submerged. Thus, you should try as much as possible to avoid using the bike in heavy rain.

Q - How far can a single charge take me?
A - An average electric bicycle covers between 20 to 30 miles with a single charge. However, the distance you will cover with a single charge is dependent on factors like your weight, the weight of the load, the terrain, and how much you pedal.

Q - Do you still get to exercise using an electric bicycle?
A - Yes, you still get to exercise with e-bikes. Electric bikes do not totally eliminate pedaling from the bike riding experience. In the pedal-assist mode, the motors only complement your pedaling. In throttle mode, you still need to pedal when climbing steep hills.

Q – Do electric bikes charge when you pedal?
A – No, they don’t. Pedaling on electric bikes does not charge the battery. Rather, it saves the battery’s charge and helps you use the bike’s motor for longer.

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