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Get That Youthful Glow With The Best Eye Brighteners

  1. Clinique All About Eyes Serum De-Puffing Eye Brightener
  2. Garnier Nutritioniste Skin Renew Anti-Dark-Circle Eye Brightener
  3. Laura Mercier Flawless Fusion Eye Brightener
  4. Bobbie Brown Long-Wear Cream Eye Brightener
  5. Benefit High Brow Glow Pencil Eye Brightener

An eye brightener may sound like it could do the same job as your concealer, but those who suffer from dark under eye circles and redness know that even the best concealers can fall short of our expectations. Most concealers are matte and thick while eye brighteners work to catch the light, and use reflective particles to create a bright illuminated look. You can use this all over the entire eye to prep the canvas before applying shadow and line design. You can also layer these under concealers and foundations of any form to really take your look to a whole new incredible level so one will ever know you pulled an all-nighter at work in the hospital, hitting the books, or awake all night with a newborn.

All of these best eye brighteners in 2022 have been chosen because they will transform the look of tired, red, stressed out and red eyes thanks to their light-weight consistency and therefore easy to blend. They've also been formulated with quality ingredients which are safe and gentle enough to be used around the eye which has the most delicate portions of skin on your body. Finally, all of the products will go above and beyond the call of duty because while they obviously brighten, these picks will also contain moisturizing ingredients  which sooth and heal your sore, tired eyes.

Best Eye Brighteners of 2022 Reviewed in Detail

Clinique All About Eyes Serum De-Puffing Eye Brightener - Best Eye Brightener Overall

Safe for use on all skin types, Clinique All About Eyes Serum De-Puffing Eye Massage starts soothing tired puffy eyes upon contact. The applicator is a metal ball roller which works double duty to cool and sooth the swollen, delicate eye area while dispensing the product. The brightener formula works wonders upon contact thanks to many potent plant-based botanicals like rosemary extract, hops extract, pomegranate juice extract, and tangerine peel extract. These extracts brighten the skin, heal swelling, and prevent future free-radical damage. This product also contains a bit of caffeine to stimulate cells which reduces fluid retention while brightening your eyes.

Garnier Nutritioniste Skin Renew Anti-Dark-Circle Eye Brightener - Runner Up

Garnier Skin Renew Anti-Dark Circle Eye Roller can easily be found in your local drugstore or popular grocery store. If you have dark under eye circles, due to heredity, allergies, lack of sleep, dehydration or a combination of these, then you are sure to love this magical eye brightener. It features a cooling roller ball that helps dispense the product quickly and easily while helping to deflate puffy bags.

The product is a mineral formula that blends into your skin and works like a concealer to instantly neutralize dark under eye circles while soothing delicate eye skin, and combating redness. It's definitely not thick or greasy and layers beautifully under your foundation which is another thing I just love about it. You feel like you get that extra layer of protection against dark circles and it never creases or sinks into fine lines.

This product is water-based and therefore ideal for use on all skin types. It also contains caffeine to help move fluids out of the eye zone and citrus extracts to brighten the over-all skin tone while reducing the look of aging. Honestly, this is one of my favorite products I use religiously, a true "holy grail" of beauty products.

Laura Mercier Flawless Fusion Eye Brightener - Honorable Mention

Laura Mercier Secret Brightener works to correct all discoloration around the eye area. It blends beautifully under any makeup and gives your skin a bright youthful glow. Choose from two shades; one for light to medium and the other for medium to deeper skin tones. This product is designed to blend in so don't fret when you see the “color” inside of the tube as it looks a bit on the pinker side. If you apply it to the under eye area it can also work to highlight the tops of the cheeks for an illuminated look. This product is water-based and great for sensitive skin. Apricot kernel oil works to nourish and hydrate your skin while camellia kissi seed oil ensures your skin stays hydrated, and youthful looking all day long.

Bobbie Brown Long-Wear Cream Eye Brightener - Consider

Bobbie Brown is always a great option when you become overwhelmed with choices and have no idea what to buy. Bobbi Brown Tinted Eye Brightener comes in ten shades and will work great for those with in-between-hard-to-match skin tones. This formula is a light-weight liquid-base with a lip gloss style applicator, so if you can apply lip gloss you can apply this to your eyes with ease; which also makes for fast and easy touch-ups.

This formula is gentle and good for the skin since it's water-based. The fragrance is mild and derived from hops extract-an anti-inflammatory used to moisturize as it deflates. Bitter-root extract works double duty to treat any skin condition or swelling and works wonders to improve skin tone by going to the source of the problem. This brightener also helps stimulate blood vessels that create dark circles under delicate skin surrounding the eye.

Benefit High Brow Glow Pencil Eye Brightener - Best Eye Brightener

If you want an eye brightener in a pencil form then Benefit Cosmetics Eye Bright is certain to be your next go-to pick. This one gets the redness, sagging and discoloration under control in the hardest to reach places. The rims of the eye can become swollen and look sallow or puffy but this brightener provides a beautiful, wide awake look in an instant. Benefit only uses gentle quality ingredients like mica minerals for color, castor seed oil to replenish lost moisture, and beeswax to give the product structure and help heal the skin. This brightener formula is ideal for all skin types so you don't need need to worry about potential irritation. This little pencil will work on any skin tone and is also super compatible when it comes to layering on with other beauty products.

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