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Quit Your Swatting with the Best Fly Traps

  1. Gardner Fly Web Insect Light Fly Trap
  2. Sterling NFT-D Disposable Control With Attractant Fly Trap
  3. Victor M380 Magnet 1-Quart Reusable With Bait Fly Trap
  4. Black Flag Window Fly Trap
  5. TAT Fly Paper
  6. Buyer's Guide

Fly traps are a non-toxic alternative to eliminating flies from virtually any space. Simply hang a fly trap somewhere and allow the trap to do all the dirty work for you. It lures the flies in, catches them securely so they cannot get back out, and you can either dispose of the entire trap once filled or clean and reuse the trap again.

The best fly traps in 2022 are effective, easy to use, and easy to set up. No matter if you prefer single-use or reusable traps or need to use them indoors or outdoors, there is a fly trap for your needs.

Detailing the Best Fly Traps of 2022

Gardner Fly Web Insect Light Fly Trap - Best Fly Trap Overall

If you want the absolute best fly trap with price being no object, then you want the Gardner Fly Web Fly Trap. It uses an ultraviolet light to attract flies to a sticky glue board inside of the unit. Simply plug it in and you are done. When the glue board is full, change it out with a new one. That's it! You can have 24 hour protection against flies and you won't even know it's working. Completely safe around kids and pets and absolutely non-toxic. It can be moved from room to room easily, and as long as you have a working outlet, it will work anywhere, although it is not recommended for exterior use. It is even rated for use in restaurants and hospitals, that how good this fly trap truly is.

Sterling NFT-D Disposable Control With Attractant Fly Trap - Runner Up

For exterior applications such as porches, barns and other outbuildings, the Rescue Disposable Fly Trap will suit your needs. This fly trap is pre-baited with a fly attractant. Just hang it up, and let it work. They are inexpensive to use and once full, merely dispose of it and hang up a new one. There is no hassle about cleaning and reusing, it is safe and non-toxic so it can be employed anywhere that houses animals, and because they are so inexpensive, several can be placed to more effectively trap and rid an area of flies. These are best used in an exterior or out building location, although realistically, they could be used anywhere will equal effective results.

Victor M380 Magnet 1-Quart Reusable With Bait Fly Trap - Honorable Mention

For the best environmentally safe reusable fly trap, go with the Victor M380 Fly Magnet Reusable Trap With Bait. It comes with included bait that is effective on virtually every pest fly species, and once the attractant properties of the bait diminish, more can be added. When the trap is full, simply empty it, clean it and reuse it. Although a bit more of a hassle than a disposable fly trap, the Victor is the most environmentally friendly and sustainable way to trap flies. Non-toxic and safe to use around humans and animals, these work best in an exterior setting like barns and outbuildings, although they could be used indoors, if you don't mind big plastic jars hanging around that smell bad.

Black Flag Window Fly Trap - Consider

If you are looking for the easiest and most unique fly trap of them all, the Black Flag Window Fly Trap is the one for you. It is covered with a thin film of glue so that once a fly lands or walks over it, the glue will hold them fast. It works on the fact that flies congregate towards a light source, like windows and doors. Merely stick this trap directly to a window, a screen, a patio door or on virtually any glass window, and when the flies gravitate towards the light, they will get stuck on the trap. Simple and effective, non-toxic and works anywhere, indoors or out. These are best for home applications since they would fill up rapidly and need to replaced often if used in a barn or another outbuilding setting. They are easy to put in place and just as easy to remove and dispose of when they are full.

TAT Fly Paper - Best Fly Traps

If you want the best bang for the buck fly trap, that is inexpensive to use and has been proven to catch more flies than any other fly trap made, then go with TAT Fly Paper. Simple to use, just hang it up in fly infested areas and walk away. Flies look for easy places to roost, and a piece of hanging fly paper naturally calls to them as a good place to land. Fly paper is extremely inexpensive, basically it is just paper coated with a non-toxic adhesive. They can be hung anywhere, and because they are so inexpensive, they are perfect for fly control in barns and other out buildings. Once filled, or if the adhesive dries out, dispose of the trap and replace it with a new one. One of the simplest, safest and most effective fly traps ever made.

Buyer's Guide

What can be more annoying than the buzzing of a fly? Various factors draw a fly towards your house, such as food left on the shelf, garbage not disposed of properly, the aroma of food and so many other reasons. When trapped inside we may be inclined to simply open the window and let the bug fly out, but that can be time-consuming. Chasing around the fly with a swatter can be time-consuming too. Thus, you need to have one of the best fly traps of 2022.

What Are the Different Types of Fly Traps?

You may have seen electric buzzing fly traps, natural plant fly traps, and many more. By doing some research, you will find some fly traps that are quite exotic and expensive. Hence, the range of fly traps is extensive, but if we classify them in types we will get two major categories:

Outdoor Fly Traps

Outdoor fly traps are in the form of a container and have a pungent smell, so most flies repel it and fly away from it. Other flies that get in it cannot escape because the exit hole is too small. These types of fly traps are primarily used in gardens, front yards, and patios. These are cheap and easy to use compared to other types, but it is best to keep them far away from you because the smell is too strong and irritating.

Indoor Fly Traps

Indoor fly traps use techniques other than foul smell to bait and kill the flies. Indoor fly traps are further divided into two types:

- Indoor Tape Fly Trap – As the name suggests, it is a sticky tape, so flies are stuck to it. It may look like the flies are dead, but you can hear them buzzing if you listen closely. It is not a very effective method because it only works if the fly reaches the tape and contacts it. Furthermore, it does not work well if there are lots of flies.

- Indoor UV Traps - They are the most technological and advanced type of fly trap as they use ultraviolet rays to kill insects. When an insect is flying close to it and contacts the device, it gets an electric shock and is killed instantly. The dead flies fall into a container, so you don't need to worry about the mess. It is the most used and effective type of flap trap for indoor usage but can be quite costly.

What Are the Important Factors to Consider?

It sounds simple to buy a fly trap, but you will find tons of different fly traps with various features online. It can be hard to pick out the best fly trap at the last minute, so prepare your mind to look for specific features beforehand.


Getting rid of insects and flies is tricky, so some companies decided to take the rough road. Some fly trap products are made with harsh chemicals that kill the annoying flies but harm the environment. Insecticides and pesticides are also composed of harsh chemicals with poisonous fumes that are harmful to the environment and nearby people. Inhaling and touching such hazardous products can be dangerous, so whenever you go to buy a fly trap, make sure that it is safe.

Effective Radius

The best fly trap can kill or deter insects and flies at a far distance. Thus, you should take into consideration the radius that a fly trap can effectively cover. It is often marked in square feet. If you plan to use a fly trap that can cover your whole garden or house, it is best to buy the one that covers the maximum square footage. Generally, UV lights cover a larger radius than other types of fly traps because bugs can see the UV light from a distance.


Usually, people don't take odor as an essential factor while buying a fly trap, but if you think about it, the odor of a fly trap can be very irritating. There is a reason why some brands have labeled their product for outdoor use only. Such products have a strong and repellent smell that keeps the flies away. However, if you use it in your house, you would likely want to stay away from the place yourself. If you are conscious of the smell and want a fly trap for indoor use, it is best to go with an electric zapper or a sticky glue trap.

What is the Best Bait to Trap Flies?

Whether you are making a homemade fly trap or using some professional fly trap, you may need bait to attract the tiny flies towards it. Some fly traps come with unique baits that can effectively attract fruit flies. However, if the product you are buying does not come with special bait, you can use the regular fruits. Apple cider vinegar is the most recommended bait for fruit flies because it has a powerful smell, but it can also affect humans. Thus, you can use vinegar or juice as an effective alternative that may have a more pleasant smell than apple cider vinegar.

Fly Trap FAQs

Q: Are Venus fly traps real?

A. We have always seen Venus fly trap plants in cartoons as kids, and they certainly exist. The plant has a mouth-like opening and special sensory hair to detect the presence of a fly. When the fly contacts its hair, the trap swallows the fly, and as it continues to resist the plant, the plant digests it.

Q. What draws flies towards my house?

A. If you keep your house's surroundings neat, you may be wondering why still flies are roaming around. Many other factors like food left uncovered, fruit ripening, rotting food in the garbage bin, and much more can attract flies and bugs.

Q. Do fly traps attract all the flies?

A. Yes, some fly traps attract flies towards it. Some of the flytraps are built on drawing the fly, trapping it, and then killing it. Keep in mind that there may still be a few flies that evade the trap.

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