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Best Foosball Table for Your Rec Room

  1. 2014 Warrior Classic Foosball Table
  2. Bonzini B90 Foosball Table
  3. Garlando G-500 Weatherproof Soccer Foosball Table
  4. Carrom Signature Foosball Table (Moroccan) Foosbal Table
  5. Hathaway Playmaker 3-in-1 Foosball Table
  6. Buyer's Guide

A timeless staple of sports bars and recreation rooms for generations, foosball is one of those games that’s elegant in its simplicity because anyone can learn how to play. Whether you're buying a table for the fraternity house or the family den, there are some basic decisions that are necessary before you make your purchase. To begin with, the heavier the table, the better because good weight will keep your new table firmly in place and game play will remain consistent. Other considerations like wooden or rubber grip handles, adjustable legs, and ball return placement should also play a role in deciding which table is best for you. You should also keep away from tables with any parts manufactured from particle board.

We have chosen five of the best foosball tables along a set of stringent criteria. Every one of our picks was judged by the quality of its fundamental components including the rods, foosball men, playing surface, and game cabinet. The types of rods you will find on these tables come in either solid, hollow, or telescoping versions and made with machine-grade steel. The foosball men featured on these tables also have pointed feet as opposed to rounded for improved ball control. Playing surfaces are also hard and smooth while the cabinets are manufactured to be durable and long-lasting. These foosball tables are also constructed of strong wood or composite materials at a width of 1-inch or more to avoid warping and moisture absorption. The greater density and thickness also makes these tables dent-resistant as well. We've compiled the best foosball tables in 2022.

Compare The Best Foosball Tables Of 2022

best classic foosball table

2014 Warrior Classic Foosball Table - Best Foosball Table Overall

Warrior has long been an innovator in the world of foosball which is why their tables are the ideal choice for the game; it's no wonder they're recognized by the United States and International Table Soccer Federations. This table is suitable for beginners and advanced players alike because it's durable enough to take hours upon hours of abuse and has been designed for complete ball control and accuracy. It also helps that the table is incredibly easy to assemble; using custom bearings that make quick work of installing and removing the table rods.

Each rod has been crafted using the company's "step" design where each bearing provides smooth glide during gameplay. The rods also come equipped with special guards to prevent injuries when they move in and out the opposite sides of the table. Each rod has Warrior's exclusive handle which is designed with an ergonomic profile for better comfort and is made of highly durable synthetic rubber that won't split, bend or crack even under constant use. The table rods are 14 mm solid chrome, and this thin diameter puts you in ultimate control, increasing the torque of your shot and giving you more speed with the foosball men.

The foosball men have been designed with wide cleats that use horizontal and vertical lining to add even more control on Warrior's special yellow urethane ball which uses a distinctive grip for better handling. Each table comes with two of these foosballs, in addition to a maintenance kit that includes extra men, a bearing wrench, silicon lubricant, and a pin punch. The table comes with a one-year limited warranty but Warrior offers a three year extended warranty for just an extra $39.99. Designed by Warrior Table Soccer President and thirty year Foosball veteran Brendan Flaherty, it's no surprise this table is one of the best sellers in the country.

best Bonzini B90 Foosball Table

Bonzini B90 Foosball Table - Runner Up

The features on the B90 are nothing short of amazing. Start with the telescoping rods made of chrome plated ground steel, they don't extend out of the opposite side of the cabinet like most tables. This not only saves space, but it's also a clever safety measure for young children who could get injured by a protruding rod sliding out during gameplay. The handles are interchangeable depending upon the type of grip you prefer and the foosball men are not your typical plastic human shapes, but instead come as hand-painted metal figurines which can be customized upon request.

Bonzini has a very distinctive pentagonal shape to their cabinet which is made of solid Beechwood and comes in two different colors. It's the most unique table on this list, but looks aren't everything. The playability on the B90 is terrific. The metal figurines have a curved foot which gives you firm command of the ball and passing with these guys is a breeze. These feet have been designed to play with Bonzini's select raw cork ball, which helps give it more grip than urethane would. On the whole the B90 is a little bit gimmicky and it may be more table than you need, but there's a reason it has also won so many major awards because it’s just so much fun to play with.

Garlando G-500 Weatherproof Soccer Foosball Table - Honorable Mention

The G-500 has been built to withstand pretty much anything and despite its solid construction, it’s an easy table to assemble. It comes relatively pre-assembled and all you really need to do is slap on the legs, rods, and bearings. Once you've got it all put together, you'll realize just how great this product really is. The rods slide quickly and consistently, telescoping much like those on the Bonzini, to prevent unnecessary injuries from protrusions, while the players have been permanently molded to the rods and are guaranteed not to break.

The legs have been outfitted with levelers to make it suitable for any room in the house or out on the patio, wherever you choose to place this table, your gameplay won't be affected by the terrain. But the real attraction here is the weatherproofing. The table has been built to withstand the elements with a Marine plywood cabinet, waterproof glue, and tropical anti-rust treatment on all of the hardware. The surface has been coated with a waterproof plastic laminate and the table comes with a heavy-duty vinyl cover for easy storage.

Carrom Signature Foosball Table (Moroccan) Foosbal Table - Consider

For a price tag under $1000, the Carrom certainly packs this table with plenty of value. It’s constructed with a one inch thick wood cabinet that won't warp or develop signs of wear and tear over the long run. The 3/8 inch thick playing surface combined with this tables sturdy cabinet makes for a solid and sturdy option. This foosball table also features hollow steel rods which glide smoothly thanks to premium bearings for consistent game play. The table is built to be solid and stationary, using commercial grade legs for sturdiness to keep it from getting bounced around or shifted during the game. Each one also has its own leveler to keep the table straight on any uneven ground surface.

Each of the foosball men are counterbalanced and have been designed with tighter corners for better ball contact to improve passing and shot accuracy. That counterbalance feature allows the foosball players to rest at horizontal positions, so shooting at the goal is easier if you fire the ball quicker than your opponent can twist a rod to defend. Wooden score counters are positioned at either end of the table and there are ball returns at either end for easy retrieval after each goal.

Hathaway Playmaker 3-in-1 Foosball Table - Best Foosball Table

The Playoff is priced under $150, admittedly low for most high quality foosball tables. That's not to suggest this isn't a terrific table, otherwise it never would have made the list. In fact, it's built quite well, featuring a 1/4-inch thick MDF cabinet and ABS molded players which makes them stronger than typical plastic players. The steel rods have hollow and tubular but still provide enough strength to withstand the type of action that comes with a heated foosball game.

Since the table isn't made of the strongest materials, it's been equipped with L-shaped legs to add stability to keep that thinner playing surface level and sturdy throughout the game. Feet levelers have been added to make it suitable for uneven flooring and it's equipped with end ball returns for easy retrieval after a goal is scored. But make no mistake, at 48 inches it's a smaller table than most others you might find and so it's probably better geared towards use by younger players. The size also makes it easier to fit in smaller areas, so it's perfect for dorms and bedrooms.

Buyer's Guide

As fun as foosball can be, buying the right foosball table is important for any sports bar or recreational room. Although people enjoy playing the game, the action can get rough from time to time. Finding a table that can withstand all of that, requires you to know exactly what to look out for when going shopping for the best foosball table in 2021. So without further stalling, let’s move on to the most important factors to consider when going foosball table shopping.

Weight of The Table

Foosball tables come in all shapes and sizes but the general rule of thumb is, the heavier the better. This is because the added weight gives stability to the foosball table and makes sure it remains in place even during vigorous play. Sometimes foosball tables are sold as tops that can be fitted or placed onto normal tables.

Should You Go For Built-In or Portable Tables?

Built-in foosball tables are those tables that are designed especially for the sport and cannot be converted into a regular table. Portable tables are ones where the overall playing board of the foosball game can be placed on any sturdy table. When keeping in mind things like weight and stability, built-in foosball tables are the better option of the two.

How To Add Weight to An Existing Table

Sometimes foosball tables have great material and game potential but they are too light to be taken seriously. Modifications to the frame or even the addition of weights to the underside of the table help add to its weight and make it sturdier.

Material Used

Foosball tables are made of a variety of materials. Expensive ones are made with furnished wood frames and players, whereas steel ones with plastic players are also an option. Some are even made with pressed wood or other sorts of inexpensive wood.

What's The Drawback For Solid Wood Foosball Tables?

Solid wood foosball tables seem more elegant and are great for high-end sports bars or game rooms. However, they tend to be affected by climatic conditions much more than other materials. They can contract and expand due to humidity which makes maintenance hard.

What Kind of Material Would a Foosball Beginner Invest In?

Beginners do not have to worry much about the type of material for the table they buy. This is because practicing the game to learn it will wear out any table. Hence it is usually recommended that they go for pressed wood, steel, or PVC options as they are easy to get used to and easily replaceable as well.

Type of Game

There are different versions of foosball available and the tables for each differ as well. The two most popular ones are the ‘3-goalie tables’ and the ‘single goalie tables’.

What Difference Does the Number of Goalies Make?

Single goalie tables are more popular in Europe as opposed to 3 goalie tables which are popular in America. Both of these have entirely separate designs, hence you should look into what kind of foosball you’re looking to play before deciding on which table you should buy.

Investing In a Coin-Slot Foosball Table

Some foosball tables are operated by inserting coins in a coin slot. These are more popular for sports bars and gaming arenas. However, in the event it is being sold in a country that’s not of its origin, do check if the coins fit the slot and activate the table.

Electronic Sound Foosball Tables

With the advancement of technology, electronic tables have also made their way into the market. They have light-up features and sound options such as cheers for every successful goal. Some even have the option of keeping track of the score. These tables are more popular with the young crowd and can be a fun addition to recreational rooms.

Quality of Moveable Elements

The moveable elements in a foosball table such as the handles, players, and the ball have to be of good quality. This is because if these elements are not in good condition, then the game may not be as enjoyable.

The Difference Between Wood and Plastic Players

Plastic players are much lighter compared to wood ones. Wood ones last longer but can get chipped or the paint may wear off over time. They need touch-ups from time to time. Plastic players are easy to move around and can be replaced as well. The overall decision comes down to whether or not it suits the overall aesthetic of the table.

Playing Knobs

Playing knobs are essential for moving the players and engaging in the game. It is important that the knob is easy to grip and feels comfortable in the players’ hand. Before buying a table, inspect the knobs and try to move the game a bit. This will help you in picking the right one.

Best Foosball Table in 2021 - FAQs

Certain questions go through the minds of potential foosball table buyers and owners. Sometimes after buying the table, you could have questions about its parts or what to do with them. Here are some of the most popular ones we could find:

What to do if a solid wood table is wearing due to humidity?

Humidity drastically affects the condition of solid wood foosball tables. The wood can contract and expand due to weather conditions which may weaken the joints and cause occasional cracks. Keep the table in a dry, cold room and treat the wood with protective sprays to increase its lifespan.

Are European foosball tables better for professionals?

European foosball tables are said to be better for professionals because of their single goalie style, which is harder to play. It not only makes the game longer but makes it more difficult to play as well. Professionals tend to use this type of table more often.

The players won’t rotate and move freely. How to fix this?

The rods can be greased to ensure they do not get stuck in the movement holes and a quick spray of any lubricant can fix the issue. However, you should check if the constant force on the knobs has bent the playing rods.

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