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Get Better Grip with the Best Golf Glove

When it comes to choosing a golf glove, it can be one of the most important decisions any golfer can make given they have such a big an impact on their overall game. Many players struggle with maintaining a solid grip and a significant number of shots go wrong due to poor, loose grip during the all-critical swing. Fortunately, a good golf glove goes a long way in resolving the issues caused by inadequate grip on the club.

These best golf glove in 2021 for men were chosen because they're made with soft leather materials which responds well and allows the player to still have good feel when gripping the club in their hands. Second, the gloves are manufactured with durability in mind. A soft glove can sometimes be a challenge to maintain but these picks won’t be destroyed after only playing a few rounds with each lasting a solid length of time before needing to be replaced. Last and perhaps most importantly, all of these gloves are designed with breathability in mind. Whether we're talking about spacing around the fingers that provides room for breath or some form of ventilation over the top of the glove, these picks will be anything but soaked during those hot rounds of summer golf.

Comparing the Best Golf Gloves for 2021

FootJoy SofJoy Women's Golf Glove

The FootJoy SoftJoy golf glove is made with cabretta leather which creates an unmistakably soft feel for the golfer. It is also features a elasticized PowerNet Mesh, which is exclusive to FootJoy and delivers an incredibly comfortable experience ideal for the hot summer days on the course. The FiberSof material featured on the back hand of the glove creates a fit that really can’t be matched either. This allows the glove to fit tightly in the back and slightly looser in the front, creating the ideal combination of comfort and performance.

FootJoy Men's WeatherSof Golf Glove

The FootJoy GTxtreme is a great golf glove, and while it might seem surprising to see the same name twice in the same list for the best overall glove for men, it’s hard to have a conversation about the best performing gloves without talking about FootJoy frequently. The gloves grip is a little more durable than our other picks, and while that might make it a little less breathable, it certainly doesn’t do it a disservice. This glove also features the PowerNet Mesh which allows the player's hand to breathe as well as FiberSof technology on the palm. This allows the player to have great connection with their golf glove, and even provides a little extra life as well as greater tack translates to a longer lasting glove.

NIKE 2016 Tour Classic II Men's White, Golf Glove

The Nike Tour Classic is a glove that delivers on all fronts without any hesitation. It has supreme feel and control thanks to a breathable, playable surface. Nike uses a premium leather, which allows this glove to outlast many of its competitors on the market today. Made to be incredibly durable, this glove might actually last the longest of any on this list. However, don’t let its long life fool you as this glove utilizes stretch zones in the back of the hand so it flexes and fits more effectively. This makes it a great value and could be used for a large chunk of the season for a recreational golfer.

Wilson Sporting Goods Staff Conform Golf Glove

The Wilson Staff Conform golf glove looks different the moment the player lays eyes on it with a  primarily black backing reminds the player that it doesn't bring the traditional things to the table. This glove is comprised of more mesh than some of the competition, which is what gives it that non-traditional appearance. However, the glove breathes like nothing else on the market as the black mesh back allows the players hand to stay supremely cool throughout the round. The large amount of mesh also allows the glove to breathe and flex more, allowing the glove to have a longer lifespan.

FootJoy Men's WeatherSof Golf Glove

The FootJoy WeatherSof is a great affordable option that makes this list. This glove will typically cost half of what the other FootJoy gloves on this list will but it certainly doesn’t fall short in many categories when held against the industry as a whole. It features Taction2 advanced performance leather which makes for one of the softest feeling gloves on the market. The inclusion of PowerNet Mesh allows the players upper hand and knuckles to breathe throughout the round, and creates a high-quality experience from start to finish. This gloves delivers one of the best overall cost-effective experiences one could have for the quality of product you’re receiving out of the box.

Footjoy Women's StaSof Golf Glove

The durable FootJoy StaSof golf glove features Taction2 Advanced Performance Leather, which allows the player's hand to breathe as well as adding to the gloves overall durability. Thanks to the use of high-quality leather FootJoy employs, this is a glove that can definitely stand the test of time. The leather used is also premium quality so that it doesn’t feel cumbersome or too thick, so it maintains a great feel which is crucial to hitting consistent shots. There aren't any women’s glove on the market that will compete with this pick given the sheer volume of performance that a player will get out of a pair.

Callaway Dawn Patrol Women's Golf Gloves

The Callaway X-Spann golf glove is a great choice for any female golfer looking to get a certain standard out of a simplistic golf glove. This comfortable glove will provide the player with exceptional feel, and will stand the test of time since it doesn't have a lot of weak points throughout the glove to speak of. It's made with a very soft leather, allowing it to breathe fairly well but retaining a great feel on the grip of the club. The glove also features X-Spann Moisture Wicking which is important in keeping the player's hands cool and dry, especially during summer months. This is also the first-ever compression fit golf glove which provides an additional level of comfort for the wearer.

FootJoy Women's WeatherSof Golf Glove

The FootJoy WeatherSof golf glove makes our list because of the combined technology which makes it a incredibly breathable and durable golf glove. It features Taction2 advanced performance leather for a sticky grip as well as PowerNet Mesh, which ensure the glove stays cool throughout those hot summer rounds. The FiberSof seams allow the glove to maintain a long life by ensuring that they don’t rip at any point, especially when they’re encountering a lot of wear and tear throughout the season. This glove covers all the bases and does it with unique visual style and the bonus of being available at an affordable price point.

best 2015 Titleist Ladies Perma Womens Regular Soft Glove

2015 Titleist Ladies Perma Womens Regular Soft Glove

The Titleist Perma-Soft golf glove is a great choice for women who are looking to avoid a significant amount of mesh, but still want a soft leather glove. Made with cabretta leather, this golf glove is one of the softest feeling out there and makes the player feel like they are in control with every single shot. It has a small CoolMax Mesh panel which allows the player to have some breathability. This will ensure that the player doesn’t sweat the glove out, or make it unworkable, especially after a few rounds in hot conditions.

FootJoy Lady Spectrum Pink Golf Gloves

The FJ Spectrum is a golf glove made by FootJoy that employs some of the best qualities any of their gloves could bring to the table, while also employing an unrivaled stylistic approach. The unique styling makes this glove a great choice for anyone that is looking for specific colors for team matching, or just to have a few choices on hand. The glove also integrates FiberSof seams to help them stand up to normal wear and tear as well. These are gloves that are great choices for anyone looking to get the most out of their game with a glove that has a unique style.

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