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Make Those Floors Sparkle and Shine with the Best Hardwood Floor Cleaners

While many people prefer the simple elegance of hard floors, they can be deceptively difficult to keep clean. Without regular cleaning, wood loses its shine, grime builds up, and gunk gets hopelessly stuck in the cracks. While the most expensive cleaners make use of features such as rotating brushes to remove gunk and grime, budget-friendly models also do a great job with special pads and the ability to vacuum, clean, rinse, and dry with minimal effort. Some even help to sanitize the floor with the assistance of optional cleaning solutions.

We've chosen a selection of the best hardwood floor cleaners in 2021 that excel at efficiently cleaning not only hardwood, but other hard floor surfaces as well such as tile. Although more effort on the part of the user is generally required as the unit price goes down, each of the following picks combine a lightweight, easily maneuvered designs for ease-of-use. They also include helpful features such as dual water tanks and counter-rotating brushes in addition to selectable cleaning modes to power through caked on dirt and grime.

Comparing the Best Hardwood Floor Cleaner Of 2021

Hoover Blue Hardwood Floor Cleaner - Best Hardwood Floor Cleaner Overall

The Hoover FH40010B is an all-purpose cleaner which washes and dries floors as well as having vacuum capabilities. Cleaning modes are easy to select, the unit maintains a wide cleaning path, and a lengthy quick-release power cord allows quick cleaning of large areas. The dual-tank design of the FH40010B keeps clean and dirty water separate with brushes and other features being easy to detach and clean.

Although this cleaner has counter-rotating brushes great for cleaning grout and tile, some manual work is still required. Many of the problems experienced by users are a result of unrealistic expectations and some effort is still required to get the best clean possible. Overall, the FH40010B offers superior cleaning power and convenience at a great price.

Hoover FH40160 FloorMate Deluxe Hardwood Floor Cleaner - Runner Up

Hoover's FH40160 hard floor cleaner works on many hard floor surfaces and includes two additional brushes for cleaning tile, grout, and sealed hardwood. A dual-tank design keeps clean and dirty water separate, while the clean water tank offers a generous 1.5 quart capacity. Selecting between wash, scrub, and dry modes is simple with a CleanBoost Control button located on the handle so you can apply extra cleaning solution for tough messes.

The nozzle on the FH40160 provides combined squeegee and suction action without using too much water allowing for faster drying times. The FH40160 weighs in at less than 14 pounds, requiring less effort from you to maneuver around the house or when bringing up and down stairs. Although the 20 foot cord is a bit on the short side, the Hoover FH40160 delivers excellent all-around performance for its price.

BISSELL Hardwood Floor Cleaner - Honorable Mention

The Bissell 2949 delivers all-in-one cleaning including the ability to vacuum, mop, and dry floors. Safe for use on most floor surfaces, this hard floor cleaner includes one microfiber mop pad and one scrubby brush. Although the 2949 has good suction power, it doesn’t have any rotating brushes so scrubbing the floor in particularly grimy areas will require some elbow grease. However, this lightweight cleaner is easy to move around and considerably easier than doing everything by hand. The unit's wet cleaning system also uses dual tanks which are easy to fill, empty, and clean. To switch between this cleaners wet and dry modes simply flip the handle and that’s it; no changing of settings or attachments. Overall, the Bissell 2949 is an excellent, budget-friendly choice.

Bissell PowerEdge Pet Hard Floor Vacuum - Best Hardwood Floor Cleaner

At first glance, it's obvious that Bissell engineers put some real thought into designing a stick vacuum to appeal to pet owners. While most stick vacuums tend to follow the typical design trend, the PowerEdge Pet features a unique V-shaped head which gathers crumbs, hair, dust, dirt, etc. into a center channel with concentrated suction. The outer edges of the cleaning head also contain ducts for suction which allows effective cleaning of crevices and corners in one pass. The dirt cup empties easily which is a blessing given the amount of pet hair this stick vacuum is sure to collect.

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