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Keyboards & Pianos

Best Keyboard Piano

The piano is a beautiful instrument. It’s also less physically torturous to play than a string instrument like the guitar. Unfortunately, a full size piano is a gargantuan room-dominating monolith. Keyboard pianos exist to solve that problem. Here are our top picks for Best Keyboard Piano in 2021.

Best Keyboard Piano


Our favorite keyboard is the Alesis Melody 61 MKII. We selected the 61-key model over the more compact 32-key and 54-key versions due to its extra versatility. The inclusion of a variety of useful accessories and large library of material to help new learners get up to speed makes this keyboard our top pick.

  • 40 demo songs to play along with make a game of learning the piano
  • Included microphone allows you to record singing along while you play
  • No 88 key option


The Rockjam 54-key portable keyboard is a more affordable alternative to the Alesis above. With a control panel that looks not unlike the inside of a fighter jet, this complex keyboard has all the options you could ever ask for.

  • Available in different sizes for different space accommodations and levels of player
  • Sturdy music stand gives a convenient place to mount sheet music or a tablet for easy learning
  • All the options available may be visually daunting to a beginner


Casio is a household name when it comes to portable keyboards, and the CTK-2550 is one of our favorites. Compact and lightweight, this keyboard is the closest you’ll get to fitting a piano in your pocket.

  • Folding stand for quick setup and easy transport
  • Included headphones allow for a more personal music creation experience
  • Doesn’t have a midi-capable connection


With a minimalist visual design concealing a powerful range of capabilities and a rich, powerful sound, this Yamaha keyboard is an excellent choice for professionals and more experienced users.

  • Large 88-key design gives unparalleled range of tones
  • Sustain pedal gives an extra level of control over the sound
  • Using the function button to access various features is slightly clunky


While packed with features that will make it worth the attention of a more experienced user, this keyboard is most highly recommended for first-timers. The Hamzer 61-Key Portable Keyboard comes as a set that includes a fitted stand, stool, headphones, and a microphone.

  • 61 key layout mimics a traditional piano creating an easy transition for experienced players
  • Included bench and keyboard stand provides a convenient station for music playing
  • No other keyboard sizes available
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