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Keep Food Fresh: Best Kitchen Plastic Wraps

  1. First Street Kitchen Plastic Wrap
  2. E-Zee 1000ft Roll Kitchen Plastic Wrap
  3. Presto Kitchen Plastic Wrap
  4. Kirkland Signature Kitchen Plastic Wrap
  5. Saran Cling Plus

Kitchen wrap is as important as anything else you will use in the kitchen. If you want to keep your food fresh than you want a good quality plastic wrap. Although you may have storage containers as an option, there are simply times when it is more convenient to simply wrap something in plastic wrap. For people who don't have a lot of space, plastic wrap works just fine for wrapping up leftovers or storing food in. For these picks, I chose plastic wrap that cling well and was sturdy. Check out my picks forthe best kitchen plastic wraps in 2022 that will keep your foods in tip top freshness.

Detailing the Best Kitchen Plastic Wraps of 2022

best kitchen plastic wrap

First Street Kitchen Plastic Wrap - Best Kitchen Plastic Wrap Overall

Now this plastic wrap is my hands down favorite. It is the signature brand for Smart and Final. As a chef and caterer, this is my go to plastic wrap. It comes in a box and has an attachment that allows you to easily zip tear the plastic sheets without them ripping up. They are safe for microwave use, the freezer and the for any type of food storage. This plastic wrap clings perfectly and when stretched creates a seal that completely blocks out air. This is by far the best, high performance plastic wrap you can buy.

E-Zee 1000ft Roll Kitchen Plastic Wrap - Runner Up

I can honestly say that this is the closest to my favorite that I could get. The E-Zee Wrap Brand produces a very high quality plastic wrap that works well. It is also microwavable, freezer safe and great at preserving flavors and freshness. it is suitable for professional and home use. Another great feature of this that it doesn't tangle. You can order a container for it which makes tearing individual sheets of plastic a breeze. I definitely believe that is the second best product on the market.

best Presto Kitchen Plastic Wrap

Presto Kitchen Plastic Wrap - Honorable Mention

This brand of plastic is far superior to most. It is a professional grade plastic that works well for any type of storage. A good quality plastic wrap should should stretch and cling. This one does both. I have known about this brand for a while, so it was a not a difficult decision to consider it for my best list. It works great to protect foods from other smells and sticks well to even plastic surfaces. It is a superior product that can be used by both professionals and and home cooks. Great for the freezer and really well for maintaining freshness for baked goods.

Kirkland Signature Kitchen Plastic Wrap - Consider

The Kirkland Signature Plastic Food Wrap is a signature line for Costco. Similar to Smart and Final, it stretches, clings and can be used for freezing and storing. I would have to say that one of the differences between the two, since I have tried both, is tangling. The Kirkland brand tends to stick to itself a lot and it's harder to work with at times, even with the zip seal. That aside, it does perform well in keeping stored, refrigerated and frozen foods fresh.

Saran Cling Plus - Best Kitchen Plastic Wrap

Saran has been providing plastic wrap solutions for decades. I will say that I have used it on occasion and was not overly impressed. With the Saran Cling Plus, they got it right. This versatile plastic wraps easily and does indeed stick to the dish or item. It can be used to keep foods fresh and is also safe to use for reheating foods. To reheat, you must vent the plastic by turning back the corner on the dish. As far as freezer storage, it is great for keeping your foods from becoming freezer burnt and it does maintain freshness.

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