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Best Lip Balms for Plumping and Glossing Your Lips

  1. ChapStick Moisturizer Lip Balm
  2. Dr. Dans CortiBalm Lip Balm
  3. ChapStick Total Hydration Essential Oils Lip Balm
  4. Mentholatum Natural Ice Original Medicated Lip Balm
  5. Burt's Bees 100% Natural Moisturizing Lip Balm
  6. Nivea A Kiss of Recovery Medicated Lip Balm
  7. Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment SPF 15
  8. Almay Color + Care Liquid Lip Balm
  9. Natural Ice Medicated Lip Protectant / Sunscreen - Sport SPF 30
  10. Aveda Lip Saver
  11. Matte For Men Hydrating Citrus Protective Lip Balm
  12. Alba Natural Hawaiian Lip Balm Coconut Cream
  13. Badger Certified Organic Lip Balm Unscented
  14. Eos Smooth Sphere Lip Balm
  15. Beecology Lemon Lavender Lip Balm
  16. Eucerin Aquaphor Lip Repair
  17. Buyer's Guide

Lip balm is a must for anyone who wants to have smooth, healthy lips. There are many varieties of lip balm available which range in quality, ingredients, and even their taste. Some are formulated to heal dry, damaged lips, while others protect from the suns damaging UV rays. With so many choices, we’ve provided a lip balm buyer’s guide below to help you narrow down which lip balm is best for your personal needs. We've compiled a list of the best lip balms in 2022.

Detailing the Best Lip Balms of 2022

ChapStick Moisturizer Lip Balm - Best Lip Balm Overall

If you're looking for an affordable, effective medicated lip balm, ChapStick Medicated Lip Balm is a great option. It contains cooling menthol and phenol to soothe the aches and pains associated with cracked, peeling lips. The hydrating effects of this formula heal and refresh your lips, leaving them softer and smoother. It also treats cold sores and seals moisture in your lips. Users insist ChapStick Medicated Lip Balm works well at healing and preventing sore lips. It's not sticky, like some lip balms, and you can find it at most drugstores.

Dr. Dans CortiBalm Lip Balm - Runner Up

Regardless of what caused your lips to become chapped, Dr. Dan's Cortibalm can help. This truly hypoallergenic formula is effective on mildly chapped lips to the most severely chapped lips, providing instant relief from lip irritations. It works by reducing inflammation and healing with 1 percent Hydrocortisone. Users claim Dr. Dan's CortiBalm really hydrates and soothes the driest, most painful lips. You'll be able to apply is less often and still receive better results than with other lip balms.

ChapStick Total Hydration Essential Oils Lip Balm - Honorable Mention

The essence of various tastes is used to make Chapstick Total hydration essential oils lip balms. Sunflower seed oil, coconut oil, and Shea butter are among the top natural ingredients used in it. they help to give you smooth, healthy-looking lips.

Relax with Lavender and Chamomile, peace with rosemary and Peppermint, cheerful sensation with orange and lemon, and energy with grapefruit and Lime are the four mood complementing sticks. They employ a solution that is 100 percent natural and blended with essential oils. This is an excellent choice for stocking stuffers, secret Santa parties, and other occasions.

Mentholatum Natural Ice Original Medicated Lip Balm - Consider

Experience the tingling effects of Natural Ice Original by Mentholatum. The National Ski Patrol uses this medicated lip balm because of its long lasting protection and healing benefits. Expect this lip balm to glide onto your lips smoothly and provide instant relief to dryness and chapping. It's also formulated with SPF 15 to protect against the damaging effects of the sun. Users love the minty scent and non-greasy consistency of this lip balm. It's also effective at treating cold sores while treating damaged lips.

Burt's Bees 100% Natural Moisturizing Lip Balm - Consider

If you're searching for a natural lip balm that provides a touch of color, you'll love Burt's Bees Lip Balm. Choose from nine flattering shades like Sweet Violet and Caramel Daisy, for example. All the colors are softly tinted and suitable for daily use, but some shades are sheerer than others. The botanical waxes and shea butter in this lip balm also nourish your lips and leave them extremely soft. Users claim this lip balm glides on effortlessly and makes lips appear healthier.

Nivea A Kiss of Recovery Medicated Lip Balm - Consider

For all the healing properties without the medicinal scent, Nivea A Kiss of Recovery Medicated Lip Care is a great choice. It tingles slightly when you apply it and goes on smoothly, almost melting into your lips. Although this lip balm a bit thick and creamy, it quickly heals chapped lips. Users claim it works virtually overnight and provides smooth, moisturized lips. You also get protection against the sun with SPF 15. This medicated lip balm is perfect for wearing under lipstick, as well.

Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment SPF 15 - Consider

Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment SPF 15 is a best-selling lip balm for many reason. Let's start with the fact it contains sunscreen to protect lips against premature aging. It also features a blend of nourishing oils, sugar, and antioxidant-rich polyphenols to improve the health of your lips. You can choose from several sheer tints like Sugar Berry, Sugar Coral, and Sugar Honey to name a few. Although more expensive than most, this lip balm has many dedicated fans who absolutely love it. Expect six hours of intense moisture and soft, supple lips that look beautiful.

Almay Color + Care Liquid Lip Balm - Best Tinted Lip Balm

If you're a lover of liquid lip color, you'll adore this conditioning liquid lip balm by Almay. Available in ten shiny shades, ranging from "truffle kiss" to "lilac love", this lip balm offers several bold, subtle, and nude colors to suit any preference. While Almay Color + Care Liquid Lip Balm looks like lip gloss on your lips, it goes beyond gloss to provide intense hydration and moisture. It also contains conditioners that soften and smooth your lips. This non-sticky lip balm is hypoallergenic and dermatologist-tested, as well.

Natural Ice Medicated Lip Protectant / Sunscreen - Sport SPF 30 - Best SPF Lip Balm

For year-around protection from extreme weather conditions and sun exposure, look no further than Natural Ice Sport. It features SPF 30 UVA and UVB protection, so your lips are well protected in all environments. This medicated lip balm also goes on smoothly and offers a cooling sensation due to the menthol within. The great thing about Natural Ice Sport is only costs a few bucks. Nonetheless, this SPF lip balm is very effective and worth trying out. All the Natural Ice lip balms have amazing consumer reviews, so you can't really go wrong.

Aveda Lip Saver - Best Lip Balm for Men

Ideal for dry climates, Aveda Lip Saver truly saves your lips from chapping, cracking, and peeling. It's packed full of natural antioxidants and botanicals that leave your lips noticeably softer and smoother. While most lip balms only provide an hour or two of moisture, Lip Saver delivers all-day hydration and actually improves the health of your lips overtime. This natural lip balm is very gentle on lips, but provides powerfully effective healing and protection that users can't seem to live without. It's flavored with cinnamon leaf, clove, and anise oils for a refreshing touch, and the stick has a neutral appearance.

Matte For Men Hydrating Citrus Protective Lip Balm - Best Lip Balm for Men

If you like citrus, this lip balm will satisfy your senses. Matte For Men Hydrating Citrus Protective Lip Balm contains organic essential citrus oils that hydrate and refresh your lips. Cocoa butter, vitamin E, shea butter, and beeswax also condition your lips and protect against dryness - even in harsh environments. This petroleum-free lip balm also contains SPF 15 for extra protection when you're exposed to the sun. You won't have to worry about a glossy shine, either, because this lip balm provides a matte finish.

Alba Natural Hawaiian Lip Balm Coconut Cream - Best Natural Lip Balm

Protect your lips with natural plant emollients from Alba Natural Hawaiian Lip Balm Coconut Cream. This 100 percent vegetarian lip balm features jojoba seed and sweet coconut oils for intense lip hydration and protection against drying. It also contains other organic oils, beeswax, and extracts without any sulfates, parabens, or unnatural colors. Expect this natural lip balm to absorb quickly and instantly make your lips feel butter-smooth. Plus, many users claim the coconut flavor tastes great.

Badger Certified Organic Lip Balm Unscented - Best Natural Lip Balm

Lip balm flavors can become overwhelming, so Badger created an unscented version of their famous certified organic lip balm. This lip balm is perfect for days you don't feel like tasting any flavor on your lips, but still want the moisturizing properties. It contains all organic ingredients like aloe, beeswax, and extra virgin olive oil without any petroleum or artificial additives. The smooth, glossy consistency of this unscented lip balm leaves your lips feeling smooth and looking healthier. You can also use it on other dry patches of skin, including your nail cuticles!

Eos Smooth Sphere Lip Balm - Best Flavored Lip Balm

Treat your lips to a delicious and natural lip balm that's packed with moisture and refreshing flavors. Eos Smooth Sphere Lip Balm comes in an egg-shaped container for a unique twist on the ordinary tube. You can choose from eight irresistible flavors, including Sweet Mint and Blueberry Acai, and never worry about ingesting chemicals or harsh ingredients. The Lemon Drop flavor also contains SPF 15, if you're seeking extra lip protection. Eos Smooth Sphere Lip Balm glides on clear and provides long-lasting moisture through antioxidant-rich vitamins and shea butter.

Beecology Lemon Lavender Lip Balm - Best Flavored Lip Balm

Experience the softening and soothing effects of Beecology Lemon Lavender Lip Balm. Made from natural ingredients like nourishing butters and beeswax, this healing lip balm invigorates your senses with lavender and lemon essential oils. This flavorful combination has made Beecology Lemon Lavender Lip Balm a top-selling product. Users claim their lips feel hydrated, smooth, and never greasy. The fragrance is also outstanding, and this lip balm only costs a few bucks.

Eucerin Aquaphor Lip Repair - Best Lip Balm for Cracked Lips

If you're looking for a lip balm that's clinically proven to relieve dry, cracked lips, Eucerin Aquaphor Lip Repair is worth considering. This doctor-recommended formula contains soothing shea butter, vitamins, and chamomile essence to provide immediate relief for chapped lips. It's extremely hydrating, plus it seals in moisture so your lips can feel comfortable throughout the day. There are no fragrances, dyes, or preservatives in this lip balm, and it's ideal for sensitive lips. Users claim it won't leave white residue on your lips or make them shiny. The flavor isn't the most pleasant, however, but your lips will feel better.

Buyer's Guide

Lip balm is a simple, yet versatile beauty product with many useful purposes including keeping lips moisturized, offering protection against sun damage, and enhancing lip color. A basic lip balm is a staple for every handbag as both men and women can benefit from lip nourishment. Lip balm works just as well under lipsticks or glosses as it does solo, and it’s essential to maintain healthy lips for yourself. Since wearing a lip balm heals and protects lips, choose the best one to suit your needs.

Natural Nourishment

The nourishment a lip balm provides is mainly due to the ingredients it contains. There are many lip balms featuring artificial colors and flavors with no real nourishment. Since these options are virtually useless for your lips, it’s best to look for lip balms packed with naturally-sourced moisturizing agents such as coconut, shea butter, and essential oils. The more natural nourishment a lip balm provides, the better healing and protection you’ll experience.

Pleasant Taste

Nobody likes an awful-tasting lip balm, and you don’t have to settle for one to heal or protect your lips.. Although you’re likely not planning on eating your lip balm, it’s impossible not to taste it when applied to your lips; medicated and SPF lip balms should be pleasant as well. The best lip balms should appeal to the taste buds as well as they protect your lips.

Smooth Application

If you’ve ever tried applying a lip balm that doesn’t glide on easily, then you already know the importance of smooth application. Some lips balms have a hard, dry texture which forces you to push them down firmly on your lips just to apply them. Others are too soft which aside from never feeling pleasant, can result in over-application. A quality lip balms should glide onto the lips smoothly and effortlessly for an even coating of balm.

Lip Balm Types

Tinted Lip Balm

A tinted lip balm is the perfect way to enhance lip color without using a heavy, waxy lipstick or sticky lip gloss. Tinted lip balms are available in several flattering shades featuring shimmery or matte finishes. The best tinted lip balms should also moisturize with the use of natural ingredients such as shea butter.

Medicated Lip Balm

Medicated lip balms are formulated to relieve cracked, chapped lips and promote healing. While medicated lip balms typically don’t come in exciting shades or flavors, they provide a cooling sensation that alleviates the sensation of burning, itchy lips. The best medicated lip balms soothe and heal chapped, damaged lips while preventing further irritation.

SPF Lip Balm

The skin on lips is very delicate, making it susceptible to damage from the suns UV rays. SPF lip balm is essential to protecting lips from sun-related damages such as burning, peeling, and cracking. A quality SPF lip balm should provide both UVA and UVB protection while moisturizing and conditioning lips. The best SPF lip balms will be rated at SPF 25 or above.

Lip Balm for Cracked Lips

Cracked lips are a painful condition where the lips experience bleeding due to dry, peeling skin. A moisturizing lip balm enriched with healing ingredients such as vitamins and chamomile can help heal and soothe cracked lips.

Flavored Lip Balm

Depending on the brand, there are many lip balm flavors available ranging from mango and orange to mint and coconut. A high-quality flavored lip balm is naturally flavored and contains other nourishing natural ingredients such as shea butter or antioxidants to nourish lips.

Men’s Lip Balm

Since men typically don’t opt for the tinted or flavored lip balms women use, naturally there are lip balms formulated with men in mind. Men’s lip balms are often unflavored or formulated with mint for breath freshening and less sheen. Their main purposes are to heal chapped lips and prevent dryness.

Natural Lip Balm

A truly natural lip balm is formulated without artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. They may contain essential oils for flavor and natural moisturizing ingredients such as beeswax, coconut, or shea butter.

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