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Best Makeup Brushes

Your makeup products are only as good as the tools you use to apply them. You can transform a common everyday drugstore foundation into a professional looking airbrushed finish. Take a gooey lip product and use it to sculpt and define your lips, versus applying it with a finger. Brushes reduce your risk of breakouts as long as you keep them clean. They also reduce the risk of wasting your products because they only pick up a little at a time. The following lists offer the best brushes on the market.

Best Makeup Brushes

Lancome Paris Precision Cheek Brush #7

Lancome Paris Precision Cheek Brush #7

Lancôme Paris is one of the leading names when it comes to great makeup and quality skin care products. This brand is also known for their high quality performance with a touch of elegant luxury. This blush brush is built to last and is going to give you full coverage on those sweet apples. The bristles work well with powders or cream-to-powder formulas. This gives skin the perfect kiss of color and the shape really helps the product work with your foundation, never compete. This brush doubles as an all-purpose foundation brush as well.

Bdellium Tools Studio 964 All Purpose Blusher

Heed my warning because once you discover Bdellium tools you just might become obsessed with their fun colored brushes. These tolls are incredible and range in price to the skinny budget to the all-out professional makeup brush sets and everything in between. This brush is just a brand classic and has been chosen because you cannot go wrong with the classic style blusher. This brush has a fun yellow handle, but this line also makes other eye-popping candy colored brushes that would add a bit of “wow” factor to your makeup display. This brush will work with any formula and any face shape.

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Pur Minerals Blush Makeup Brush

Purminerals Blush Brush is a steal at only $16, and is made by one of the leading names in quality mineral makeup. Purminerals is perfect for loose or pressed blush, and will work with any other brand. This angled design and medium size is perfect for applying a little (or a lot) of your favorite colors. The application is smooth and easy: use this to sweep the color along the tops of the cheeks. You can also contour beautifully with this brush; simply choose a shade a little darker than your natural skin tone, and apply right under the highest point of your cheekbone.

Urban Decay Good Karma Optical Blurring Brush

Urban Decay Good Karma Optical Blurring Brush

If you love makeup then you probably are familiar with contouring; the technique that goes along with making blush truly work with the face. This brush is ideal for softening the lines where blush meets contour, where contour color meets highlight and where highlight meets blush. This brush is rather new to the brush scene but with the name “Urban Decay” you know you are always getting way more than you expect. They always deliver the goods. The bush is super dense, soft and actually designed for just about any product consistency.

Sonia Kashuk Dense Blush/Powder Brush

Sonia Kashuk Dense Blush/Powder Brush

This brush allows you to apply the perfect pop of color with its adorable tuft-shaped bristles. If you only want a light pop of color and don't want to overdo it, this brush is perfect for creating that "glowing from within" natural look. Buff away any imperfections as well, because this design is ideal for smoothing and keeping your makeup looking seamless. The professionally-styled handle allows you easy control whether you dab, swirl, or sweep on your colors. Sonia Kashuk is a fan favorite for sure, and is well under $20.

Tom Ford Bronzer Brush

Tom Ford brushes have a bit of a cult following by makeup artists, beauty gurus and product junkies alike. This is a universal brush that will work for anyone. Although this product is a high end brand you simply cannot go wrong with this choice. You will use it just about every day due to its versatility, lightweight feel and soft luxurious bristles. It picks up the perfect amount of products and allows you to buff and swirl it into skin for a natural radiant glow.

Bare Minerals Handy Buki Brush

This brush is the perfect size for applying bronzer. It works with mineral-based bronzers - loose compact and baked varieties. The size is small enough to fit in any medium-sized makeup bag, and travels easily. The bristles are soft, and pick up just the right amount of product. You will never apply too much or waste your makeup. These brushes are designed to apply makeup in a swirling patter; tap the excess off and build your coverage until you are satisfied.

Sephora Collection Classic Bronzer Brush #44

Sephora Collection Classic Bronzer Brush #44

It is very easy to get too much bronzer on your skin, especially if you have fair skin and need to apply a light dusting of product to specific areas. This bronzer brush is the perfect size if you want to cover larger areas of the face without overdoing it. It picks up a generous amount of pressed, loose or milled powder without an excessive amount of fall-out. You do not need to worry about this brush being worth the cost. You will find it is super easy to justify and you will be able to keep it in perfect condition for years.

Bobbi Brown Face Brush

While kabuki brushes may not have a handle, you have to admit that they are just adorable. This brush is perfect to stash in a tiny makeup bag or purse, so it is ideal for traveling. The bristles will give you plenty to work with, so you can use this brush to accent only some areas of the face or simply cover all of it with a sunny bronzed glow. It will work best with loose mineral or powder-based formulas. You can also dust it off easily, and use it to pull off excess product.

It Cosmetics Heavenly Luxe Powder Brush

This brush is going to be your best makeup bag friendly option. It Cosmetics makes incredible quality products and this brush is no exception. You will like the fact that although it is compact you still have the perfect amount of handle to control your application. The bristles are going to give you a soft airbrush finish and will work with any bronzer consistency. Do not let their softness fool you; they are still very durable and dense. This brush has won a couple of seals from beauty websites and buyers who approve.

Hakuhodo S102 Finishing Brush

Hakuhodo S102 Finishing Brush

Hakuhodo is a Japanese company that has completely taken the international beauty market by storm. Makeup artist prefer this brand to some of the more popular brands that are also considered the “best.” There are a few different lines in this company so you can actually still find high end quality for either a budget that allows for a “splurge” or budget that needs to “save”. The “S” class is on the high end and could be classified as a luxury item. Then there is the more affordable line (see next item) if you don’t necessarily need a 24 Karat gold plate. I will include two in the different collections on this list because they are both great product lines. The S102 is a top quality, universal powder blush that will work on small, medium or large features. This blends beautifully and is actually great for contouring and highlighting. You will get a lot of uses out of this incredible stunning red handled show stopper.

Hakuhodo K022 Powder Brush Round and Flat

Hakuhodo K022 Powder Brush Round and Flat

This powder brush is just as luxurious and effective as the previously mentioned “S” class but it is just a lot more affordable. This brush is just a fraction of the cost as the previously mentioned product but do not fret this is still an incredible brush. This model does contain quality natural bristles, and a slightly larger shape than the “S.” This is perfect brush if you want soft buildable color. This will make sure your powder never looks cakey which is a common problem with many powders. This is a great brush because it helps powder work with your skin’s natural oils and helps create a fresh looking face. Mineral-based powders work well with the K022.

EcoTools Large Powder Brush

The EcoTools brush is a great option for your budget, and it is a great quality, earth-friendly one as well. The name might give that away, but it's also nice to know this option is cruelty-free. The durable handle is made out of a gorgeous bamboo. Not only is it ergonomically designed, it is smooth and bound to the bristles with recycled aluminum. Last but not least, the bristles are made from synthetic taklon (not from animals). These bristles are very soft, easy to clean, and ideal for layering.

Japonesque Kumadori Powder Brush

Japonesque is the epitome of professional-grade quality. This large, fluffy brush is a bit on the larger side, and has the ideal rounded bristle shape for smooth, even powder application. This is the ultimate tool for any face or body powders. This brush works well with loose minerals and shimmery formulas, as well as dense compact powders and bronzers. You get a flawless application with soft, natural bristles and a long, easy-to-wield handle that will have you working and feeling like a pro.

Smashbox Face & Body Brush #19

This brush is just sexy and adorable. The red handle makes it easy to find in your makeup bag and it is the perfect size for travel. This brush is soft and rounded ideal for any type of powder application including shimmery shades that are hard to get perfect. This will also work for setting powder to help either apply or remove excess. That’s how you know you are getting a great quality brush, because it does more than just give you a dull flat look. This will swirl beautifully over cheek bones and work with any face shape.

Shiseido Perfect Foundation Brush

This 2013 Allure magazine winning brush is probably the most versatile tool you can own. This is perfect for just about any foundation of any consistency be it powder, cream or tinted liquids. The effect you will get is a light airbrushed look which is both natural and easy to achieve. The technique you want to use with this can be either a stipple or swirl technique or a combination of the two for a flawless professional looking finish. It has the perfect sized handle for comfort, and the bristle size is ideal for getting product even around those tricky face angles.

Makeup Forever Foundation Brush Large 108

This bush is the classic shape for easy application. Makeup Forever is also a high quality makeup artist recommended brand. You will get much use out of this brush without ever needing to worry about it losing its shape. The great thing about this flat shaped, rounded tip brush is the fact that it will move the foundation around the face without the “dragging-factor” that many other low quality foundation brushes have a tendency to do. If you love creamy or liquid foundations you will love the fact that this brush applies the product quickly so you will not be left with streaks. Pat on the product after applying for the perfect finish.

Tarte Airbrush Finish Bamboo Foundation Brush

Apply your liquid foundation to this brush and dab, sweep, and blend for a soft, natural-looking, airbrushed finish. Airbrush makeup is light and airy, and never settles into fine lines; this is the look you can create using this versatile brush. Tarte works well with your thick and creamy foundations, pressed and loose mineral powders. The handle is made out of bamboo - it's very durable, and bound tightly to the bristles for less shedding. The brush is soft, yet designed perfectly for creating the smoothest-looking skin. Any foundation will look professional with this seemingly magical tool.

Hourglass Foundation/Blush Brush No. 2

If you want one brush for powder, foundation, and blush, Hourglass is a great investment because you are getting two brushes in one. It will pay for itself over time because you will use this tool daily. It is the perfect size and great for travel since you get foundation, powder and blush tools in one handy model.Cover your entire face, then hit the tops of your cheeks without too much work; this brush is super efficient. You can use Hourglass No. 2 to evenly apply your primer, foundation, setting powders, blush highlight and more (the list truly goes on). The bristles are animal-free, and are made with incredible quality synthetic fibers. You will love the fact that this brush is very easy to clean, great for sensitive skin, and will last many years.

Estee Lauder Brush 3 Powder Foundation Brush

Estee Lauder has a great reputation for stellar quality products. If you love powder foundations and cannot resist a fluffy oversized brush, go with Estee Lauder. This one is sturdy, lightweight, and ideal for any loose powder. You can buff and swirl on for even coverage, unlike a typical powder brush. The bristles are thicker and a lot denser than they may appear. This is the perfect brush for getting a fully-covered face in no time, without streaks or splotchy areas. Oily skin types will adore this brush because it works with your skin for the smoothest coverage.

Bobbi Brown Touch Up Brush

This brush is a great option if you need to cover splotchy skin discolorations and need a little more brush to work with. This brush buffs like a dream, so you will be able to control the amount you need with ease. You can use this with rich creams, or light powders and liquid-based concealers. This is also great product for tackling under eye circles quickly. Bobbi Brown products are always made with superior quality, and are a favorite amongst many professional makeup artists.

Cover FX Concealer Brush

Cover FX is known for their incredible coverage foundations, made with excellent good-for-the-skin ingredients. This handy brush by Cover FX is just as useful as it is affordable. The rounded shape is ideal for concealing gently under the eyes, around the nose where it can be hard to maneuver product. It will help place just about any formula exactly where you need it, while it blends right into the skin with ease. This brush is animal friendly, made with quality synthetic fibers and a durable chip-proof handle.

Stila One Step Complexion Brush #33

It is really tough to choose the top product for this list, but #33 could easily be your #1. The only drawback I could see would be the fact that it has a brush on both ends of the handle. You would be forced to store this one lying flat, instead of upright in a container at the risk of gravity damaging the bristles. This brush is a one-of-a-kind find that is awesome for those who may have birthmarks or larger areas you want to conceal as well as smaller areas like a tiny blemish or small scars. The dual sides brush gives you tons of control. The rounded handle makes flipping from one end to the other seamless. The smaller end is dome shaped which would be great for assisting with eye shadows application as well. This tool really has many endless uses.

Benefit Cosmetics Concealer Brush

This brush is on the smaller side. It is ideal for precise product placement, especially if you try to keep your concealer use to a minimum. It will blend your thickest concealers with a smooth, undetectable finish. The long handle will give you that feeling of applying makeup like a pro, as well as getting professional-looking results. The rounded tip is tapered perfectly for the ultimate blend-ability. The fibers are made from quality synthetic. Those who love this brush prefer it over others due to the fact that this one doesn’t shed as much.

Sigma F75 Concealer Brush

Sigma falls in line as your budget-friendly option. This cruelty-free concealer brush is well-constructed with slightly stiffer quality synthetic fibers. This is an ideal option for patting on creamy under eye concealers or applying richer formulas in general. The flat tapered end gives you precise application, while still being large enough to cover hard-to-reach areas of the face. This one works great for tricky crevices around the nose and eye areas. Sigma will also work great filling in fine lines with a gentle yet sturdy touch.

Cozzette Depositor D225 Brush

When it comes to choosing the “best “products, you want quality and performance - all at a great price, right? Cozzette gives you just that. The Depositor is a great brush to start with for your eye shadow staples. The design allows you to work the shade of choice all over the entire lid. Use it to hit under the brow to highlight or work with darker colors as well. The ability to blend is also another important factor when it comes to working with your eye shadow brush. Cozzette Depositor Brush blends your colors just as beautifully as it applies them.

Samantha Chapman Real Techniques Shading Brush

If you are looking for a professional quality synthetic brush that is very budget-friendly, go with a Real Techniques brush. It will run you about $6, and will not disappoint. Samantha Chapman is an international makeup artist that has created her own line of brushes to give you the best in quality and performance. This shading brush is super soft and dense, and the shape is truly the perfect size for creating any look. The brush is lightweight because the handle is made out of aluminum.

Elizabeth Arden Eyeshadow Brush

This great little find is truly versatile and is ideal for those of you who love darker eye shadows. This brush will do just about anything. Use it with lighter shades to highlight under the brow and inner eye corners. This also sweeps easily and beautifully across the top of the lid without dragging the skin, making it a great choice for mature skin types too. Keep in mind this brush does contain natural bristles which does have a tendency to absorb more product than synthetic, just use a light shadow application then build up color to a darker intensity to get a good feel for this brush.

MUD Crease/Natural Blend Brush #800

MUD is a professional makeup line with tons of great tools ideal for the DIY makeup artist and professional makeup artists alike. This tool is the best crease brush because it will not lose shape during application. I have a heavy deep set eyelid and nothing annoys me more than a wimpy crease brush. These softer versions are a waste of money, they remove more product than they actually deposit. This brush is on the firm side, has natural bristles to pick up lots of product and helps you get into those tricky creases with ease; especially if you have a heavy lid like me.

Crown C456 - Infinity Pointed Blender

It doesn’t make a lot of sense to spend a ton of money on a tool that can only do one simple trick; enter the Crown C456. Think of this brand as a step above drugstore and a step below high end. This company makes professional grade tools for the girl on a budget. You will love this blender if you love to create eyeliner with shadow or like tracking lined shadow with high pigmented shadows. The bristles are very dense which is ideal for that sultry smoked -out look we all love. This brush also comes to a perfect point to help give you precise application.

Alison Raffaele Kabuki Powder Brush

This is by far the best Kabuki brush without a doubt. The reviews alone are completely consistent and all makeup lovers, gurus, professional and the product obsessed will tell you this brush is simply the best. It feels like real chinchilla hair but rest assured the bristles are only inspired by those soft adorable creatures. They are made with 100 percent Takelon fibers. This brush will help you apply, smooth and blend your products into a soft natural look. The handle is neither too long nor too short, it is perfect for anyone.

Sedona Lace Midnight Lace Collection Kabuki Brush

Sedona Lace Midnight Lace Collection Kabuki Brush

Besides the fact that this Kabuki is pink, adorable, and so compact, you will love the price even more. At $14, this brush is an affordable option, but it performs like any high-end brand (or better, actually). You can use this one with any liquid foundation, cream-based products, and of course, powder. You can blend in any product you want and achieve professional-looking results. There is no need to worry about the bristle dye getting on the skin, or the dreaded brush shedding we encounter far too often.

The Body Shop Slanted Kabuki Brush

New from The Body Shop, this angled Kabuki is perfect for layering powder on the face or your body. The shape allows you to contour with a bit more control. This one is great for sculpting, and even applying blush if you wish. Use this like you would any traditional brush for smooth and even application. This is a synthetic product with tons of versatility, so feel free to apply your thickest, creamiest, and lightest products with ease. Slip this one into any makeup bag for beauty on-the- go.

Too Faced Retractable Kabuki Brush

This show stopper is just as pretty to look at as it is easy to use. This is a new brush from Too Faced and it already has chart topping reviews as is flying off the shelves. This is your best friend if you like bronzer and shimmery products that can be tricky to get the perfect amount onto skin without looking like a disco ball. The bristles are hypoallergenic, easy to clean. You can control the brush by turning the handle; lower bristles give you a dense still application ideal for pushing, smudging or blending product. Twist the bristles all the way up for full coverage, and fluffy natural looking all-over application.

NARS Botan Kabuki Brush

This brush is anything but ordinary. The size, for starters is ideal for applying or removing powder with a bit more precision than jumbo versions. The design is unique and beautiful. It also allows you to define, and sculpt parts of the face like a traditional Japanese Kabuki theater makeup artist. The brush fibers are made from goat hairs and are great for picking up the ideal amount of product. This brush gives you the ability to smooth out your powder and give you a soft overall look.

Revlon Covered Lip Brush

Over the last few years, you may have noticed that drugstore brands like Revlon have really stepped up their game in order to compete with some of the high-end names in the makeup world. This lip brush should not be overlooked just because it is a “drugstore” brand. Revlon gives you stunning color application and professional-looking results. Although this brush is not retractable, it comes with a sleek lid to keep your tool protected. This is a great size tool for even the smallest bags. As a matter of fact this little lip brush could even be considered a cult classic.

Napoleon Perdis Cream Liner Sable Brush 4h

Napoleon Perdis Cream Liner Sable Brush 4h

Napoleon Perdis is another great name when it comes to professional makeup, only his line is both high quality and affordable. This line is never snooty and perfect for anyone. This brush is going to be super-easy to use due to the light weight slim long handle and perfectly rounded tip. If you are a fan of creamier lip sticks, pots or even gloss, then bush is a must have to keep lips defined and your products in line. The 4h brush is made with natural quality fibers and will absorb product quickly. With this tool you can use a lip liner and fill in the color or simply use this to push lip color to the edge.

Merle Norman Makeup Artistry Lip Brush

Merle Norman Makeup Artistry Lip Brush

Simply open the lid to reveal your lip brush. Place the cap back on, and it recedes into the tube. This brush will travel well and stay protected. The tip is rounded and small for a precise and detailed application. The bristles are made with a blend of both natural and synthetic hairs. This will allow you to pick up plenty of product, and clean it easily afterwards. This brush will last many years, and will not lose its shape. Merle Norman has been in the makeup business since the 1930s, and continues to provide excellent products relevant to today’s modern needs.

Aveda Environmental Retractable Lip Brush

Aveda is as kind to the environment as it is to your skin and scalp. This is a great line for hair care, but they have recently created an amazing new lip brush. This retractable model is gorgeous, and is made with recycled aluminum. The tip is pointed to allow you to line the lip with your favorite colors, then fill them in with the ultimate accuracy. The brush fibers are made out of the highest quality synthetic taklon for a reduced risk of irritation and breakouts.

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Brush 010: Precision Lip Brush

OCC is an amazing makeup line. Right now they are known for their ultra-long-wearing Lip Tars; favored by many makeup artists, beauty obsessed gurus, and yours truly. This brush is one-of-a-kind due to the tapered shape. The bristles have a lot more volume to them for a fuller-looking lip shape. You can use this brush to get the tricky corners of your lips and sculpt the “cupid’s bow” with ease. The size gives you full control and professional-looking results. This model is money well spent, and will run you a little under $20.

Christian Dior Eyeliner Brush No 24

Start with straight, flat and dense bristles; this is the first step in getting liner to glide smoothly and seamlessly along the lash base. The second key to creating the look you want is the formula you choose be it gel, pencil or powder. You can be sure this brush will work with any product type. You can even wield a little artistry with this brush and use it pull a little product up and beyond the lash for trendy cat eye effects. Dior, as usual makes applying liner effortless.

Clinique Eye Liner Brush

This brush by Clinque is idea for those with eye sensitivity or who may be allergy prone. The brush is made with quality synthetic bristles and with proper cleaning and care it can prevent eye infections and skin irritations. This is a small brush that allows you to get in really close to the lash line. This would be a great tool to use if you love gel eyeliner but seem to have difficulty getting that professional look. Clinique’s Eye Liner brush would line the bottom lashes better than any other brush because of its size.

Laura Mercier Smoky Eye Liner Brush

The “smoky eye” has evolved well past trend and actually transformed into a “technique.” A smoky eye can be done with any color pallet not just the classic smoldering black and grey shades that started it all. What I am really trying to say is that you will get a lot of use out of this brush since smoky eyes aren’t just for nighttime. I personally love a taupe or brown smoky look for day (with help from my naked pallet 3 of course.) So with that said you will love playing with this brush almost daily and will find you will use it more than you think. Do not resist just because of the cost. It is a bit pricy but well worth it for the quality and versatility.

Makeup Geek Outer V Brush

This product line is great if you do not want to spend a ton of money on makeup and love brushes that create special effects. Makeup Geek also has some great tutorials if you want to learn some new techniques or freshen up your look. This eyeliner brush is going to help you create the perfect V shape to give you that trendy “cat eye” effect. Not only does it look cool but extending the liner out passed the eye makes lashes appear fuller, longer and thicker. This brush is designed to give you that perfect winged shape.

Avon Mark Flat Eyeliner Brush

You simply cannot fail with this perfectly priced perfectly shaped classic style eyeliner brush from Avon. This little number is ideal for any product type, powder, cream, gel and more. It also doubles as a smudge brush to soften those harsh liners. You will absolutely love the bristles, they are soft and pliable when they need to be but also strong enough to smudge. The long handle helps give you professional a professional feel to your application. This brush has also gotten some pretty great reviews from loyal fans.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Angled Cut Brush #15

Anastasia Beverly Hills is the leading name when it comes to the perfect brow. Just ask any makeup artist, beauty guru or makeup lover. This company truly understands just how important the brow is when it comes to setting off your entire look. Think of your face as the art work and the brow as the perfect frame that pulls it all together. All of your hard work, expensive products and time invested can all go out the window if your brows are a mess. This brush will push the product into brows perfectly while helping brows look smooth and stay in place. The bristles are gentle yet sturdy and will pick up the perfect amount every time. This brush is great for thin and sparse to thick and natural looking brows.

La Bella Donna Angle-Brow Brush

If you are a brow enthusiast and really want a tool you will most likely use almost every day, try La Bella Donna. The brush angle is slightly different than the previously-mentioned models. This one is almost like a mini paintbrush, and will allow you to push and control your products. It gives you a crisp look, and is ideal for obtaining that elusive arch. You can also use this brush to highlight the outer edge of the brow to add a subtle light to the eye area.

MAC 266 Small Angle Brush

Do you daydream about MAC brushes? Some are significantly better than others. This small angled brush is a MAC fan’s “must-have,” and is an excellent option due to its performance and versatility. The lightweight handle gives you the ability to control your application like a pro. The tip allows you to work in small areas with detailed handiwork. You can also use the entire edge to sweep product in a perfectly straight line. MAC works to blend, smudge, and line with just the right amount of firmness.

Paula Dorf Perfect Tools - Perfect Brow Brush

Paula Dorf is ideal for shaping brows. The secret is in the angled bristle shape. This allows you to get into the brow and go along the curve of your face. The shape conforms to your natural brow shape while really working the product in for full-looking brows. This will work with any product you want: gels, powders, or liners. This brush is going to last and is worth the investment, especially if you want to do your brows once in the morning and have them looking great all day long.

Maybelline Expert Tools Angled Definer Brush

Consider this Maybelline brush a bit of a “dupe” for the above mentioned. This will still give brows the same great shape with attention to detail, without the high end cost. This brush is great if you already have pretty great brows and do not use a lot of brow products often but want to really make your look special. This is small and compact which makes it easy to stash in any makeup bag. The great thing about this brush is the fact that it can get wet. Use it with your favorite brow products or cheat with a dab of eye shadow.

Sigma Beauty Essential Kit

The Essential Kit is a great set for when you are starting your initial makeup brush collection. You are certain to get a lot of use out of all of these amazing quality brushes. There is a brush for everything; blush, foundation, powder, lips, and even detail liner and eye shadow brushes are included. This kit will help you achieve your best look ever. The Essential Kit is also called the "12 Piece Professional Set" - just know that you are still getting all the same brushes. If you want a tapered brush for contouring, you can certainly go for the larger "Premium Kit", which comes with both large and medium tapered-edge brushes.

Real Techniques Core Collection Set

Makeup artist and YouTube/internet sensation Samantha Chapman has designed the perfect starter collection for all your basic needs. Of course, you may need to add a few detail brushes if you want a little more precision with your liners and such, but the Core Collection has great versatility. It comes with 4 quality taklon synthetic bristle brushes in different shapes and sizes. The rounded tip foundation brush is small enough to double as a concealer brush. The buffing brush is one of the lines top sellers. You also get the perfectly shaped blush/contour brush that is perfect for highlighting, and works great for mineral-based powders. Finally, the eye shadow detail brush also lets you work into all the tricky crevices on the face.

Bobbi Brown Basic Brush Collection

Makeup artists swear by Bobbi Brown brushes due to their durability. When you invest in a good set of brushes like this one, you will get many years of use. With Bobbis brushes, you will never need to worry about shedding or having the bristle head loosen from the handle (a serious problem with many other sub-par brushes). Bobbi gives you everything you need: foundation, powder, blush, blending, and eye brushes are all included in a portable zipper pouch. You get a total of 6 tools that you can use any way you want to create beautiful looks for you - or your clients.

Sedona Lace 12 Piece Synthetic Professional Makeup Brushes

Sedona Lace 12 Piece Synthetic Professional Makeup Brushes

This set comes in a "Brush Cup Holder" which is ideal for storage. This way, the brushes hold their shape a lot better than those that lay flat. Sedona Lace is "all-the-rage" in the makeup world right now. It's easy to see why - the design of the brush is pink with black tips. These are made with the finest quality of synthetic fibers. You get all the typical brushes that you need - and more. The bristle sizes and brush shapes vary gradually. They start out from the finest detail brush, and increase in size. The scale ends with a giant powder brush, which is ideal for blending.

Sephora Collection Ultimate Travel Tool Brush Set

With the Sephora Collection, you can take your essentials anywhere. You get 8 tools in a stylish compact pouch for added protection. The great thing about this set is the fact that you get a combination of natural and synthetic brushes for the best application results possible. The powder, eye shadow, crease, and smudge brushes are made with natural fibers, which is ideal for picking up the perfect amount of product and eliminating fall out (messy powder falling from the eyelid onto your face). The foundation, concealer, and eyeliner brushes are made with quality synthetic fibers. These are ideal for working with makeup of any consistency. This kit also comes with a lash comb/brow brush tool.

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