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A Clean Shave With The Best Razor For Men

  1. Equinox International Edge Razor
  3. Edwin Jagger Safety Razor for Men
  4. Merkur "Heavy Classic" Safety Razor for Men
  5. Parker "Hefty" Double Edge Safety Razor for Men
  6. Feather Double-Edge Razor by Jatai
  7. Bic Sensitive Disposable Razors For Men
  8. Schick ST2 for Men Sensitive Skin Disposable Razor
  9. Schick Xtreme 3 Razor
  10. Bic Comfort 3 Advance Razor
  11. Dovo 5/8" Best Quality Full Hollow Carbon Steel Straight Razor

A good razor is an essential tool for achieving a close shave. Shaving creams, gels, lotions, and number of blades are all a factor, but it's personal preference that matters most. The most common type of razor today is the disposable cartridge safety razor, which provides extra safety against cuts. Despite this, straight razors (also known as "cut-throat" razors) and single-blade safety razors remain extremely popular with experienced shavers. We've selected the best razors for men in 2022 you can find on sale today, factoring in user comfort, shaving effectiveness, and overall value for the money.

What are the best razor for men of 2022?

Equinox International Edge Razor - Best Razor for Men Overall

This sharp yet safe razor has a lightweight design that makes the whole shaving activity a lot more convenient. The razor is made up of long-lasting stainless steel and has an easy-to-open blade guard. To avoid discomfort and accidental slips, the Equinox Straight Edge razor performs well and ensures that the blade will not lose its place by firmly squeezing the protection grip! With this masterpiece for men’s shaving, you’ll stay young and be at peace using while it for years without replacement.

The whole kit includes 100 single edge blades – they’re well-wrapped and completely safe from a hygienic point of view. Since each blade can easily be used for 2-3 shaves, when you buy this $17 edge razor, you’re basically buying yourself at least 200 shaves! It’s a decent straight edge razor, comes at a great price, has a great design, and if you aren’t used to high-end products, this straight-edge razor should do the trick just fine!

SHAVING REVOLUTION Razor For Men - Best Results

Shaving Revolution’s razor blades' double-edged design ensures you get a close, smooth shave every time. The design is simple yet easy to handle when wet. It does not exert excessive force on the palms. Users receive an "Anti-Slip" grip suitable for hands of all sizes. Due to the handle's length, it provides greater control than the standard safety razor. After all, it was built for a man's hands. It would smoothly glide across your skin, even difficult-to-reach places, such as the jawlines and neck. In terms of safety, this grip style is compatible with that of a newbie shaver. With this DE razor, a precise 30-degree angle and the proper amount of pressure should produce a silky smooth sensation. The weight of this product is evenly distributed, and it is corrosion-free.

Edwin Jagger Safety Razor for Men - Runner Up

Those who have an interest in older style methods of shaving are probably very familiar with the name Edwin Jagger. This company has a reputation for producing top quality, highly effective shaving implements and their DE 89L Double Edge Safety Razor is a perfect example of the attention to detail that places them near the top of the list in many old style shaving product categories. The DE 89L has a longer handle that is easy and comfortable to grip whether you opt to shave before, during or after your shower. This razor feels very solid and the weight is perfectly distributed for the most comfortable shaving experience possible. This razor from Edwin Jagger delivers everything you could want from a top of the line razor at a price that is very easy to afford.

Merkur "Heavy Classic" Safety Razor for Men - Honorable Mention

The handle of the Merkur Heavy Classic isn’t quite as long as the two razors that finished ahead of it on our list but it is one of the heaviest razors on the list. The second entry on our list from Merkur is rock solid, sturdy and built to last. The Heavy Classic has excellent texture and is both comfortable to hold and easy to hold onto. These details are essential for achieving the closest, safest and most comfortable shave possible. This razor from Merkur looks good, feels good and is built for lasting performance.

Parker "Hefty" Double Edge Safety Razor for Men - Consider

Parker is another big name in the old style methods of shaving. This company produces relatively low cost, always high quality products that are easy to implement into your shaving regimen. The Parker 94R is well built and perfect for those who tend to have heavier beards. The wider blade gap handles heavier growth more handily with fewer chances for nicks, cuts or razor burn. The Parker 94R is also very comfortable to use and comes in at a price point much lower than many other top of the line safety razors on the market.

Feather Double-Edge Razor by Jatai - Best Safety Razor

The Feather Double Edge Razor is relatively light compared to the other entries in our top five. This fact though doesn’t diminish the overall feel of quality of this razor at all. This safety razor is very well built and could undoubtedly be your “go to” razor for years to come. The Feather Double Edge has a long handle and very solid grip. This razor fits well in the hand, is comfortable and offers great control during shaving. These features help to ensure that you’ll get a close and comfortable shave each and every morning.

Bic Sensitive Disposable Razors For Men - Best Disposable Razor for Men

A common gripe of those who have to use disposable razors on occasion is that they are rough on the skin. The Bic Sensitive Razor makes that complaint a thing of the past. The blade edges are covered and the blade is fixed which makes this razor very easy to control and minimizes the chances for cuts and nicks. This disposable is very basic, which makes it easy to use and easy to clean. This simplicity allows you to get more comfortable shaves out of each razor. Couple that with an already low price and you’ve got a very affordable set up for clean, comfortable and safe shaves at home or on the road.

Schick ST2 for Men Sensitive Skin Disposable Razor - Best Disposable Razor for Men

This quality razor from Schick stands out from the crowd with a few unique features. The ST2 has a simple cleaning feature that helps keep the blades clean during and between shaves. This simple push of a button allows you to get more out of each razor and ensures a cleaner closer shave. This unique disposable also features a handy strip with aloe and vitamin E which helps to keep your face and neck lubricated during the shaving experience. This is another attribute which promises a safer, cleaner shave every morning.

Schick Xtreme 3 Razor - Best Disposable Razor for Men

The Xtreme 3 from Schick is loaded with innovative features to enhance your shaving experience. This razor features a head that flexes and pivots with the unique curves and contours of your face to help deliver the one of the closest shaves possible with a disposable. The Xtreme 3 also utilizes a lubricating strip to help minimize the chances for nicks, irritation or razor burn. This razor does carry a larger price tag than many of the other options on our list but those who love extras will be happy to pay the extra money for the features.

Bic Comfort 3 Advance Razor - Best Disposable Razor for Men

The Comfort 3 Advance is the second entry from Bic in our top five disposable razors list. While this effort is very different from the Bic Sensitive that landed at number one, it is a top caliber disposable that gets the job done. The Comfort 3 Advance has a heavy handle that is more reminiscent of a safety razor than a disposable. This weight and grip make this razor very easy to control for a clean shave. With the Comfort 3 Advance you also get a pivoting head that closely follows the curvature of your face for a quality shave every time. This razor is very affordable considering the extra features, is very comfortable and performs exceptionally well for a disposable.

Dovo 5/8" Best Quality Full Hollow Carbon Steel Straight Razor - Best Straight Razor

While many products out there don’t live up to their name, the DOVO 5/8’ Best Quality Razor certainly does. This straight razor outperforms the competition while coming in at a very reasonable, mid level price. This razor holds an edge well and feels very comfortable in the hand. These are two qualities that help ensure that you’ll get a close, comfortable and safe shave every single morning. This top quality razor is also cleaner and more convenient than many competitors’ products. You don’t need to oil this durable carbon steel blade to prevent rust.

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