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Express Your Personal Style With The Best Nail Polishes

  1. Lancome Vernis In Love Nail Lacquer Nail Polish
  2. OPI Nail Lacquer Nail Polish
  3. A England Nail Lacquer in Perceval Nail Polish
  4. M.A.C Cosmetics Lacquer in Rougemarie Nail Polish
  5. Illamasqua Nail Varnish - Throb
  6. JIN Soon Nail Polish - Nostalgia
  7. POP Beauty Nail Polish- Pin Up Pink
  8. Butter London Patent Shine Nail Polish
  9. Givenchy Le Vernis Intense Color Nail Lacquer in Fuchsia Irresistible
  10. Layla Hologram Effect Nail Polish
  11. Color Club New Halo Hues Collection
  12. Formula X The Holograms Collection
  13. Gosh Nail Lacquer 549 Holographic Hero
  14. Glitter Gal Austrailia Shade Shifters Collection
  15. Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Sequin Overcoats
  16. Milani One Coat Glitter Collection
  17. Orly Flash Glam FX Glitter Nail Polish
  18. NARS Cosmetics Nail Polish Disco Inferno
  19. Nabi Metallic Nail Colors
  20. Priti NYC 5 Free Nail Polish
  21. The Balm Hot Ticket Nail Polish
  22. Santee Metallic Mini Collection
  23. Nabi Magnetic Polish
  24. Berry M Instant Nail Effects Magnetic
  25. LCN Magnetic Nail Polish New Colours Set
  26. Sally Hansen Magnetic Nail Color
  27. Dior Nail Glow
  28. Isabelle Dupont Sheer Color Me Up Collection
  29. YSL La Laque Couture Tie and Dye Collection
  30. Bella Pierre Neon Spring Nail Color Collection Trio
  31. Nfu-Oh Fluorescent Collection Nail Polish
  32. Kleancolor Bang! Bang! Colors! Collection
  33. Barry M Confetti Nail Effects
  34. Nails inc. Gel Effect Polish
  35. Gelish Soak-Off Gel Polish Love in Bloom Collection
  36. EZ Flow Gel It Alternative Soak Off Gel Polish

Nail Polish is such an inexpensive and easy way to update your style and take your look from "good" to "amazing." The color options are endless and there are so many brands to choose from. How will you know which ones will last the longest and shine the brightest? Consider all of the things you do from day to day, the last thing you want to think about is your nail polish chipping or flaking off. All of these formulas are made with durable quality and long lasting results. There is a perfect brand for both you and your budget. We've compiled the best nail polishes in 2022.

What are the best nail polishes of 2022?

Lancome Vernis In Love Nail Lacquer Nail Polish - Best Nail Polish Overall

If you love red then you are going to love this true shade by Lancome. Lancome does a beautiful red lipstick as well if you want to match your nails and your lips. This brand is always going to give you more than what you pay for. Lancome delivers the goods in every single product they create and this one is no exception. This is a vibrant true shade of red that just “pops.” You really could get away with a simple pair of jeans and t-shirt or dazzle in your favorite dress up clothes. With this red you are sure to turn some heads.

OPI Nail Lacquer Nail Polish - Runner Up

Chick Flick Cherry is the perfect shade of dark red if you want a vibrant twist with cooler tones. No one does color quite like O.P.I. They are always coming out with new collections and updating their shades, but this color has been around a while because it is a consistent top seller. This is a professional salon brand, but you probably already knew that. O.P.I could easily become your favorite “go-to” brand because you will always get salon quality results with every use. Just bear in mind that you need to keep this polish brand in a cool dark place so it lasts. These can get sticky if you store them in your humid bathroom (I learned this hard way).

best A England Nail Lacquer in Perceval Nail Polish

A England Nail Lacquer in Perceval Nail Polish - Honorable Mention

This brand is one the most enchanting and inspired color collections in the UK. Perceval is a breathtaking shade with a lot of light catching shimmer and is in "The Mythicals" collection. The red is a bit on the deep side with a lot of dynamic shades within it. The woman behind this brand is obsessed with art and fashion and her line captivates the spirit and mystery behind the English culture. Those who own colors in this collection only regret not having more of them.

M.A.C Cosmetics Lacquer in Rougemarie Nail Polish - Consider

This brilliant shade of red has a hint of blue in it that gives it a bright appeal. MAC brand makes some of the highest pigmented products out there and that is why you will love this nail lacquer. It is fade proof, so bring the heat. It goes on smooth and even and has an easy to use applicator brush to ensure your best work. This is a moisturizing formula, so if you forget your base coat, no problem. You will not need to worry about chips because this one is super-durable.

Illamasqua Nail Varnish - Throb - Best Red Nail Polish

This is the perfect shade of blood red that works for anyone, not just the sexy vampire types. If you want a bold shocking shade of red that truly amps of the shine, then you will fall head over heels with this shade. Speaking of heals, this is the perfect color for a great night out on the town. This brand has won great reviews especially this line of nail products. You can even get by with one coat and many day of wear. Those who have tried it have fallen in love with the rich pigment and quality performance.

JIN Soon Nail Polish - Nostalgia - Best Pink Nail Polish

It’s quite an honor for a nail color to win a beauty award or recognition of any type, due to the fact that there is simply so much competition. The fact that Jin Soon won the coveted “Allure Magazine Best of Beauty Award” simply catapults this color to the top of the list. This pink has a bit of a nude tone making it timeless, classic and universally flattering. The idea behind this color is to make hands appear elegant and feminine. This color has a bit of a retro feel, so you just may want to pair it with a 50’s inspired full circle skater skirt/dress.

best POP Beauty Nail Polish- Pin Up Pink

POP Beauty Nail Polish- Pin Up Pink - Best Pink Nail Polish

Bright pastel colors are going to be “all the rage” in the fashion world this spring. If you love pink, go with a creamy pastel shade to keep you look fresh, vibrant and now. This company is growing in popularity (get it “pop”ularity?) Pop Beauty is available at Ulta and online of course and is a high quality brand. The thing I love about this line is it is very cost effective, and you get a lot of product for your money. This chip resistant polish will never stain your nails.

Butter London Patent Shine Nail Polish - Best Pink Nail Polish

I like to think of Butter London as the Champagne of nail polishes. Just like the drink that is refreshing, classy and always in style, Butter London will do the same thing for your look. This brand has made its mark in the beauty world not too long ago and has been growing in popularity ever since. With this brand you know your nails will always look flawless whether you are clutching a champagne glass, a bottle of your favorite brew, or perhaps a cup of tea.

Givenchy Le Vernis Intense Color Nail Lacquer in Fuchsia Irresistible - Best Pink Nail Polish

Fuchsia Irresistible is perfect if you really want to turn up the volume on your shade of pink. This bright tone is great for any season and could even have a bit of a “mod attitude.” If you aren’t a fan of pastel then this juicy color will be the perfect addition to your collection. Givenchy is one of the leading names in the fashion industry and delivers high end couture looks on the runway season after season. This shade is pigment rich, and is super high on the shine scale.

Layla Hologram Effect Nail Polish - Best Holographic Nail Polish

This collection has it all, and shows off the holographic effect with the utmost intensity. Since the background/base color is subdued it really allows you see every color of the rainbow when nails catch the light. There is nothing really subtle about these colors. They may seem all sweet and innocent but really they grab your attention in the blink of an eye. Layla’s collection is actually ideal for either day or night. You will notice the color plays with sunlight just as easily as it does as with artificial light. It contains tons of sparkle and shine and is a professional salon brand. This product line is made in Italy and is truly one of a kind.

Color Club New Halo Hues Collection - Best Holographic Nail Polish

Color Club is a product favorite among many professional nail artists and nail enthusiasts alike. They are known for their fresh approach to colors and divine design collections. This one in particular will wet your appetite for all things fun, disco, flirty, trendy and so forth. This will give your nails a bold saturated color with a stunning effect. When nails catch the light they will dance and play along with you. These colors include a dark metallic, for edgier looks. A warm coral tone that would look great with a rockin’ tan. Blue, purple, pink and a classic pearly white shade is just what your beauty stash needs to update your favorite looks.

Formula X The Holograms Collection

Formula X The Holograms Collection - Best Holographic Nail Polish

Do you remember that fantastic 80’s cartoon “Gem and the Holograms?” They were “truly outrageous.” If you do not know anything about this show that means two things; one, you are most likely younger than me, and two you missed out. These colors are most like inspired by the sensational 80’s rocker girls that we all wanted to look like when we were in 1st grade. Okay maybe that was just me. This color collection is perfect for the spring season right around the corner. You will get that fresh mint green everyone is obsessed with, the "it" color of the season "Hocus Pocus" (the perfect shade of orchid) a classic Barbie pink, silver and a shade of blue that will have you smitten.

best Gosh Nail Lacquer 549 Holographic Hero

Gosh Nail Lacquer 549 Holographic Hero - Best Holographic Nail Polish

This color from Gosh does not look very interesting on the website. The holographic effect is quite difficult to capture, but this color is what I would define as a “classic holographic effect.” The base color is a shimmery silver but the when it catches the light that’s when this shade comes to life. You can pretty much see a rainbow of colors pass back and forth over the nail surface. The color is dazzling and can look just as stunning over a candle lit dinner or a bright sunny walk on the beach. With that said this color would also look amazing on toes pool side.

Glitter Gal Austrailia Shade Shifters Collection - Best Holographic Nail Polish

Glitter Gal Shade Shifters are the perfect shades if you crave rich color and tons of shine. These colors range from glossy gold and peachy/pinks to purple, mauve, plum and blue. These can really enhance your natural skin tone if you pick the right shade for your skin type. The holographic effect will stay within its own color family. You will not see odd greens and blues if you wear a pink shade for example. Your effect will just be gradients of light and dark within that color. That within itself gives it a pretty original twist.

Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Sequin Overcoats - Best Glitter Nail Polish

Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure is ideal for round, wider based nails. Do not use this polish if you have tiny nails, you will get very frustrated because the brush is designed to coat the nail in about three swipes. This is only drawback because this line by Sally is honestly one of my favorites because of the brush. It gives you streak-free application and allows you to get away with a single coat and dries fast. These glitter shades will having you coming back for more, with this line I've found that you can’t have just one. They are affordable, quality formulas that are great for fast application.

Milani One Coat Glitter Collection - Best Glitter Nail Polish

Milani is perfect for the gal on the go. I have a friend who refuses to wear nail polish unless it dries fast because she gets so impatient and starts doing other thing and gets it all messed up. This is perfect if you need to hit the party now. After doing your hair and makeup picking out the perfect outfit that leaves you with very little time to do your nails. I always do my nails last so they can dry while I’m in the car en route to the main event. This is perfect for getting you out the door, looking sparkly and party ready in a flash. This collection comes in the perfect shades to compliment any look.

Orly Flash Glam FX Glitter Nail Polish - Best Glitter Nail Polish

If you are looking for fun you have come to the right place. Orly offers designer inspired glitter shades in all colors of the rainbow and then some. This line is especially amazing due to the fact that glitter pieces are blended in such a way that creates a pattern on nails that in interesting, artful, fun and dazzling. For example “Be Brave” contains mini tinsel shaped pink and holographic glitter pieces in a light pink glaze. “Mermaid Tale” is a green hodgepodge of large teal pieces of glitter scattered in gold flecks and tiny orange-red pieces as well. To say these colors are one-of-a-kind is an understatement. Orly is a top quality salon name brand you can trust to give you lasting quality.

NARS Cosmetics Nail Polish Disco Inferno - Best Metallic Nail Polish

About a year ago you may have noticed that there were only a few nail colors by NARS. Now this incredible makeup line has heard our cries for more colors. There are some unique shades that will wet your appetite for shimmer and shine. Give “Disco Inferno” a try for a trendy twist on classic silver, “Purple Rain” is one the brightest metallic purples I have ever seen. “Desperado” is great for an earthy yellowish gold and “Zulu” is the most perfect shade of shade of metallic green if you are in the mood for something both bold and different. NARS truly outperforms all other nail colors due to the fact that it is enhanced with UV protective polymer technology to guarantee your nail color lasts forever and shines like the sun.

Nabi Metallic Nail Colors - Best Metallic Nail Polish

If you want a plethora of color options then Nabi is the ideal brand for you. The colors range from classic metallic shades of silver, gold, copper and charcoal then takes it to a whole new level with the other shades. This nail company has created endless metallic colors. If you are going for a metallic I am going to assume you want to turn up the volume and make your look bold and striking. Nabi will help you do just that. Some of my personal recommendations include; “lilac,” “sky blue,” “emerald,” and “punky” if you want a juicy new collection to transition your winter look into spring.

best Priti NYC 5 Free Nail Polish

Priti NYC 5 Free Nail Polish - Best Metallic Nail Polish

If you thought you couldn’t wear metallic nail polish due to the scent and chemical make-up, think again. Priti NYC is perfect for those who are sensitive to severe nail polish scents and ingredients. This line comes in endless, high luster color options that have been featured in many magazines. The quality contents result in long lasting wear and these polishes are truly ideal for anyone. This brand is also Eco and animal friendly. If you seek a non-toxic option that is good for your nails then you are sure to love this line.

The Balm Hot Ticket Nail Polish - Best Metallic Nail Polish

Not all of the “Hot Ticket” shades are metallic but those that are sure to dazzle anywhere you go. This lines does a beautiful classic metallic silver as well as other shades of rich red, deep blue and plum just to name a few. This line is ideal if you want a bit of a classic metallic look. Think “sexy 50’s pin up girl” and you have this line all figured out. This is a high end, high quality brand that will last. These colors will never fade no matter how “hot” it gets.

Santee Metallic Mini Collection

Santee Metallic Mini Collection - Best Metallic Nail Polish

Imagine yourself heading out for the perfect cocktail. You have earned a night for fun and relaxation so you want those hands that grip the martini glass you have been drooling over all week to wow onlookers (as well as yourself). These are the perfect evening colors that will rock from coast to coast. Be the trend setter with these rich and vibrant colors like rich deep red, purple and sexy pink. These colors have a bit of a grown-up-sexy feel with a sophistication that stills feels like girly fun.

Nabi Magnetic Polish - Best Magnetic Nail Polish

Just when you thought magnetic nail polish only came in a few color options like classic metallic silver, red or even blue, Nabi has every color under the sun. The magnetic colors are metallic but come in dark shades like black, wine, navy and dark purple and increase in brightness throughout the line. Medium shades like teal, gold and dark pink and gorgeous shades ideal for completing your look. Finally there are light and bright shades like mint, lavender, and chartreuse perfect for spring and summer looks. This line can carry you through all seasons and then some with just the right shade. The magnetic design is an angled stripe.

best Berry M Instant Nail Effects Magnetic

Berry M Instant Nail Effects Magnetic - Best Magnetic Nail Polish

The darker the color the better you are going to see your magnetically activated design. This formula uses a magnet to activate the design. It is on the lid, but instated of actually making contact with the polish all you need to do is "hover" the magnet over to create the effect. Use a good base coat, apply two coats and then activate. This formula dries fast and is easy to use. Dark silver will show a cool wavy pattern and looks modern and edgy. This line gives you the most variety when it comes to effects. Choose from wavy designs or structured line patterns.

best LCN Magnetic Nail Polish New Colours Set

LCN Magnetic Nail Polish New Colours Set - Best Magnetic Nail Polish

First of all I highly recommend you get this set due to the fact that it really is a great value. You get this line’s three most popular colors and a couple different magnets to create either vertical waves or horizontal arched lines. This is a salon professional line used by professional manicurists. They make some of the best nail tools and sets that will truly deliver the lasting quality results you crave. If you just want to dabble in the magnetic polish world and feel you may not be ready to forge ahead into a full kit you can opt for the individual colors like peach, wine, teal, light and dark purple and metallic black.

Sally Hansen Magnetic Nail Color - Best Magnetic Nail Polish

Sally Hansen is one of the most popular names in the nail care business. Her line is known for innovative designs that are always evolving with the latest styles and trends. Her quality formulas are good for your nails, are easy to find and are very affordable. This magnetic polish has gotten great reviews by both Sally fans and beauty blogs alike. The colors are thick and vibrant and the wavy effect gives nails just the right touch of trendy fun. The metallic shades are bold. Choose from icy blue, classic silver, dark pink and more.

Dior Nail Glow - Best Sheer Nail Polish

This nail color is perfect for creating an “adorable” look. The wash of color gives you the perfect shade of rosy pink and would work for any occasion anywhere. From your wedding day to the night club and anywhere in between this just may become your "go-to" option. If you do not like to fuss over your nails and just want something you can slap on quickly and walk out the door, then this is the perfect product for you. It is forgiving since it is so sheer but still creates a soft, sexy shimmer in the light.

best Isabelle Dupont Sheer Color Me Up Collection

Isabelle Dupont Sheer Color Me Up Collection - Best Sheer Nail Polish

This company is becoming a well known international brand. Isabelle Dupont specializes in enhancing your natural beauty with high quality products and ingredients. These lovely nail colors are great if you are looking for chip-resistant, long wearing colors then try these glossy shades. The Sheer collection is going to give you a soft or bold translucent effect depending on the color you choose. Shades range from bold and juicy shades to soft and subtle. There are also DIY French manicure kits available to try if you want a classic look. Any of her colors are actually good for your nails. Isabelle Dupont takes quality to the next level because the entire nail product line contains conditioners for healthy nails after you take your polish off.

best YSL La Laque Couture Tie and Dye Collection

YSL La Laque Couture Tie and Dye Collection - Best Sheer Nail Polish

Yves Saint Laurent is always on the cutting edge of fashion. Their makeup and beauty product also reflect their “accessible couture” nature that makes beauty both fierce and fun. This sheer nail color collection is pretty much a nail party in a bottle. You get 3 “Tie Dye” inspired colors in one bottle to play with; orange, pink, purple and blue. The top part of the color works as a translucent top coat the can be worn with the other shades or by itself. The middle shade gives you a glossy wash of color. The bottom coat gives nails a shimmery (“sugary”) effect that is perfect to complete a spring and/or summer look.

best Bella Pierre Neon Spring Nail Color Collection Trio

Bella Pierre Neon Spring Nail Color Collection Trio - Best Neon Nail Polish

Neon is so much fun so why only have just one? This trio is perfect for changing up your look and keeping your color juicy and fresh. These products are made with as many natural ingredients possible while still maintaining amazing quality and performance. This line of cosmetics is a mineral based line and the products have won tons of beauty awards. These colors are super bright and you get a lot of product for your money even though it is on the high end side of beauty scale. You will get a bright bold orange, green and pink in the trio and all are equally beautiful.

best Nfu-Oh Fluorescent Collection Nail Polish

Nfu-Oh Fluorescent Collection Nail Polish - Best Neon Nail Polish

There is no such thing as “too bright” when it comes to wearing your favorite shade of neon. This new collection from Nfu-Oh is perfect if you truly want your nail color to “pop.” These shades are anything but “cliché” and “boring.” The color goes on with a rich creamy consistency and really covers the nail evenly and beautifully. Once it dries you get the full effect of the color; rich, vibrant and saturated with pigment. There is a perfect neon version of your favorite shade in this collection so choose from “Hot Lemon,” “Hot Violet,” “Hot Coral,” “Hot Orange,” “Hot Pink” and “Hot Lime.”

Kleancolor Bang! Bang! Colors! Collection - Best Neon Nail Polish

Kleancolor is one of the best reviewed nail colors on the web. You will love the rich colors and lasting high quality performance. Any of their shades could easily become a “go-to” beauty staple. These polishes are pretty popular and are pretty easy to find online or in specially beauty supply stores. This is not a drugstore brand, but worth every penny. Those who have discovered Kleancolor have become loyal to the brand. The shades in the Bang! Bang! Color! collection are going to add an exclamation point to your overall look just the same way it does to this sentence!

Barry M Confetti Nail Effects - Best Textured Nail Polish

This confetti nail effect is great if you want to add a little sparkle and texture to your favorite nail shades, or go for the full effect and build up the polish until it pops. It gives you control over the level of texture you want to build. If you go for a few layers the effect will look almost fluffy or fuzzy which is a very popular nail trend right now. The best thing about this line of polish is the fact that it is very affordable and always delivers professional looking results. This collection is bold and ideal for mixing up your look.

Nails inc. Gel Effect Polish - Best Gel Nail Polish

Nails inc. is always coming out with polishes that are designed to spruce up your look. This high quality brand is truly gives you lasting quality and looks amazing day after day without dullness or color fading. This brand new line of gel colors look like a perfectly delicious treat for nails craving a fresh perspective on your traditional colors. No UV lamp required. Choose from the freshest shade of what almost appears to be a fluorescent mint green which is a color “must have” this spring. If green isn't your thing opt for one of the most gorgeous shades of juicy pink, blue and classic white.

Gelish Soak-Off Gel Polish Love in Bloom Collection - Best Gel Nail Polish

Gelish is truly one of the longest lasting polish brands available but these do need to be cured under a LED lamp of your choice. The “Love in Bloom” collection was chosen out the many collections this company has to offer, because I wanted you to get in the mood for spring. The color pallet is ideal for anyone and comes in some punchy shades like peach, green, lavender, blue and pink. These are all spring classics. Keep in mind since you will be wearing your color for about a month, it is important you choose a color that will work with most of the outfits. This will also ensure you are appropriate for work (if necessary).

EZ Flow Gel It Alternative Soak Off Gel Polish - Best Gel Nail Polish

If you have a UV lamp and are ready for a new color, try any of these solid or shimmery shades. It will work for any season and any nail length. This polish takes only 2 minutes to cure and you are ready for action. Be sure to invest in a good "soak-off" in order to remove this durable polish safely. This formula is as durable as it gets. If you need a nail polish to stand up to the most extreme circumstances go ahead and tackle that home project now. It is about time someone figured out that we often need to roll up our sleeves and get to work but we don't want to have to sacrifice all those nails we spent months growing out.

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