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For Safety or Fitness: Best Non-Slip Socks

  1. Unenow Unisex Non-Slip Sock
  2. RATIVE Yoga Pilates Non-Slip Sock
  3. Rymora Non-Slip Grip Socks
  4. Gripjoy Grip Non-Slip Sock
  5. DIBAOLONG Low Cut Non-Slip Sock
  6. Lucky 21 Grip Non-Slip Sock
  7. Chalier Women and Men Non-Slip Sock
  8. Buyer's Guide

Whether you're into yoga or fitness, or you are stuck at a hospital ward, you can benefit from owning several pairs of well-made non-slip socks. They provide you with sure footing when you're working on more delicate exercises or walking on slippery surfaces. They are excellent for all ages, and the best non-slip socks in 2022 can even improve your performance in the gym.

There are a ton of great non-slip socks on the market, but not all of them are created equal. We’ll be looking at some of the best non-slip socks you can purchase right now. To help find the perfect socks for you, we’ll also be covering everything you need to know.

The Best Non-Slip Sock Models of 2022 in Detail

Unenow Unisex Non-Slip Sock - Best Overall

Unenow Unissex socks are an obvious choice for athletes, gymnasts, dancers looking for reliable non-slip elastic socks. As the name implies, they are suitable for both men and women. Unenow Unisex non-slip grip socks are everyday elastic socks perfect for just about every situation you can think of. The base of the socks is covered in sticky silicone dots which are flexible yet durable. They're made from high-quality fibers that allow them to be elastic without falling apart, making them a great fit for high-intensity exercise or other physical disciplines like martial arts, yoga, fitness workouts, or anything else where slipping is a risk.

RATIVE Yoga Pilates Non-Slip Sock - Runner Up

Not all non-slip socks have to be bulky and uncomfortable, and the RATIVE anti-slip socks are a perfect example. These socks are sold in a set of 3 and are highly affordable, yet they're made of quality materials that hold up over time. The material blend is 97% cotton and 3% Spandex, so they're perfectly flexible and will dry quickly if they get wet. The sole provides commendable arch support without going overboard with compression, and the dots provide grip without hindering movement.

Rymora Non-Slip Grip Socks - Best Grip

In terms of sports, Rymora comes out on top. These are not only extremely gripping, but they also help to avoid blisters. On the exterior and inside, the socks' pads give a sturdy and steadfast grip. The cushions enable you to easily execute rapid stops and change directions in a jiffy, whether your ankles are on the ground or in a shoe. They may be worn over shin pads and are quite comfy off the field. Despite being thick and toasty, the socks are light and permeable enough to allow your skin to breathe and perspiration to dissipate easily. The rubber threads that hold your yoga mat will not fall out or leave unattractive scars on it. This unique tread pattern provides excellent grip on every surface on which the socks are worn.

Gripjoy Grip Non-Slip Sock - Honorable Mention

These GripJoy socks do exactly what you expect them to do - grip the floor and keep you firmly on your feet. They feature an unobtrusive design and are made of cotton, so they're all-day comfortable and won't call undue attention to themselves. The "grippers" are laid out in a chevron pattern and provide anti-slip characteristics without being obnoxiously tacky, and these socks will also slip into shoes without causing hang-ups. GripJoy offers these socks in a variety of lengths and sizes, and there are also multiple color options to fit your wardrobe.

DIBAOLONG Low Cut Non-Slip Sock - Contender

The Dibaolong non-slip socks were designed for just about anyone, from athletes to everyday people and everyone in between. They help you maintain your balance and stay on your feet while moving around on hard and slippery surfaces in your home or at a gym. The extra grip is provided by a grid of silica dots, and the heel of the sock is built with additional support to prevent fatigue from pressure.

Lucky 21 Grip Non-Slip Sock - Consider

Non-slip socks are a pretty serious choice when it comes to clothing, but there's no real reason why they need to come in boring colors. Lucky 21 offers these unisex socks in a 12-pack that covers the whole color spectrum, so you're free to mix and match them with whatever you choose to wear for the day. They're made of cotton for better comfort and breathability, and the sole features a dotted texture that provides anti-slip capabilities. The only drawback we found is that these socks are "one size fits most", so check carefully to make sure that you're within the recommended size range before you commit to a purchase.

Chalier Women and Men Non-Slip Sock - Consider

These rubber studded non-slip socks are great for everyday use, yoga, pilates, and other types of light exercise. They're extremely comfortable and can be worn all day, and the rubber dots provide additional grip without hanging up on low-risk surfaces. They're also extremely affordable, so you'll be hard-pressed to find better value low-cut non-slip socks for exercise and everyday life.

Buyer's Guide

Non-Slip Socks Buyer's Guide

Non-slips socks can make a world of difference if you've never worn them before. They are comfortable, moisture absorbent, and provide a sturdy grip, increased balance, and control. They're a must-have for yogis, dancers, gymnasts, and even bodybuilders.

There is quite a market for non-slip socks. They are useful around the house and are excellent for sports activities, and many manufacturers have tried their hands at making great non-slip socks. With the number of products available on the market, it has become next to impossible to narrow down a list of great comfortable non-slip socks.

What factors should you consider when you’re buying Non-slip socks?

Material vs. Personal needs

The socks you choose should fit your needs perfectly. A gymnast will have different expectations and needs than a hospital patient. The best measure of a pair of non-slip socks' feel is its materials.

Chenille and fleece are very warm, especially if they're used in a high-calf sock. Cotton socks are breathable and comfortable. Spandex is stretchy and can verge on uncomfortable, especially if they provide too much compression.


Look for socks with a sizing chart, and avoid products with universal sizing. They are not as 'universal' as advertised, and could either cramp your toes or be so loose they fall off.

Consult the sock charts and pick out figures that match your feet size almost perfectly.


Silicone grips are the best you’ll likely find on the market, and you should shortlist socks that have them. However, if you’re unable to find or you prefer other grip styles, you can try other socks. There are ball grips, textured grips, ball-style grips, even grips so thin you can wear them with your shoes.


There is no right or wrong with socks' length. The length you settle for is entirely up to you. You may prefer high socks for medical reasons or warmth. Or you might like low-cut socks for the summer months or exercise.


Non-slip socks don’t cost a lot and so they are sold in sets to attract buyers. You always want to keep an eye on the number of socks in a pack or a cart.

What are the different styles of non-slip socks?

Gripper Socks

These are traditional non-slip socks with secure threading at the bottom. They are popular among men, women, invalids, the elderly, and are used in medical facilities too.

Fall Management Slippers

Fall management socks are slipper-style socks with skid-resistant soles to provide balance and control. They are mostly used in medical facilities in physical therapy or some fall management program.

Single Tread Socks

These come with a thin or single thread layer on the socks. This means they will not be as grippy. They are recommended for confident people who prefer thinner dots, or threads while they walk around.

Dual Tread Socks

These types of socks have two layers of thread on the bottom instead of one, allowing for a more dependable anti-slip effect. They are the top choice for patients and individuals who prefer more control and protection.

What other factors should you consider?

Machine Washable

Make sure the socks you choose are machine washable. You can find out if the product is safe for machine washing by checking the product's page. Machine washable socks are easier to clean and are typically stronger than non-washables.


There are tons of colors, patterns, and designs to choose from when you're shopping for socks. Choose the ones that interest you the most. You can also buy multiple colors and test them in your own time.


A pair of anti-slip socks are fairly cheap. Of course, the product cost will also be dictated by the product's manufacturer and material cost.

Non-Slip Sock FAQ

Q: Can non-slip socks be worn on carpets and tiles?

A: They work perfectly on all floors, be it wooden, tiles, rugs, or carpets.

Q: Can Non-slip socks be worn with shoes?

A: Yes. Light-treaded socks can be worn under shoes, but they're typically not as warm or grippy as more reliable shoes.

Q: What are the grips on non-slip socks made of?

A: The grips on non-slips socks are made of silicone and cotton.

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