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Take a Virtual Drive With the Best PC Racing Wheel in 2022

  1. Logitech G923 Racing Wheel and Pedals featuring TRUEFORCE
  2. Thrustmaster T300RS PC Racing Wheel
  3. Logitech G920 Driving Force PC Racing Wheel
  4. Buyer's Guide

Although PC racing wheels may be something of a niche item, there are a decent number of them on the market to choose from. When considering different options, look for racing wheels that offer a realistic PC driving experience while checking it’s been manufactured with quality materials to ensure long-term enjoyment. Different manufacturers offer a variety of accessories and features to enhance your gameplay. A basic racing wheel gives you a more realistic experience in a driving game, but the addition of pedals and shift sticks can take your game to the next level.

We’ve chosen these as the top PC racing wheels because of their minimum 900-degree rotation angles and variety of customizable buttons, as well as durable shifting paddles for a more immersive driving experience. These wheels are also are built durably, with even the addition of metal and leather materials on some which help reduce the effects of wear and tear. While all of these PC racing wheels are designed to work with a PC, some of these models also have functionality that works with a video game console, a level of flexibility that makes them a better overall value.

Our Top Racing Wheels This Year

Logitech G923 Racing Wheel and Pedals featuring TRUEFORCE - Best Pc Racing Wheel Overall

From top to bottom, Logitech made a lot of smart decisions when designing this racing wheel. The wheel itself features force feedback technology so you can feel the wheel react appropriately to whatever forces are being exerted in-game. The added depth of being able to feel things as they’re happening gives you terrific control and response time. Several buttons and a D-Pad on the center of the wheel let you control your game without using a mouse or keyboard, even navigating menus in between races.

The wheel also features a 900-degree rotation angle, paddles for your hands that let you easily shift gears, and LED indicator lights showing you your RPM range in supported games. And with a separate dedicated shifter, the realism is taken to the next level. You can even customize your wheel sensitivity, force feedback levels, and more with Logitech's G HUB for PC. However, the wheel is compatible with the Xbox One and X|S, PS5 and PS4, and PC.

Thrustmaster T300RS PC Racing Wheel - Runner Up

This is an excellent all-around option that offers a great, customizable experience for PC racing games and simulators. The wheel itself is very good, with force feedback technology which gives you an authentic feel for the road in any game. You can adjust the rotation angle on the wheel between 270 and 1080 degrees so it matches the game or simulator you’re playing. This gives you a great total rotation angle than just about any other wheel on the market along with a mixed belt-pulley system for fluid, quiet operation.

This solid racing wheel also includes multiple buttons and a D-pad for menu navigation/input, along with two shifting paddles. It lacks the LED indicators and other extra features you can find on the Logitech G923 but remains an excellent option for virtual drivers everywhere. This model is compatible with Playstation 4 and 5 as well as PC, which gives you extra functionality if you have multiple consoles.

Logitech G920 Driving Force PC Racing Wheel - Honorable Mention

Like our other picks, this racing wheel enhances any driving simulation with force feedback technology and a 900-degree rotation angle for plenty of control in any game or simulator. Stainless steel ball bearings in the wheel ensure fluid rotation for reduced wear while the leather wheel covering ensures user comfort while adding to the wheel's overall durability. Steel pedals and shifting paddles round out this wheel's robust build quality.

A few minor differences from the Logitech G923 mainly come in features. The Logitech G923 is about $150 more expensive, but makes up for the price difference with dual-clutch assist, a progressive brake pedal, the aforementioned RPM lights, extra adjustment buttons, and added comptability with the PS4 and PS5. The G920 only works with Mac, Xbox One, and PC and is a bit more outdated from 2015. However, it's still the top racing wheel on Amazon, so it's nothing to scoff at.

Buyer's Guide

What are PC racing wheels?

PC racing wheels are peripheral devices that are connected to PCs to serve as physical steering wheels for PC racing games. PC racing wheels sometimes have pedals as part of the full rig.

Games can generally be described as a machine-enabled mimicry of reality. No other type of video game embodies this description as faithfully as racing games. Racing games are immersive games that take on a different level of excitement and involvement. Initially, the keyboard was used to control PC racing games; then joysticks were co-opted as controls. But neither could bring the high level of realism that a PC racing wheel gives to gamers.

PC racing wheels are usually made to look and feel like an actual steering wheel. Some even have the logos of real-life car makers right in the middle of the wheel.

How are PC Racing Wheels Connected to a PC?

You can connect your PC racing wheels to a PC in these four simple steps:

  • First, you set up the racing wheel by attaching the pedals and power adapter to it.
  • Then, you connect the racing wheel to the PC through a USB port
  • Switch on the computer and install the correct driver for the racing wheel.
  • Finally, run the driver program and configure the racing wheels.

Note that there may be slight variations to the steps described above. You can consult the manual that came with the PC gaming wheels.

Tips on Using PC Racing Wheels

Gaming is not an activity you do for thirty minutes and call it a day. It could go on for hours. For maximum comfort, get a good gaming chair to set up your PC wheel. This will ensure that you maintain a good sitting position throughout the game.

You may also want to keep a pair of gloves on hand in case the game gets too intense. People don't realize it, but it's very easy to get clammy hands without noticing.

What are Some Things to Consider Before Buying PC Racing Wheels?

There are many PC racing wheels in the market, each claiming to be the best. Therefore, it is important to consider the following factors when buying a PC racing wheel to ensure you make a sound buying decision.


The first consideration when buying a PC racing wheel should be the wheel’s compatibility with a PC. Since there are different platforms for playing racing games, not all racing wheels support all platforms. Therefore, you should select a racing wheel that is first and foremost compatible with a PC. It is a bonus if it supports other gaming consoles.

A racing wheel that is compatible with PCs and other gaming consoles could save costs if you have to play racing games on the other consoles it supports.

Range of rotation

The range of rotation is another essential factor to consider before buying a PC racing wheel. It refers to how far the wheel can rotate. The range of rotation is calculated in degrees.

There are PC racing wheels that have a rotational range of only 240°; there are also those with 360°. These types are considered low-end and may not perform optimally. For maximum satisfaction and a fully immersive experience, racing wheels with a rotational range of between 900° and 1080° are ideal.

Quality of materials

The quality of materials used to make the racing wheels affects user comfort and overall handling. You don’t want your grip to become all slippery when your palms get sweaty after playing for a few hours. High-quality materials will eliminate such a possibility.

Force feedback

PC racing wheels are meant to take up your racing experience a step further. Force feedback is a feature that elevates the PC racing experience further. Force feedback is a technique that gives a gamer the same feeling as a real-life driver. The driver feels in-game circumstances on the racing wheel. For example, when skidding on a slippery road in-game, a gamer feels the steering getting out of grip as it will in real life. For this reason, a buyer should prioritize a PC racing wheel that has the force feedback feature.


The weight of the PC racing wheel is another factor to look out for. A heavy racing wheel may hinder comfort and tire a gamer out easily. You should get a lightweight steering wheel for maximum comfort.

Extra Features

Extra features like the availability of clutch pedals or the number of buttons on the wheel are additional features that border on personal preference. You could also look to get a racing wheel that has the logo of your favorite racing car.

How Much Do PC Racing Wheels Cost?

The price of PC racing wheels ranges from $50 to as high as $650. Availability of features like force feedback and rotational range affect the price of PC racing wheels.

Final Thoughts on PC Racing Wheels

PC racing wheels offer an immersive racing game experience. For many, racing will not get more real than that. This is why manufacturers are constantly working hard to make the racing experience better with new features that enhance the gaming experience.

Some PC Racing Wheel Buyers Ask

Q: Are racing games better with a wheel?
A: Racing wheels definitely make racing games better. They provide more realistic steering that mirrors in-game steering, which itself is a mirror of real-life steering.

Q: Does force feedback make you faster?
A: Force feedback does not necessarily make you faster. What it does is that it gives you feedback on how you are doing. You can take cues from the feedback to make better in-game decisions. Ultimately, force feedback improves overall gameplay.

Q: Is force feedback worth it?
A: Force feedback is worth it. The aim of getting racing wheels is to make the racing experience as realistic as possible. Simply steering the wheel left and right can become too drab and overly mechanical. Force feedback helps to bring the racing experience closer to reality.

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