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The Best Pepper Mills for Delicious, Fresh-Cracked Pepper

  1. Peugeot Zest Electric Pepper Mill
  2. Prodyne Smart Grind Automatic Pepper Mill
  3. Kalorik Contempo Stainless Steel Pepper Mill
  4. Peugeot Olivier Roelling Pepper Mill
  5. Le Creuset Pepper Mill
  6. Ozeri Savore Soft Touch Electric Pepper Mill
  7. Biscayne Pepper Mill
  8. Buyer's Guide

Who can deny the superb flavor of fresh pepper? Growing up, I don't know many people who actually used a pepper mill. I knew dozens of people who had them and simply left them on the table as decoration. Well, these days with the burst of the foodie culture, fresh reigns supreme.

There is definitely a better appreciation for fresh pepper, hence the heightened interest in fresh pepper. There a various pepper mills out there. They all do the same thing, crush fresh pepper, but they can differ. The two main types are manual twist and the electric mills. The manual twist comes in a variety of sleek designs as well as those that visually lean more toward the old school pepper mill (the ones that I call the chess piece design). Electric pepper mills are becoming more common and they are simple to use. Some have regular batteries, others are rechargeable. Both types allow you to adjust the coarseness according to your personal taste.

It really doesn't matter which you choose. What's important is getting that freshness. Boxes of store-bought ground pepper might be OK in a pinch, but for optimal flavor and freshness, nothing compares to grinding your own. These best pepper mills in 2022 lists will help you decipher which are best for you.

Compare The Best Pepper Mill of 2022

Peugeot Zest Electric Pepper Mill - Best Pepper Mill Overall

The Peugeot brand is well known for creating superior and lasting quality products. The Peugeot Zest Electric Pepper Mill is guaranteed to provide you with a fresh dusting of pepper. The view through the clear acrylic windows allows you to see when it's time to refill. The unique feature is the loop at the top. This allows you to hang the mill from a utensil bar or any place that is convenient. The silver button on the top activates the grinding process. The thumb wheel underneath the mechanism allows you to adjust the grind. The beautiful soft touch coating comes in variety of colors to match your persona style. The grinding mechanism also has comes with a lifetime warranty. Requires four AAA batteries.

Prodyne Smart Grind Automatic Pepper Mill - Runner Up

The Pepperpro Smart Grind is another good choice. It gives you seven different grind options to ensure you have the perfect coarseness for your pepper. It is constructed with thick walls of stainless steel with a smooth contoured shape for a comfortable grip. There's a large black silicone button at the top that when pushed, activated the grind action. The whisper quiet motor has a sturdy ceramic grinder that works great not only for pepper but also for spices and coarse salt. The LED light activates when in use and requires four AA batteries.

best Kalorik Contempo Stainless Steel Pepper Mill

Kalorik Contempo Stainless Steel Pepper Mill - Honorable Mention

The Contempo Stainless Steel Black Pepper Grinder adds style to your table and freshness to your food. There are three LED lights that help guide you during the grinding process and the grind coarseness is adjustable. It has a stainless steel bottom and a smooth, rubber top that's comfortable to handle, even with wet hands. The push top button allows you to grind to perfection. The transparent bottom makes knowing when to refill easy. This is a sturdy pepper mill that has ceramic plates strong enough to blend salt, pepper and other spices. It is powerful for it's size and requires six AAA batteries.

Peugeot Olivier Roelling Pepper Mill - Consider

Now, this pepper mill got included not only for its superior function but also for its timeless and elegant design. The Peugeot? Olivier Roellinger Pepper Mill perfectly grinds whole peppercorns with a double row of adjustable, steel grinding teeth. The hand crank at the top of the box can grind fresh pepper directly over your food or into the drawer. This is by far the most unique pepper mill you can own. Looks great anywhere on an shelf or table.

best Le Creuset Pepper Mill

Le Creuset Pepper Mill - Best Pepper Mill Overall

Le Creuset finds a way to mix classic design with excellent function with this pepper mill. This beautiful ceramic pepper grinder perfectly grind whole peppercorns. The corrosive-resistant grinder can also grind salt. The smooth body is sturdy and pleasant to hold. Use the top nob to choose the correct coarseness for your taste. The pepper mill can be hand washed with soap and water and must dry completely before adding the peppercorns. Be careful not to over tighten the knob as this can cause damage to the grinding mechanism and shaft. Choose from a variety of colors to match your kitchen and or dining decor.

Ozeri Savore Soft Touch Electric Pepper Mill - Best Pepper Mill Overall

Of course no list is complete without the addition of at least one electric pepper mill. I chose the Ozeri Savore Soft Touch Electric Pepper Mill has a sturdy ceramic motor that easily grinds peppercorns and spices. The stylish design will work with any decor. It has a comfortable non slip grip and a coating that resists finger prints. To grind, there is a large button at the top that you push down and activate the process. Adjust the grind with the front ceramic grinding mechanism by sliding it over. You will enjoy the ease of pepper grinding with this amazing mill. It requires no assembly and runs on six AAA batteries.

best Biscayne Pepper Mill

Biscayne Pepper Mill - Best Pepper Mill Overall

This petite pepper mill is a great buy. It is one the most budget friendly of the bunch, yet it doesn't skimp on performance. The Biscayne Pepper Mill has an attractive brushed stainless steel top and knob. This is the perfect size for individuals who may not cook or entertain often. It is adjustable and perfectly grinds pepper with a few twists. The sleek design gives great counter appeal and is a nice yet functional accessory to your kitchen or dining table.

Buyer's Guide

Best pepper mill

One of the most popular spices in many recipes is freshly ground pepper. Pepper mills help open up the peppercorn so that the pre-ground substitute won't. Also, pepper mills serve as an aesthetic boost in your dining table or kitchen. Due to these reasons and more, the market has different pepper mills designs. To help make your selection process more accessible, we will explore tips that should help make the process easier for you.

What are the types of pepper mills?

There are two types of pepper meals, including the electric and manual mills. They both have the same grind quality, which is why the decision to buy depends on how you want to use the mill and your personal preference.

Electric pepper mill

This pepper mill has operated using a pressure trigger or pushbutton to activate the motor which grinds the pepper. The electric mill engine is powered using either rechargeable or replaceable batteries. Due to their continuous power, electric mills often grind better. If you are a cook who has a limited arm or hand strength, an electric mill is the best choice.

Manual pepper mills

The mode of manual pepper mills' mode of operation is by twisting two linked parts of the mill in different directions while keeping the base steady. This twisting action will turn the internal gear against each other while slicing or crushing the pepper. With the manual grind, you will have more control over the precision and speed as you can start and stop the process at will.

Also, manual mills come with a more traditional look, and they come in different styles, and you don't have to bother about your batteries running out when you least expected it.

Things to consider before buying the best pepper mill

Pepper mills come in different sizes, shapes and sets. There are some things you should consider before you buy one.


The size of pepper mills ranges from 4 inches to 24 inches. The mill size has no significant effect on the grind's quality, but it can affect the way the device looks. Your choice of size depends on what your preference is.


The capacity of a pepper mill plays a massive role in the product. If you are buying a grinder for aesthetic reasons, but the mill capacity is smaller than usual, it will not affect the product quality. The only challenge here is that you will have to get refilled more often.A large capacity mill can also pose some serious issues. For instance, if the pepper remains in the mill for a long time, it may grow stale because most mills are not airtight. If you keep the mill in a wet environment, moisture will find its way in and make the peppercorns soft and make the grinder less effective. The mill will give you uneven flakes and even clogging. But if you use much pepper, you should get a large-capacity mill.


The meal you want to prepare will determine how coarse or fine the pepper will be ground. Many modern pepper mills come with an option to adjust the grind. Some mills come with a setting that the manufacturer feels is ideal. Before you buy, consider the adjustability feature!


The ideal pepper mill should not be limited to grinding pepper alone. They should be able to grind spices and salts. Although many herbs are pre-ground, they taste better when used fresh. You may buy a dedicated mill for every spice or clean the pepper mill before using it for the next task.


Pepper mills come in modern or traditional builds. You will find some that are classic, while you will find some built using heavy metalwork. Mills can come in different colours for the other shapes. You can find one that suits your needs and style with various options.


Peppercorns come layered and complex, so the mechanism required to cut or crush them exerts a lot of strain on the mill. Also, the metal used in constructing the mill may be susceptible to corrosion when exposed to moisture. Ceramic and carbon steel are two of the most durable materials used for grinding mechanisms, both for edge hardness and corrosion resistance.

Filling method

When searching for a mill, the mill must be easy to fill through and easy to remove the cap. A mill that requires tools to refill will be pretty inconvenient. It would help if you also looked for one with clear chambers to tell when it is time to fill quickly.

How to prolong the lifespan of your pepper mill

Here are some tips that should help you extend the life of your pepper mill.

Do not grind over steaming pans and pots

Although some mills come "steamy pan" approved, grinding over a steamy pan means the steam will into the grinder and clog the mill mechanism.

Use grinder specific pepper, salt and spices

When buying your food spice, make sure they are suitable to be used in a grinder.

Grind in a clockwise direction

The perfect mill works with a burr system. The spices will have to pass through two burrs which thus creates a consistent grind giving the best quality. Also, grinding in the same direction ensures that the pepper is ground consistently.

Clean the mill often

If you observe that your mill is not working well, you may need to clean it. To clean the mill, empty it and set it to the largest setting so that all spices clogging the mechanism can be tapped out. Ensure the mill is completely dry.


Q. Will the pepper mill be sharp out of the box?

Yes, it will be sharp straight from the box. The materials used in making the pepper mill's grinding mechanism will be honed and sharpened and will keep this sharpness for a long while.

Q. How can I clean my pepper mill?

The cleaning method depends on the material the pepper mill is made from. You can clean the outside using a soft cloth. Make sure you never submerge the pepper mill in water because its sensitive parts are hard to dry.

Q. Does every pepper mill come with an adjustable coarseness setting?

Some pepper mills deliver ground pepper at a certain coarseness level. But the high-end versions often come with adjustable settings.

Q. Can I use a pepper mill for salt?

Some pepper mills can be used for salt. However, using a pepper mill for salts depends on the materials used in making the grinding mechanism and the composition of the salt.


Choosing the best pepper mill shouldn't be too difficult if you adhere to this guide's instructions. With several options out there made from different materials and colours, you need to be careful about what you choose.

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