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Get Rid of Rodents with the Best Pet-Safe Rat Traps

  1. Kat Sense Tunneled Design Pet Safe Rat Trap
  2. BARLAS Dual Entry Pet Safe Rat Trap
  3. Havahart One Door Rat Trap
  4. Buyer's Guide

Rats that make their home in your home can wreak havoc on your family. To keep them away and leave it as a clean and safe environment for your family, you need a rat trap. Here are some of the top pet safe rat traps in 2022 for you to consider options to keep your home free of pests.

The Best Pet Safe Rat Trap Models of 2022 in Detail

Kat Sense Tunneled Design Pet Safe Rat Trap - Top Pick

Trapping rats can be a frustrating and messy experience; rats are a lot more intelligent than most people realize, and the very same traps that are likely to snare a rat are just as likely to cause injury to your pets as well. Luckily, there's a way to use their wariness against them. This Kat Sense rat trap combines a spring trap mechanism with a tunnel that's just large enough for a rat to enter. The basics of the trap are identical to other spring traps on the market, but the tunnel means it's nearly impossible for your pets (or children) to inadvertently set the trap off and require emergency attention. These traps are sturdy and reusable, so the added cost compared to a traditional wood base spring trap is quickly offset.

BARLAS Dual Entry Pet Safe Rat Trap - Runner Up

If our top pick is unavailable for any reason, the BARLAS trap offers a nearly identical product that works just as well. The trap itself is housed in a tunnel that rats feel safe venturing in to; at the same time, the tunnel is too small for pets to reach the trigger mechanism to set the trap off. It's more expensive than the Kat Sense traps, so we're recommending it as a backup option in case those are out of stock.

Havahart One Door Rat Trap - Best Humane Rat Trap

The best in humane live trapping for rats starts and ends with the Havahart X-Small One Door Trap. It's easy to bait, easy to set, and once the rat goes inside and nibbles on the bait, the gravity door falls behind the rodent and it can't get out. The solid steel top, where the handle resides, is a positive shield that keeps your hands and fingers away from the surprisingly sharp teeth of a stressed-out rat. When it's time to release the rat, simply stand behind the trap and pull up on the top of the door, and the rodent will scurry away. It's that easy. The single door design allows you to place the trap in a corner or against the wall, giving the rat a false sense of security for maximum effectiveness. Although not inexpensive, it works and it may be the only trap you'll need.

Buyer's Guide

Types of Pet-Safe Rat Traps

An excellent way to eliminate disturbing rats is to do so while assuring the safety of your pet. Why not look at some types of pet-safe rat traps to find a befitting one for you?

Plastic Snap Trap

Although metal snap traps are precarious to place in homes, plastic snap traps are a superb alternative to get rid of destructive pests, rendering your kids and pets safe. Unlike the metal snap trap, potent enough to harm the extensions of your pet, a plastic trap does not break the fragile bones. Some plastic snap traps function to attract rats with bait and then choke and stifle. The plastic jaws are potent to kill a rat but are harmless to your dog or cat. You can wash and reuse them.

Electronic Trap

You may fear the word electronic, but this trap does not give a charge of enormous volts to provide a dangerous shock to your dog, cat, or child. It is designed to kill the rats with a mild influence on large pets. When the bait brings a rat inside, the metal plate is stimulated, and the rat receives the shock. Additionally, the batteries used here are pretty similar to those integrated into the toys of kids. So, it is a pet-safe trap.

Bait Stations

Fascinate a rat with bait, placed inside the box or station, to lead its way through a suitably large entrance into it. However, a pet or a kid is not able to reach the toxic bait inside the station. The hole is not that wide. It has an exit hole also. Moreover, the shutting system makes it impossible for pets and children to open it.

Ultrasounds Discharger

It is a state-of-the-art electronic trap that spreads ultrasonic waves into the atmosphere of that place when plugged into a socket. These are so unbearable for rats and other annoying pests to make them leave the house or any other area. These are harmless to pets and kids, have a specific range, and are costly.

Factors To Consider When Choosing The Best Pet-Safe Rat Trap

Finding a first-class and pet-safe rat trap involves certain factors to consider before buying. These help you elaborate on your need and purpose and get a suitable one. Let’s have a look at them.

Indoor And outdoor Rat Traps

Where do you want to place your rat trap? This question can help you quit one and choose the more reliable one. For example, a wood snap trap with a metal wire does not last long outside the home or building. The wood gets twisted. On the other hand, plastic snap traps are favorable to keep outdoors.

Similarly, it is better to use electric and glue rat traps as indoor devices. This way, they will be helpful to you for years. The choice depends on your use.

Killing vs. Catch-And-Release Methods

There are two ways to get rid of pesky pests. One way is to kill them, and the other way is to capture and release them far away from your home. If the rat is just annoying and not disseminating fatal diseases, it is better to go for a humane way to ward off them. Although it requires effort to transport the rat miles away from your residence, it is a civilized method. There are catch-and-release cages that are hugely better to use in this case.

Disposal Mechanism

Everyone finds it unpleasant to touch or see the carcass of a rat. You cannot simply dump the whole rat trap to elude this annoyance. A friendly disposal method can help you here. Some present-day rat traps allow you to throw away the corpse of a rat in the garbage without touching or looking at it. However, traditional snap traps require carrying the corpse and throwing it away.

Safety And Comfort

Toxic baits used for luring rats should not be present in the range of kids and pets. Although this feature is present in most rat traps, it is essential to ensure it. If you cannot even think of using toxic stuff in any way, an ultrasonic emitter is a superb alternative for you. Electric traps and plastic snap traps are way more handy to use and set than traditional snap traps. However, you would have to pay more for them.

Rat Size And Multiple-Rat Trap

The size of a rat decides on the size of the entrance hole of a rat trap. However, it should not be large enough to give access to kids and pets. Also, some rat traps are designed to hold up to 15 rats. These multiple-rat traps are better than single-rat traps.


Do I need a rat trap, and what are the signs of rodent infestation?

If you have noticed rodents in your home, you need a rat trap. Even if you have not seen them, some signs of rodent infestation can help you recognize them. If you see tiny droppings, stains of urine, little teeth marks on different food items or clothes, or hear the scamper of rats in the walls, these are the signs of rodent infestation. A slight change in your pet’s response - because they hear the scamper of rodents - is also an indication of this infestation.

Which rat traps are unsafe for my pets?

Most of the baits used for attracting rodents are toxic, so make sure that the bait is not reachable to pets. In the case of bait stations, the entrance hole should not be wide enough to allow pets to reach inside it. Also, when buying electric rat traps, contemplate the voltage of shock that a rodent receives. High voltage shocks are dangerous for pets and kids. The traditional snap trap - having a metal wire attached to a block of wood - is harmful to your furry companion.

What is the best pet-safe rat trap?

Kat Sense Pest Control Rat Snap Traps is one of the best pet-safe traps. The trap is covered by durable plastic- your dog cannot open it. Also, it has a small tube that allows a rat only to move into it. You can refill the bait tray easily. The lid shields the bait to save it from moisture and dust, rendering it palatable for a rat. Moreover, it does not harm the soft fingers of kids and furry animals. You can remove the corpse of a rat easily. It is a perfect pet-safe rat trap.

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