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Clean the Bottom of Your Pool with the Best Handheld Pool Vacuum

  1. Pool Blaster Max Handheld Pool Vacuum
  2. Pool Blaster Aqua Broom XL Handheld Pool Vacuum
  3. POOL BLASTER Water Tech Pulse Handheld Pool Vacuum
  4. Leaf Gulper Handheld Pool Vacuum
  5. GAME 4855 Spa and Pool Vacuum
  6. Buyer's Guide

Pool vacuums are a requirement if you are going to own your own pool, so taking the time to find the right one for your needs is a good idea. They come in various shapes, sizes and cleaning ability, from picking up leaves to just picking up accumulated dirt on the pool bottom, where some might be pool cleaners and some work best for spot cleaning.

The best handheld pool vacuums in 2022 will be those that work well sucking up any type of debris, yet will be relatively straightforward and easy to use. Debris bags should be easy to empty, and hold enough debris at any given time, to give you more time cleaning and less time hassling with the collection bag.

The Best Handheld Pool Vacuum Models of 2022 in Detail

Pool Blaster Max Handheld Pool Vacuum - Best Handheld Pool Vacuum Overall

The most versatile vacuum here that will work on virtually any pool surface from concrete to vinyl, that's what makes the Water Tech Pool Blaster Max #1 on this list. It's lightweight at about 5 pounds, and gets even lighter once under water. The rechargeable battery lasts over an hour of run time, which should be enough time to clean virtually any pool. The easy rinse collection bag makes cleaning painless, and it will suck up just about anything that it comes into contact with beneath the water, and that includes algae. Attach it to the end of a pool pole and get to work.

best xl ultra handheld pool vacuum

Pool Blaster Aqua Broom XL Handheld Pool Vacuum - Runner Up

For spot cleaning or just those occasional vacuuming jobs, none do it better than the Aqua Broom Battery Operated Pool Vacuum. It looks like a house broom and will pick up just about anything on the pool bottom, but the bag may be a bit small for whole pool cleaning. In truth, this is the best bang for the buck pool vacuum on the list. It is easy to use, versatile and takes 5 "D" cell batteries. Get 5 rechargeables, and you'll never have to worry about new batteries again. Plus, it is the least expensive handheld vacuum on the list.

POOL BLASTER Water Tech Pulse Handheld Pool Vacuum - Honorable Mention

If you want a similar item to the Water Tech Pool Blaster Max, but you don't want to pay the price, consider the Catfish PPV Pool Cleaner. It has an easy to clean bagging system, it's lightweight for ease of use and it will run for a solid hour on its rechargeable battery. While a great cleaner, it's sometimes difficult to turn on and off switch. Wet hands slip while turning it and some people have a hard time using it properly. That doesn't mean it isn't a good pool vacuum, but in that one respect, ease of use is suspect. However, it is one of the least expensive vacuums here, so it is still a good deal regardless.

Leaf Gulper Handheld Pool Vacuum - Consider

If you have major leaf problems in your above-ground or in-ground pool, the Leaf Gulper Pool Vacuum is the way to go. Although it is made primarily to pick up sunken leaves, it will do a credible job picking up other debris as well. The large bag will capture a pools worth of leaves, just attach this unit to your garden hose and a pool pole, and have at it. The pressure from your hose creates a high pressure jetting system that funnels leaves into the bag. Suggested use is only for concrete or vinyl, but it is an inexpensive and effective way to remove the leaves from the bottom of your pool.

GAME 4855 Spa and Pool Vacuum - Best Handheld Pool Vacuum Overall

This is the most unique pool vaccum on the list. The GAME 4855 Spa and Pool Vacuum is easy to use, requires no batteries, hose or pole attachment, yet it will do a good job of vacuuming any pool or spa bottom. It is powered by you, working the pump handle up and down to achieve adequate suction at the tip. It includes a leaf skimmer, slide-on brush and both a dual nozzle and a wide nozzle. You will have to get into the water to use it effectively, and it may not be the best choice for a large pool, but for spas, inflatables or spot cleaning, this one will do the job.

Buyer's Guide

Vacuuming is an essential part of pool maintenance. Though pools typically have their filter that takes care of fairly larger specks of dirt, smaller specks of dirt may escape the filters. Allowing dirt to build up in your pool is an invitation to algae. Handheld pool vacuums do a good job of getting rid of dirt in the pool. They are renowned for their efficiency and relative affordability. We reviewed the best handheld pool vacuums above; this guide will walk you through the buying process. The guide includes the peculiarities of handheld pool vacs and the factors to consider when buying one. The final section answers frequently asked questions about swimming pool vacuums.

What are the Things to Consider Before Buying a Handheld Pool Vacuum?

Handheld vacuums for pools are available in different designs and shapes. Therefore, it is important to look at certain factors when making a purchase. A holistic consideration of these factors helps us to make a sound buying decision.

Power Source

One of the most important factors to consider first is the vacuum’s source of power. Handheld pool vacuums can get their power from four sources. These sources include battery, electricity, garden hose, and manual input.

Pool vacuums that rely on electricity for their power are usually corded. With this power source, your vacuum can keep on working as long as there is power. It is very powerful and larger than other types of vacuum cleaners. It is suitable for cleaning ponds and large pools.

Powering a pool vacuum with a garden hose involves attaching your garden hose to the vacuum to create a suction that rids the pool of debris. This type of pool vacuum relies on the venturi effect to create a suction that removes dirt from the pool. It is the most cost-effective of all types of pool vacuums.

Manual pool vacuums rely on pumping action to clean the pool. They are ideal for light-duty cleaning.

Battery-powered handheld pool vacuums are similar to the regular upright vacuum cleaner. They rid the pool of dirt through the action of a motor that creates suction. This type of vacuum cleaner is cordless, thus eliminating the limitation that comes with corded vacuums. It is essential to note subtle factors like charging time, charging indicator, and battery capacity with battery-powered cleaners. The battery capacity is of particular importance because it affects the vacuum’s running time. You should get a battery-powered pool vacuum that can clean your pool with one full charge. For example, if it takes 20 minutes to vacuum your pool, your handheld pool vacuum should be able to run for 20 minutes or more after a full charge.

Size of Debris

The size of debris you are trying to remove from the pool should also inform the choice of the pool

vacuum you will buy. The vacuums usually have an upper and lower limit of debris they can evacuate. For example, if you are trying to rid the pool of silt, you should opt for vacuums that can handle small debris. Conversely, if you are up against leaves and twigs, a vacuum that can handle larger debris will be ideal.

Pool Type

Also, you should consider the type of pool you have before buying the handheld vacuum cleaner. For example, you are not expected to use a pool vacuum that is too powerful for a vinyl pool. This is to avoid damaging the pool and incurring extra costs in repairs


Unlike robot pool vacuums that can do the cleaning on their own, handheld pool vacuums require that you manually move them around the pool. Thus, it would help if you considered the weight of the vacuum unit when making a purchase. If it is too heavy, it wears you out too easily.


Your handheld pool vacuum may come with or without a pole. Those that come with poles are ready to use right out of the bag. In comparison, the ones without poles require you to get a suitable pole before putting them to use. On the upside, getting a pole for your vacuum gives you more control over the length of the pole and the grip.

Bag vs. Canister

As with regular vacuums, handheld pool vacuums also collect dirt inside a bag or a canister. Depending on your preferred collection tool, you choose any of the two.

Tips on Using Handheld Pool Vacuums

  • You don’t need to rush the vacuuming process. Rushing it stirs up the dirt, making it harder to vacuum.
  • Go slow to ensure you cover every part of the pool.
  • Endeavor to empty the vacuum bag or canister before using it. This helps to avoid bringing more dirt into the pool.

How Much do Handheld Pool Vacuums Cost?

The price of handheld pool vacuums usually depends on the size and overall capacity. Usually, they cost between $20 and $350. Handheld pool vacuums that cost between $150 and $350 are considered high-end. You can get a balance of cost and efficiency with vacuums that cost between $70 and $120.

Handheld Vacuums for Pools FAQ

Q – Are battery-powered pool vacuums any good?

A – Battery-powered pool vacuums are good investments to add to your pool maintenance kit. They are lightweight and clean up the pool very well.

Q – How often should I vacuum my pool?

A – How often you vacuum your pool depends on how often you use it. As a rule of thumb, you should endeavor to vacuum the pool at least once a week. If you notice that the pool does not look clean with the weekly cleaning, you may want to increase the frequency.

Q – How long does it take to vacuum a pool?

A – The time it takes to vacuum a pool depends on the size of the pool. Typically it takes around 15 minutes to vacuum a standard pool completely. Bigger pools could take more time. Also, this figure could be significantly different depending on how dirty the pool is.

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