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Review: Best Protein Bar

Whether it's for an early morning run or a post-workout boost, protein bars are a great snack to help you reach your fitness goals. There is no shortage of options on the market and it's hard to decipher which ones strike a great balance between taste and nutrients. Although taste is subjective, we think the choices below are a great place to start for the best protein bars in 2021 to consider.

Here are the best protein bars of 2021

Zone Perfect Protein Bar

Although nothing replaces a high-carb plate of hot waffles, these protein bars have a classic waffle flavor, and a smooth, creamy texture that will satisfy your sweet tooth. These bars come with 15g of protein to help keep you full and 23g of carbs. They’re a great on-the-go snack and you don’t have to sacrifice taste for flavor.

Pure Nutritious Protein Bar

Pure Protein Bars are a great snack when you forget your shaker cup at home. Each bar's macros are 20g or 21g of protein, 16g-18g of carbs, and 4.5g-6g of fat. These come in a variety pack where you'll get a mix of flavors such as Chocolate Deluxe, Chocolate PB, and Chewy Chocolate Chip. They also come in other flavors such as Birthday Cake, Chocolate Salted Caramel, and Lemon Cake. They do have a bit of protein, chalky aftertaste, but it's not overpowering.

Quest Nutrition Protein Bar

With more than 20 grams of protein, this bar is rich in taste and healthy fats. Quest is also known to be high in fiber so when you calculate your net carbs, it actuallys comes out to around 4g of carbs. Sugar is low at around 1g. The best thing about Quest bars is their flavors. Most actually taste like the real thing and hardly ever have the protein aftertaste. There are a ton of flavors to choose from but you can't go wrong with Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough.

RXBAR Chocolate Raspberry Protein Bar

RXBARs are the standout in this group for having ingredients that you can actually pronounce. They're so easy in fact, that they print out what they're made of right on the front of their label. They taste great but the downside is that their protein is low compared to others. If you're just looking for a bar that can satisfy your cravings and want to eat clean, you should consider RXBARs.

Think! High Protein Bar

Think! bars are another solid choice if you're looking to add protein bars to your diet. They're a bit higher in the calorie and fat department but also offer a solid 20g of protein and, overall, their flavors taste great. Besides Peanut Butter, they also offer other great flavors such as Lemon Crisp, Cookies and Creme, and Brownie Crunch, just to name a few. Pick up a box and try them out!

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