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Improve Form and Strength with the Best Push Up Bar

  1. Perfirmer: Core Training Handles with Wheels Push Up Bars
  2. Perfect V2 Push Up Bars
  3. Elite Sportz Push Up Bars
  4. Harbinger Unisex's Pro Push Up Bars
  5. Bowflex Handles Push Up Bars
  6. Maximum Fitness Gear Power Press Push Up -Complete Push Up Training System
  7. Buyer's Guide

You would think there’s no way to improve on the most perfect exercise out there, but there is a way to make the push up even better. Traditional pushups are hands down the most complete exercise ever with the entire upper, and some of the lower, body involved in the movement but even the push up has its limitations. To be able to go deeper, relieve joint stress, and increase your movement variations you are going to want a push up bar.

There’s a lot of bars and handles on the market so sorting through all of them may be a little difficult. However, on this list are the best push up bar in 2022 because of their sturdy bases, durable materials like steel and high grade plastics, grip comfort because of width and coated handles, and increased effectiveness in targeting muscles over a traditional push up.

Best Push Up Bars of 2022 Reviewed in Detail

Perfirmer: Core Training Handles with Wheels Push Up Bars - Best Push Up Bar Overall

The PerFirmer has ruled this list for a while because quite frankly there’s no better or more innovative product on the market. These handles are a solid combination of metal and plastic that can stand up to some serious punishment. The handles have a wide base and wider than normal comfortable L-shaped grips making it perfect for larger individuals to do their workout without worrying about the handles giving out on them.

What really makes these handles special is they’re dual sided. One side is a flat surface for traditional pushups and the other boasting wheels for everything from ab rolls to body weight flys making this the most effective push up bar available. You can flip between both sides with the press of a button which makes it easy to use these handles for multiple exercises inside your workout.

Perfect V2 Push Up Bars - Runner Up

The Perfect PushUp revolutionized the push up bar with its turn style function involving more muscles in the chest than a traditional push up. Shortly after its introduction almost every fitness company was clamoring to release their own version of this product, but no one could stand up to the original. It’s built mostly out of plastic with a steel ball bearing rotation system yet incredibly durable with a weight capacity of 400 pounds. The handles are made of a spiraled rubber which is soft on the hands, but easy to grip due to the spiral design.

Elite Sportz Push Up Bars - Best Design

Push-up stands with rotating handles lessen the stress on your wrists by allowing the handles to rotate. It's all about how much you twist the push-up bars to get the perfect push-up. The Elite Sportz push-up bars are built to last and won't fall apart on you. These well-built handles will last you a long time and offer you a challenging workout that will provide significant benefits. The grips on the Elite Sportz push-up bars have rounded edges, and you'll love the seamless movement of the base, which allows you to target different muscle groups from any position. You can fit these in your bag and carry them everywhere you want to work out.

Harbinger Unisex's Pro Push Up Bars - Honorable Mention

The Harbinger push up handle is a slight variation on the traditional push up handle designed to be as joint friendly as possible. These bars are made from a high quality durable plastic with a wide base to ensure stability and safety during your workout. The wide base and wide handles combined with a comfortable foam grip make these handles easy on hands and joints. They boast rubber non-skid pads on the bottom which combined with the handle’s unique base allows you to do more exercises than a traditional handle would like the iron cross push up for instance.

best durable push up bars

Bowflex Handles Push Up Bars - Consider

If you are looking for a more traditional push up handle, Bowflex has you covered. The body of handle is made from high grade steel that can support up to 300 pounds. The hard steel is covered by durable, sweat resistant foam allowing you to keep a tight, yet comfortable grip. The base is not exceptionally wide, but wide enough to offer a solid base for any kind of push up including off balance and side plank pushups. Though it may not be as flashy as some of the newer push up handles out there, the Bowflex handles do allow you to dip much deeper and target more muscles in the chest, shoulders, and arms.

Maximum Fitness Gear Power Press Push Up -Complete Push Up Training System - Best Push Up Bars

The Power Press takes the traditional push up bar and makes it better by creating a mat that does the hardest part for you. Instead of having to figure out which position will get the most out of each upper body muscle the Power Press spells it out for you with the mat which has color coded holes letting you know which muscle you’re working.

Its unique peg design makes this by far the sturdiest push up handle because the mat becomes an extra-large base supporting more weight than you’ll be able to throw at it, even with a weight vest on. Though most of the components are plastic, the power press is truly durable and the foam gripped handles are comfortable and non-slip. The Power Press’ only weakness is that unlike other bars, it’s a little bulky. Even when taken apart it’s not as easy to store as a traditional push up handle.

Buyer's Guide

Without a doubt, the modest push-up remains the preferred activity for many fitness enthusiasts, particularly males. This deceptively simple workout strengthens the chest, shoulders, and triceps while also engaging the core, back, and legs. However, when performed without a push-up bar, push-ups cause significant wrist strain. As minor as it may appear to some, a push-up bar helps alleviate wrist pain and stiffness.

If you’re considering purchasing a push-up bar, you’re doing yourself the greatest favor of all time. Here is all you need to know:

Which type of push-up bar will work for you?

Push-up bars are classified into three distinct categories:


Plastic push-up bars are affordable and available in two shapes: semi-circle and platform. Platform bars have a far greater grip on the floor and are more comfortable to use than semi-circular bars.


Metal push-up bars are available in semi-circular and “S” shapes. These are a bit more stable compared to the plastic ones and almost the same in terms of wrist comfort.

Disc shape

Push-up bars in the disc shape might be constructed of plastic or metal. They provide the greatest level of stability and comfort but are also the most expensive.

What factors contribute to the best push-up bars?

Grips with added foam

Padding is a critical element to look for when purchasing push-up bars. To avoid slippage due to sweat, your bars should have padded foam handles. Not only will cushioning assist in preventing hand slippage, but it will also make the workout significantly more comfortable.

Rubber foot pads

Just having slip-resistant handles won’t be enough. Having slip-resistant rubber foot pads is also crucial as you will be doing push-ups by placing the bars on the ground.

Material of base

Push-up bars are available in a plethora of materials. Several are built entirely of plastic, while others are completely constructed of metal. While plastic bars have several advantages, including their low cost and ultra-lightweight nature, they are also less robust and more prone to buckle over time.

The shape of the bar

There are several different push-up bar shapes available. Typically, plastic bars feature an inverted U-shaped primary handle that rests on two non-slip rubber base sections (this is the most common).

Metal bars are available in many shapes, including circular, square, U-shaped, and even S-shaped. Round push-up bars are typically the most advanced, as many of them include a pivoting function that allows for more training alternatives.


This factor is critical if you will be using your bars in the home as well as at your gym. If you have a house or garage setup, you may want to purchase a larger set, as you will not be carrying them as frequently. Certain versions feature detachable bases that allow them to be transported and stored easily.


Naturally, it makes the most sense to invest in the sturdiest push-up bars possible. Consider the lifetime of your bars before making your selection. It serves no use to purchase a set only to have to repurchase it within a few months.

How can using push-up bars be advantageous?

Additional range of motion

A push-up bar provides alternate movements to the typical push-up, which helps you utilize other muscle groups. Overall, each push-up helps strengthen your upper body, which is critical regardless of your fitness goals. As we all know, a strong upper body results in improved overhead presses and pull-ups, as well as increased bench press numbers and performance on Olympic lifts.

Your muscles spend more time under tension when your hands are elevated on push-up bars. Additionally, when performing a push-up, your chest can dip below your palms. Increased shoulder abduction requires your pec major to work harder, which results in more significant and obvious chest development.

Less wrist strain

Executing pressing activities may cause wrist pain for beginners. This is because it takes time for the tendons in your wrist to build the strength necessary to conduct actions safely.

One of the most effective strategies to develop strong wrist strength is to alternate between ordinary push-ups on the flat ground and to use a push-up bar.

Simpler core work

Push-up bars are versatile equipment that can also function as parallettes. Of course, push-up bars are smaller than standard parallettes, but this only means they are more portable.

This gymnastic exercise tests your upper body strength and core stability while providing a dynamic, total-body workout. You are likely to get a strong core which results in strong lifts. There is no reason not to include parallettes in your weekly regimen.

Diverse workouts

Finally, and perhaps most obviously, the advantage of introducing push-up bars into your routine is their versatility. For instance, you could easily perform all of the following moves in a single workout and simultaneously torch your upper body and activate your core.

- Push-ups with a diamond shape
- Push-ups with an elevated pike shape L-sits
- Rotating side plank with one arm lifted

You’re exercising your entire upper body, engaging your pec minor and major, as well as activating and strengthening your core — all with a simple set of bars.

How much do push-up bars cost?

Fortunately, adding push-up bars to your home-gym and workout routine doesn’t have to burn holes in your pocket as you can find cost-effective and durable options. Though push-up bars are versatile gym equipment, you can find them in different price ranges.

If you don’t want to spend a hefty amount, we advise you to get a mid-range pair that will cost you about $15. The cheaper options can be found for $10 to $15, but these might not last longer. On the other hand, some high-brands offer push-up bars for $20 or even more. These are often backed by a warranty and you will rest assured of investing in a durable option.

Push-up Bars FAQs

Q: Do push-up bars facilitate push-ups?
A: Though you don’t necessarily need to add push-up bars to your workout routine, adding them increases your range of motion without much additional effort. Moreover, doing push-ups on bars will also alleviate tension on your wrists, essentially making push-ups easier.

Q: Are push-up bars a good investment?
A: Yes, these are well worth the investment, and every home gym should have one. Push bars are a low-cost, lightweight, and portable piece of exercise equipment that facilitates push-ups and increases the exercise’s effectiveness.

Q: Do push-up bars make it simpler to perform push-ups?
A: When you align your wrists with your forearm and hand while using push-up bars, the workout becomes a lot safe and simpler. They increase range of motion, which aids in making push-ups more difficult and effective. Additionally, they strengthen the chest and wrists.

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