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Best Rat Poison To Keep-Out The Monster Rodent

  1. Tomcat Rat Poison
  2. d-Con Corner Fit Mouse Poison
  3. Buyer's Guide

Rats are very intelligent animals, and unless there are only a few of them that can be trapped out quickly, they will become trap wary. Traps that once worked will suddenly not be visited, they may be turned over or they may be soiled with urine and feces that tell other rats to keep away. When this occurs, the only solution may be a rat poison.

The poisons on this list were chosen because they are the most effective, easy to use, and affordable. Bait packs top the list because they keep the poison contained until eaten. That means safety first for children and pets alike. We've compiled the best rat poisons in 2022.

Best Rat Poison of 2022 Reviewed in Detail

Tomcat Rat Poison - Top Pick

If you want safety overall, Tomcat Rat Killer ll with included locking bait station is a solid choice. Made of bromethalin, a substance that is toxic to the nervous system, once consumed, the rats central nervous system shuts down. There is no pain, and the rodent goes to sleep and never wakes up. To comply with EPA regulations, because there is no antidote for this substance, it must be used with a locked bait station so that kids or pets can't get at it. It is effective after one feeding, and the bait station can be unlocked and refilled once the bait is consumed.

d-Con Corner Fit Mouse Poison - Honorable Mention

For a name you know and trust, go with D-Con Rat & Mouse Bait Pellets. These pellets come in easy to use trays. Although there is no difference in killing power over the best rat poison, the D-Con name means you'll pay a premium for this product and the trays may be more difficult to conceal than any of the others on this list. Regardless, one feeding should do the trick.

Buyer's Guide

Rodents have a nasty reputation of being carriers of unwanted infestation and diseases, and as such, you should take them seriously. But the desperation to get rid of rats in your home shouldn't make you careless! Using rat killers the wrong way comes with several implications as contained in the product label. This guide will show you everything you need to know about the best rat poisons in the market and walk you through the selection process.

What are the types of rat poisons?

Before you buy that rat poison, you need to know the type of poison you need to eliminate the rats living around you. Here is a breakdown of some of the best ones out there:

§ Pellet bait

The pellet bait is a poison that comes in the form of pellets, and you can scatter them on your floor for the mice to feed upon. You may use this type for outdoor and indoor purposes, and it is usually children and pet-safe.

§ Liquid rat poison

This type of rat poison comes in spray and can serve as repellants, while some others are used as liquids consumed by rodents. It would help if you were careful about using rat poisons close to pets or children.

§ Soft baits

Another option is the soft baits used for poison and sealed in a plastic bag that the rodents could eat through to get the poison. This mild bait rodent poison is made to last long and be safe from deterioration except when opened by the rodents.

§ Block baits

The block bait rat poison ranks as a type of poison capable of attracting mice and rats. This substance comes with a unique flavor, and it can be scattered in a place that is not inhabited.

Factors to consider before selecting the best rat poison

You need to consider some vital things before choosing the suitable poison you need to choose for your case.

§ Dosage

The dosage of poison used has little to do with the quantity of bait you use and more about the amount the rat will eat before it falls victim. Note that the amount you will use depends primarily on whether the poison is slow-acting or quick-acting.

In the case of quick-acting poison, there is a need for less poison dosage, and some rats with aggressive appetites can consume all that is needed in a day. If you are using slow-acting poison, you will need to repeatedly feed the rat for some days before there is enough toxin to kill the rat. To be sure about the quantity of poison to use, you could check the packaging of your product for recommended dosage and direction.

§ Ease of use

Rat poisons aren't tricky to use because rats are generally attracted to them. Because rodenticides require some time before their effect kicks in, you may have to leave them outside for some days to give the rat enough time to eat them. This is the reason you should only buy a product that is easy to replace and use.

Several rat poisons can be used with feeding stations that you can refill when running empty on bait.

§ Nontoxic vs. toxic

Poisons are generally toxic, but the difference between the nontoxic and toxic poisons has little to do with their effect on the rodent. It simply talks about the toxicity of the poisons to other animals and humans. A few poisons out there are grouped as nontoxic, which is why they need to be carefully handled. Although they may not kill you, being exposed to a very high dosage of nontoxic poisons comes with side effects such as low blood pressure and flushing. Due to these reasons, ensure you keep your nontoxic poisons in the same safe environment as the toxic ones.

§ Fast-acting vs. slow-acting

There is a vast difference between fast-acting and slow-acting poisons. Note that the speed is not hinged on the time required for the rat to die. The fast-acting poisons will kill the rat quicker than the regular slow-acting poison. Fast-acting poisons are best used for places with considerable infestation because they can kill many rats in two days. Rats can avoid fast-acting poisons if they see other rats become sick after eating them immediately. Slow poisons, on the other hand, do not affect the rodents in the same manner.

How to effectively and safely use rat poison

By now, you should have settled on which rat poison you want to buy. The next thing you should know is how to use the poison in your cars, home, and yard.

1. Has the bait been placed between 15 and 50 feet apart so that the smell will attract the rodents regardless of where they are? Also, if you have a severe rat infestation, you may need to place baits every ten feet so that different rats can eat it simultaneously.

2. Also, ensure you are putting on gloves when using poison so that your smell does not affect the poison and discourages the rodents from eating the poison.

3. The moment you have placed the poison at strategic points, ensure you don't move the position of the poison. When rodents discover food, they believe it shouldn't be shifted, which is why they will return to the same place.

4. Make sure you remove other food sources because if rodents see options, they will try it, and if food is scarce, they will opt for the available poison.


Q. How does rodent poison work?

A. The different types of poison work differently. Some of them overload the bloodstream using calcium which then shuts down the organ of the rodent. Other toxins slowly kill the rodents while they feed on it, while others serve as anticoagulants, leading to internal bleeding.

Q. How long does it take for rats to be killed by poison?

A. some rat poisons get the job done within a day, but usually, it takes as much as three days before the rat passes on. The slow-acting toxins typically take more than one feeding of up to five days before the rat passes on.

Q. What happens if my pet consumes the poison?

In a case where your pet eats the poison, you should contact your vet straight away. It is wise that you treat the pet quickly to reduce the risk of permanent damage.

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