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The Best Retinol Night Cream To Keep Your Skin Silky Smooth

  1. Even Aton Retinol Night Cream
  2. Admire My Skin Retinoid Cream
  3. Good 'N Natural Retinol Cream
  4. Kate Somerville Retinol Night Cream
  5. Roc Correxion Sensitive Retinol Night Cream
  6. Neutrogena Ageless Retinol Night Cream
  7. SeoulCeuticals Korean Skin Care Snail Repair Cream
  8. Buyer's Guide

Made to rejuvenate the skin and reverse the aging process, retinol cream removes dead cells and accelerating the growth of new skin. The idea of using a retinol cream can be intimidating at first but you really have nothing to fear. Finding the perfect retinol night cream can be extremely beneficial to individuals seeking younger-looking skin but don't have the time to spend hours a day working on it. The best retinol night creams in 2022 were chosen for their ability to target unwanted wrinkles and fine lines on the face, show strong, tangible results with continual use and are formulated to safely use on any skin type.

What are the best retinol night creams of 2022?

Even Aton Retinol Night Cream - Best Retinol Night Cream Overall

The Even Aton Retinol cream is a great option for those with more sensitive skin or those who have never tried retinol before. The 0.5% concentration makes it perfect for people who usually struggle with irritation or flakiness when introducing a new acid into their skin regimen. The peptides and antioxidants contribute to a plump, healthy look for nourished skin. This retinol is also a great option if you’ve found retinol products too harsh or drying in the past. Make sure to this product at night for a 5-star experience.

Admire My Skin Retinoid Cream - Runner Up

Admire My Skin’s retinoid moisturizer is an effective anti-acne face cream that does not require a prescription. It also serves as an anti-aging cream reducing fine lines, wrinkles, and redness. The moisturizer enhances firmness and a smooth skin appearance. Suitable for all skin types, Admire My Skin Retinoid Cream offers results without the harsh side effects of prescription skin products. It gently exfoliates the top layer of dead skin cells while improving skin tone and texture. Results are expected between 4 to 6 weeks of applying the retinoid cream daily. Admire My Skin Retinoid Cream is cruelty-free, vegan, and paraben-free.

Good 'N Natural Retinol Cream - Honorable Mention

Good N' Natural's Retinol Cream works wonders when it comes to slowing down the aging process. This cream prevents wrinkles, sun spots and dryness while actively helping reverse skin damage and signs of aging. Available in a 2 ounce container, this product goes above and beyond in providing nutritional benefits to your skin with 200,000 international units of Vitamin A. This retinol cream removes the top layer of dead skin and damaged cells on the face giving you softer skin. As an added bonus, applying only a small amount of this product before bedtime will help reduce scarring from acne.

Kate Somerville Retinol Night Cream - Premium Pick

Kate Somerville's RetAsphere 2-in-1 Retinol Night Cream comes at a higher cost, but it's completely worth the higher price tag. Made with a smart release system, pure retinol is applied through a lipid shell which applies the ingredient evenly onto the skin's surface, time release technology aids in overnight application and seaweed extract locks in moisture to keep skin from drying out. Only an minimal amount of cream is needed with each application so this product will last you last a long time.

Roc Correxion Sensitive Retinol Night Cream - Consider

RoC's Retinol Correxion Sensitive Night Cream is a product made for individuals who are just beginning to use retinol cream. This cream is formulated to be mild, perfect for individuals with sensitive skin; you’ll rest easy sleeping through the night without waking up from any type of unpleasant skin sensation.  Its anti-aging formula targets wrinkles and works to renew the skin and remove fine lines. This product will leave you with beautiful, smooth skin appearing years younger than its actual age.

Neutrogena Ageless Retinol Night Cream - Consider

Neutrogena's Rapid Wrinkle Repair Night Moisturizer is one of their most popular retinoid creams. This fast-acting product quickly repairs deep wrinkles and aging skin by helping remove dead and dried out skin cells. This product delivers noticeable results in as quickly as just one week, making it one of the best creams on the market thanks to its accelerated Retinol SA ingredient. In addition to smoothing the face, this retinol cream also works to brighten the overall skin tone and remove dark sun spots. Easy to apply before bed, this moisturizing product goes above and beyond the average retinol cream!

SeoulCeuticals Korean Skin Care Snail Repair Cream - Consider

SeoulCeuticals Korean Skin Care Snail Repair Cream is an effective product that features a high concentration (97.5%) of snail mucin extract. With regular use, you’ll eventually see brighter and healthier skin. In fact, SeoulCeuticals offers a money-back guarantee if you don’t see the results within a few days.

In addition, this product is harvested in a cruelty-free environment, though it is not vegan due to the snail mucin extract. The formula consists of 97% naturally derived, 72% organic, and also made with shea butter, jojoba oil, aloe, and vitamin E which combine for pleasing results. Also, this item is non-comedogenic, so you don’t have to worry about any troublesome clogged pores.

In short, this is a fantastic night cream for your beauty regime.

Buyer's Guide

Retinol: we’ve all heard about its anti-aging benefits, but most people are too scared to use it on their skin. We don’t blame them because prescription retinol can be irritating and drying. If you’re new to this potent ingredient, we suggest buying a retinol night cream that is gentler on the skin and offers the same benefits of reducing texture, scarring, pores, and fine lines as the prescription retinol but without the irritation. Here’s what you need to know about retinol night creams before you purchase one.

What to Look for in a Retinol Night Cream

The Retinol Potency

Vitamin A derivatives have varying degrees of effectiveness depending on their strength. Some of its most effective derivatives, such as Tretinoin, cannot be obtained without a prescription, but other over-the-counter retinol products offer the same benefits but may take longer to work.

Retinol night creams come in different strength levels: quarter, half, and full strength. The best retinol night cream for you will depend on the potency your skin can handle. It’s often recommended to start with the lowest retinol concentration and work your way up as your skin gets used to the potent ingredient.

As a general rule of thumb, the product you’re buying should have retinol listed at the top of its ingredient list. Some expensive night creams contain Retinyl Palmitate, which is a potent combination of retinol and palmitic acid. Together, these antioxidants work hard to regenerate your skin cells overnight, giving you long-term anti-aging benefits.


Skincare experts suggest staying away from the retinol night creams in your local drugstore because they might not have a high enough concentration of retinol in their formulas to be effective. In fact, many drugstore retinol creams are expensive moisturizers at best, which is why we recommend reading the label to see if you’re getting what you’re paying for.

Night creams with a higher concentration of retinol are more expensive to formulate, which is why they come with a steeper price tag. Buying a costly retinol night cream might leave your wallet feeling unhappy but is definitely a splurge-worthy investment.

The Delivery System

Concentration isn’t the only thing that determines the efficacy of retinol night creams. The delivery system for the retinol to get absorbed into the skin also impacts how well it will work. Look for a retinol night cream with a slow-release delivery system, allowing the vitamin to break down slowly overnight to prevent any stinging or irritation. Before making a purchase, do your research on the brand you’re buying from and see if the product’s formula suits your skin type.

The Brand

Skincare is a booming market with new brands emerging every day with new formulas and promises of delivering quicker and better results. But reputable names that have been in the industry for decades have more resources for the research and development of new products.

Retinol night creams are already very expensive, and you definitely don’t want to bet your money on a brand that doesn’t have a reputation for making reliable products. We suggest purchasing from tried-and-true brands so that you can be confident about the efficacy of your retinol night cream.


Retinol is a notoriously unstable vitamin that can quickly oxidize if exposed to sunlight, extreme temperatures, or air. The packaging of retinol night creams is an important factor to consider because oxidation can deactivate the ingredient, rendering it ineffective. Steer clear of transparent glass containers that may look luxurious but allow the sunlight to pass through.

Make sure that the container of your retinol night cream is opaque and stored in a cool dark place at all times to retain its effectiveness. Some retinol night creams have a microencapsulated formula that keeps the unstable vitamin from oxidizing. These products might be pricier than regular retinol night creams, but they are much more stable and have a longer shelf life.

Other Ingredients

An over-the-counter retinol night cream may cause irritation or stinging the first few times you use it. Since retinol causes dryness, it’s important to find a formula with soothing and hydrating ingredients. Look for a retinol night cream that has hyaluronic acid and emollients like shea butter and squalane to nourish your skin overnight. A retinol night cream may also contain ingredients like ceramides, niacinamide, and probiotics, which strengthen your skin’s natural moisture barrier and prevent any redness or irritation.

What Is the Price Range for Retinol Night Creams?

Is there anything more satisfying than finding an effective retinol night cream that doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket? Retinol night creams can be an expensive investment, with some products costing up to hundreds of dollars! There are plenty of affordable options available in drug stores, too, that cost as little as $20, but with retinol night creams, you often get what you pay for.

If you’re new to retinol and don’t know how your skin will react to a formula, we suggest trying a less expensive night cream first. Luckily, we’ve found some incredible options to get you started on your retinol journey as you search for the ‘perfect’ formula for your skin type.

Retinol Night Cream FAQ

Q: Can you use a retinol night cream during pregnancy?
A: It’s not advisable to use high doses of vitamin A derivatives during pregnancy as it can be harmful to the unborn child. Pregnant women can use products that contain retinol alternatives like bakuchiol which is naturally occurring and offers the same collagen-boosting benefits without any harmful side effects.

Q: How often should I use a retinol night cream?
A: If you’re new to the vitamin A family, you’re better off using the retinol night cream sparingly; ideally, a couple of times a week and slowly increasing the frequency as your skin adapts to the formula.

Q: How long does it take to see results with a retinol night cream?
A: While prescription-strength retinols are incredibly effective and deliver results within weeks, most over-the-counter products like retinol night creams have a lower potency, hence, they can take months to reverse sun damage, aging, and acne scars.

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