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The Best Router Table to Make Using Your Router Easier

  1. Bosch Benchtop Router Table
  2. Craftsman Aluminum Router Table
  3. Skil Smart Design Router Table
  4. Kreg PRS2100, Precision Benchtop Router Table
  5. Kreg PRS2100 Bench Top with Essential Accessories Router Table
  6. Craftsman Router Table (37599)
  7. Rockler Trim Router Table
  8. Dremel 335-01 Rotary Tool Plunge Router Table
  9. Buyer's Guide

Router tables transform any router into a shaper for cutting molding edges onto boards, rabbeting and dadoing. This is much more convenient than hand-holding the router, especially when cutting small to medium sized pieces.

I've used a router table for years. In fact, I have one router (fixed) permanently mounted to my router table, while a second plunge router is available for the rare times that I actually need a hand-held one. As my home is somewhat antique styled, pretty much everything I make has extensive routing on the edges. With a router table, I am able to do this quickly and easily, without risk of injury.

Router tables vary extensively in their design and manufacture. While most are tabletop units, there are some free-standing units on the market. With the right router mounted to them, these rival any shaper I've ever seen for capacity and accuracy.

There are a number of important things to look at, when looking at a router table. First of all is the size. How much room do you have in your workshop for a router table and how big a work-piece are you going to be cutting? While a small router table can be used with large work-pieces, it’s difficult to maintain accuracy. While looking at size, be sure to look at the size of the insert in the table. If you are planning on using large diameter bits, such as those for making raised panels, you’ll need a router table that is designed to handle that capacity.

The flatness of the table is extremely important for maintaining a consistent depth of cut. The cut made by many bits, such as beading bits will look extremely bad if the depth isn't consistent. Some of these router table manufacturers go so far as to provide a leveler for the table inserts to help with maintaining flatness. Some also provide special coatings to the table top, in order to reduce friction.

The second thing to look at, after the table top itself, is the fence. If you are working on a lot of curved pieces, you may not use the fence much, but if you are cutting profiles on straight edges, you’ll have to have a good fence. Just like a table saw, the fence on one of these can make or break it. Fence styles differ widely, with some better for one thing and some better for others. I personally like a high fence, as it gives me the option of standing the board vertically for a different sort of cut.

Finally, the miter gauge is important, especially for cutting profiles across the grain. There are times where you will use the miter gauge in conjunction with the fence, holding the piece as square as possible to cut the edge molding or for cutting a slot to be used as a drawer slide.

Although you can do a good job with a low dollar router table (I do), a more expensive model will usually provide you with features that make it easier to work with, especially for ensuring that your profile cut comes out exactly like you want it. Check out our list of the best router tables in 2022.

Check out the best router tables on the market before you start your next project

Bosch Benchtop Router Table - Best Router Table Overall

Bosch's router table is a little larger than the Bench Dog one, measuring 27-by-18 inches. It is made of die-cast aluminum for greater durability and long life. The router mounting plate is aluminum as well, providing a rugged mounting for the router. The aluminum fence is a full 4-7/8 inches tall and faced with MDF for longer life. The miter fence is a 3/4 inch slot, as opposed to a T-slot and will also accept either of the two included feather boards. This one also has a 2-1/2 inch dust collection port, along with a storage picket for holding router accessories.

best Craftsman Aluminum Router Table

Craftsman Aluminum Router Table - Runner Up

Craftsman has a very nice router table, combining a MDF cabinet with a cast aluminum table. The table is a huge 600 square inches, making it 20 percent larger than the Bosch. The aluminum fence extends up to 30 inches, is 3-3/4 inches tall and has micro fine adjustment for accurate cuts. Speaking of which, you can make your cutting height adjustments from above the table with this one, and the cabinet works for storing bits and other accessories. There is a drop-in plate, with five insert rings, allowing for bits up to 2-1/2 inches in diameter. This unit also comes with two feather boards, a miter gauge and a 2-1/2 inch vacuum port.

Skil Smart Design Router Table - Honorable Mention

Skil actually produces more than one router table, and this is the larger model. The thing that makes this table stand out is that it is collapsible for easier transportation and storage. The router is held in place by a quick clamp system, which releases the router in seconds, as opposed to other router tables where you have to remove screws to remove the router form the table. The table and fence are covered in plastic laminate, like the Bench Dog. The table comes with a miter gauge two feather boards and starter pin and guard system for routing curved pieces. There's also a bit height gauge included for faster and easier setups. The table has built-in storage for bits and other accessories.

Kreg PRS2100, Precision Benchtop Router Table - Consider

This table by Kreg is designed for professionals to take to the jobsite. It measures 16-by-24 inches and is topped by an impact resistant easy-slide micro dot work surface for reduced friction and easier control of your work piece. The fence is extruded aluminum and features independent sliding faces, allowing the table to be used as a vertical jointer. The 3/8-inch thick phenolic insert plate features eight adjustable points of contact so that the router can be trued exactly perpendicular to the table face.

Kreg PRS2100 Bench Top with Essential Accessories Router Table - Best Stand Alone Router Table

Kreg’s router table is a little different as it features their micro-dot coated MDF top which absorbs vibration and noise while providing an extremely slick surface for the workpiece to slide across. The fence is probably the best part of this table with a T-square type design to ensure it’s always at 90 degrees to the miter slot. The fence is also made from an enclosed aluminum extrusion which creates a full-length vacuum chamber for dust collection.

The two faces are independently adjustable, so that the router table can be used as a vertical jointer as well. The table insert is made of an incredibly durable phenolic, which can be customized to match your router. The bit inserts are replaceable, allowing you to use a ring that is appropriate for the bit size.

best Craftsman Router Table (37599)

Craftsman Router Table (37599) - Best Budget Router Table

This is Craftsman's smallest router table, featuring a laminated top and molded plastic legs. The best thing about this router table is that depth of cut adjustment is made from the top of the table. The top provides a 23-5/8-inches long by 14-inches deep work area. A multifunction fence runs the full length of the top. Two fingerboards are provided to hold the workpiece in place, as well as a miter gauge and safety cover for the bit.

The table is cut to handle router bits up to 2-inches in diameter, with inserts for use with smaller sized bits. Craftsman has provided two electrical outlets on the switch, so that you can connect both the router and a dust-collection system together and control them with one switch.

Rockler Trim Router Table - Best Budget Router Table

Rockler makes a number of router tables, but this one is unique as it’s designed to work with a compact router, rather than a full-sized one. It also comes without legs, with the intention that it can be clamped wherever it is needed, such as to a workbench or the tailgate of a pickup truck. Of all the routers on this list, I’d say that this one has the best fence system, although it can still be hard to adjust. The fence is also dust-collection ready, with a built-in dust port.

Dremel 335-01 Rotary Tool Plunge Router Table - Best Budget Router Table

This is the smallest router table on the market, and in fact so small that you can’t use it with any normal, compact, or trim router. Instead, it’s designed for use with any of Dremel’s corded rotary tools, allowing them to be used for routing small wood parts. Even so, it is a complete router table, with an adjustable fence and a bit guard. The table itself measures 6 by 8-inches and is intended to be mounted to a workbench. If you need to do detail work, Dremel has you taken care of.

Buyer's Guide

Do you intend on becoming one of the greatest wood carvers of all time? If your answer is yes, you most certainly look up to the greats like Grinling Gibbons and Tilman Riemenschneider. To create better carvings than they did, having the best router table that gives you absolute control and precision while you use your router to make the most intricate cuts. In this guide, we’ll consider the benefits, features, and factors to consider in order to select the best router table for your needs.

What is a Router Table?

The router table, an essential tool in the shed of every woodcarver, makes cutting with a router easy, safe, and fun.

This unique table is designed for mounting a router. On this table, a normally handheld router is placed upside down from under the table. It features a hole through which the cutter or bit for the router sticks out.

What are the Benefits of a Router Table?

Among the many benefits of the router table, here are a few you probably didn't know.

One of the most important benefits of the router table is that it simplifies your project while speeding up its completion. Angles that would have been difficult to work from can now be tackled with ease.

The range of angles from which you can position yourself to use the table makes it perfect for trying out new techniques and gives your carvings a more professional look.

In addition to making your carving professional, the router table also makes your wood carving workshop complete.

Lastly, with the best router table, the time it would take to clean up after carving is now significantly reduced since many of the best router tables feature an impressive dust removal system.

What is the Best Type of Router Table to Buy?

The best type of router table to buy depends on your expertise in wood carving, the size of your workshop, and the project's size. The amount you are willing to spend to take your workshop to a world-class level also plays a role in the selection process.

There are two major router tables;

  • Tabletop router tables
  • Standalone router tables

Tabletop router table

The tabletop router table is recommended for newbies to woodworking. They are sturdy but do not have legs of their own. This means they have to be used on top of another table. Also, they are usually more portable than their standalone counterparts.

Standalone router table

This router table is the best for large-scale wood carving. They have legs that can be adjusted to a height you prefer. The downside to this router table is that it is heavy and difficult to transport.

What Are the Important Parts of a Router Table and How Do They Influence the Selection Process?

The Table Surface

Choosing a flat and stable table is ideal because the table's flatness and rigidity will determine the quality and perfection of the project before and after it is completed.

One of the ways to determine the flatness of a table is by performing the marble test to determine the flatness of the table. The best table tops are made using quality cast iron to reduce vibrations.

The Base Plate

This is also known as the mounting plate or insert plate. It is an essential part of the router table as it allows the router to fit into the hole on the tabletop. Crucial factors that make a great base plate include the quality of the base plate material and the design. The design of the base plate must be compatible with the router.

Some of the best base plates are made using aluminum or phenolic resin. The best base plate will also have a sufficient number of holes that align correctly with the router.

The Fence

When cutting your workpiece, accuracy is essential. To get the precision you desire, your mounting table must be equipped with a sturdy fence that is easy to use, sturdy, and adjustable.

You will be faced with the option of having to choose between either a single-piece fence or a split fence.

The split fence

is suitable for more advanced jobs like offsetting the infeed and outfeed, removing material while cutting stress-free. It, however, might be tricky getting the two pieces of the split fence to align perfectly.

On the other hand, the Single piece fence poses little difficulty to set up as there is no alignment issue. It is not suitable for complex projects.

T-slots and Miter

T-lots are essential, and all the best router tables have one. They are useful for holding a variety of accessories like the miter gauge and are sometimes called a miter slot.

Features to look out for when choosing the Best Router Table

Size of the Table

The size of the table will determine what type of projects the table you select can conveniently support. A router table can have a surface 22inches long and 15 inches wide. Other tables can be as long as 36 inches with a width of 24 inches.

You should have no issues working with wooden boards within 6-8 feet in length with the table sizes above.

Compatibility of the Router with the Table

Always check and ensure that the router you own is compatible with the table you are about to buy. It will be a waste of time and resources to buy a table that cannot be used with your pre-owned router. To avoid this buying mistake, look out for tables that feature multiple base plates. This will make the router table suitable for whatever hole pattern is on your router.

Do not buy all-in-one plates, also known as universal plates. Their holes have less structural integrity and are compromised.

Build Quality of the Router Table

Quality router tables are built to last. They feature an MDF top that is at least 1 inch thick and is protected using melamine coating. Melamine coating will prevent the MDF top from soaking water and swelling up.

Also, go for router tables that are warranty-covered. This way, if you get unlucky and buy a table with defects, you can return the product to the manufacturer.


What is a good size for a router table?

The best router tables have the following dimensions, length 22 inches and a width of 15 inches. Another good size for a router table is a length of 36 inches and a width of 24 inches.

Can you use a router table as a jointer?

Yes, a router table can be used as a jointer for joining edges. It is, however, not suitable for face jointing due to its narrow design.

Does a router table fence need to be squared?

Yes, the fence has to be squared to the top of the router table. A squared fence reduces the risks of having joints that don't fit.

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