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Review: Best Car Seat Protectors

  1. Lusso Gear Waterproof Seat Protector Car Seat
  2. PIDO Black Hem Seat Protector Car Seat
  3. Zohzo Child Seat Protector Car Seat
  4. SMART ELF Baby Seat Protector Car Seat

Whether you’re leasing your car or like to keep it looking brand new, it is important to protect your seats from spills, accidental damage, and baby car seats — messes can be especially stubborn on car seat fabric. To keep your car looking spick and span, it may be time to invest in some car seat protectors. They are perfect for those with children or pets or those who are prone to making a mess in their vehicle. We’ve scouted out the best car seat protectors in 2021 that are both functional and comfortable so your car stays clean.

Best Car Seat Protectors

Lusso Gear Waterproof Seat Protector Car Seat - Top Pick

This single car seat cover is available in five colors so you can match it to your car’s interior. The cover does a great job of protecting your seats, especially leather seats, against scratches and stains thanks to the PVC leather construction. The cover consists of eight different layers allowing it to be non-slip, comfortable, waterproof, and look nice in your vehicle all at the same time. The cover is perfect for using underneath car seats for toddlers or babies as they won’t slide around on top of the cover or make indents in your leather. There are also three pockets at the bottom for storing and organizing items you’d like to keep within arm’s reach such as snacks or baby wipes.

PIDO Black Hem Seat Protector Car Seat - Honorable Mention

These car seat covers have plenty of padding to avoid scratches or indentation on the cushion below. A flap on the cover ensures that the protector stays perfectly aligned on the seat and an adjustable buckle strap makes sure the cover remains at the proper height for full coverage. There’s no need to worry about spills as the protector’s thick fabric is water-resistant, allowing you to wipe up liquids before they soak in. The thick fabric also allows the cover to hold up well when underneath children’s car seats or when used with pets. Plus, these covers are compatible in all sorts of car types.

Zohzo Child Seat Protector Car Seat - Contender

These comfortable car seat protectors are designed to catch spills, avoid scuff marks and scratches, and keep your car looking spotless. The layers of fabric within the cover prevent anything from leaking through and will even prevent children’s car seats from making an imprint. Kids can also keep their favorite car ride toys handy in the two front pockets, which also prevent dirt and grime from getting onto the front of the seat. Even though they are slim, there is plenty of durability and protection. Plus, the surface can be quickly wiped down to keep them looking clean and new.

SMART ELF Baby Seat Protector Car Seat - Consider

If you’re looking for a product that offers a variety of features for maximum protection, look no further than this seat protector by Smart Elf. Other protectors overlook coverage in the crease of the seat, but these protectors provide plenty of protection and extra cushion. Made with strong oxford fabric, the cover can stand up to loads of wear and tear and can be cleaned in seconds with a wipe or damp cloth. These are perfect for babies in rear-facing car seats, protecting the seat’s back from kicking and other damage. The anti-slip dots on the back of the cover keep it in place so your child’s car seat doesn’t slide around and the front mesh pocket keeps toys and other items all within reach.

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