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Create Your Signature Sound with the Best Snare Drum

  1. Ludwig Supraphonic Snare Drum
  2. Gretsch Mark Schulman Signature Snare Drum
  3. Mendini Steel Snare Drum
  4. Ludwig Black Beauty LB416BT Brass Snare Drum
  5. DW Collector's Series All-Maple Snare Drum
  6. Gretsch C-65142S Maple Shell Snare Drum
  7. Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute MAS1460 Snare Drum
  8. Tama PBB146 Starphonic Bell Brass Snare
  9. DW Collector's Series Bell Brass Snare Drum
  10. Pearl Ultracast Snare Drum
  11. Pearl OH1350 Omar Hakim Signature 13x5" African Mahogany Snare Drum
  12. Pearl Maple Piccolo Snare Drum
  13. Mapex MPX 14 x 5.5" Snare Drum
  14. Buyer's Guide

Of any drum, the snare is the one with the most character and the main component in defining a drummer's signature sound. Most professional drummers prefer to use different drums for specific genres of music and snares are no exception. The best snare drums in 2022 are versatile enough for use with multiple genres of music with the four main genre-specific categories being rock, jazz, metal, and hip-hop. We've compiled the following lists of the best genre-specific snare drums available and provided a buyer’s guide loaded with information to help you in your search.

Detailing the Best Snare Drum of 2022

Ludwig Supraphonic Snare Drum - Best Snare Drum Overall

It is rare to find a consensus pick for the best sounding instrument in any category, but most top professional drummers agree the Ludwig Supraphonic LM402 is one of the best sounding snare drums overall. Many of my favorite recordings feature a Supraphonic and it’s been a staple sound of many top professional drummers. The Supraphonic has a crisp attack and a fairly bright overall sound which cuts through the band to provide a steady back-beat.

This drum is also available in several different sizes along with a choice of either a hammered or smooth shell; the shell itself is beaded, chrome-plated aluminum for a signature look and sound.  Personally I prefer the 6.5x14 inch smooth shell because it has a big sound that still blends well while the hoops are extremely solid and will stay in round. Available with either imperial or tube lugs, I recommend the imperial lugs because they’re slightly more durable and have the look you’re more likely to associate with the Supraphonic snare drum. While expensive, the high price point is justifiable because what you have here is one of the best sounding drums on the market.

best signature snare drums

Gretsch Mark Schulman Signature Snare Drum - Runner Up

Gretsch is one of the oldest drum manufacturers and they’re usually associated with jazz music. However they have teamed up with drumming legend Mark Schulman to create an amazing snare drum which is useful across multiple music genres. This drum features a 9-ply maple shell with bubinga stripes which produce a unique sound that works with almost any style of music. A nice bonus of using the Bubinga stripes is they give the drum a nice look while the high gloss finish is beautiful.

This snare drum has a bit more bite than typical Gretsch drums, but retains a mature sound that they’re known for. The 45 degree bearing edge helps the drum cut through louder bands, the 42 strand snares are very crisp, and the die-cast hoops are very durable but maintain a good sense of pitch. This drum is available in a couple sizes which are small in diameter than most 14 inch drums which gives it a unique sound. I like the 6x13 inch size because it generates a sound big enough to use it as a primary snare drum.

Mendini Steel Snare Drum - Best Value for Money

This could be your best choice if you're beginning to play the drums, you're getting one for a youngster, or you need a snare drum for busking or something like that. As the name indicates, Mendini by Cecilio Student is created for students and others on a small budget. Snare drums might be pricey, but this one comes with a stand and case, so it's a good value for the money. This snare doesn't shake or go out of tune after a few minutes of use, which is rare for low-cost snares. It also sounds good. The pricing does imply that you're not getting anything particularly showy, and the snare drum could require some setup by someone with knowledge, but that's true even with some alternatives in higher price groups.

Ludwig Black Beauty LB416BT Brass Snare Drum - Honorable Mention

The Ludwig Black Beauty line of snare drums is famous for being the best model for rock music because it has a crisp, amazing sound that’s truly ideal for just about any musical genre, including rock. The Ludwig Black Beauty 5x14 Brass LB416BT snare drum has a crisp sound with a warm sustain, great for the studio and live performances. This drum has a legendary sound other companies have tried to imitate but none come close to producing a drum which sounds as warm and crisp.

This snares brass shell really cuts through the sound of a full band and there are several options for the strainer holding the snares in place. I prefer the P86 because the P85 is notorious for being troublesome and the p70 is quite cumbersome. The available tube lugs are great because they don’t crack or lose tension, the smooth shell has a more consistent sound, and the die-cast hoops are sturdy and durable. The name Black Beauty is the most famous and most well respected name in snare drums and this pick carries on that tradition.

best maple snare drum

DW Collector's Series All-Maple Snare Drum - Consider

DW's Collector's Series All-Maple Snare Drum is one of the best sounding drums for rock because it creates a very consistent sound. In fact, DW's Collector's series drums are used by top professionals because of their superior quality and amazing sound. This drum has a 60 degree bearing edge along with a lacquered interior which helps to produce its unique, superior sound. These drums are available in countless different sizes and quite frankly they all sound great. I prefer the 6x14 inch size because it offers a full sound that’s very versatile.

Available in several different shell types, I recommend the all-maple shell for its warmth and pure tone. The 10-ply shell is made from North American Maple and has a 6-ply reinforcement hoop to retain a pure tone. Additionally, the hoops and hardware are some of the finest around since they’re more durable than other high-end snare drums. I find that the strainer is a bit more solid than some of its competitors. This drum can be customized to your personal taste with plenty of options for shell and hardware finishes available.

best Gretsch C-65142S Maple Shell Snare Drum

Gretsch C-65142S Maple Shell Snare Drum - Best Snare Drum for Jazz

The sound of Gretsch drums have long been associated with Jazz music and it seems as though their drums are designed specifically for the Jazz drummer. This custom wood snare by Gretsch has a 6-ply maple shell offered in a wide selection of attractive finishes. There are two different options for the throw off including the classic Gretsch lighting design (Which I prefer because I’m used to its motion) and a newer Dunnet throw off. This drum has Gretsch’s proprietary snare bed cut into the drum making  it more responsive than most drums. The drum has reliable die-cast hoops and several options for number of lugs (I prefer to have a lot of lugs because of more control when tuning.) This drum has a very warm sound which fits in well with any Jazz ensemble.

Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute MAS1460 Snare Drum

Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute MAS1460 Snare Drum - Best Snare Drum for Jazz

Yamaha’s Maple Custom drums have always been a favorite of mine for Jazz playing because they’re very warm and intimate. Their drums just seem to have more character than other brands and the Maple Custom Absolute snare drum is no exception. The drum has a Maple shell with an unusual depth of six inches which splits the difference perfectly between too deep and too shallow; the drum is deep enough to have full body without too much boom. Yamaha throw-offs are very easy to switch on and off and this is often done throughout the course of a Jazz set. I prefer the MAS1460 model because of the absolute lug system for tuning but hook lugs are also available. These drums are also available in matching colors to the full drum set, good news for drummers who want a fully matching kit. This drum is very responsive and has warmth that is unmatched.

Tama PBB146 Starphonic Bell Brass Snare - Best Snare Drum for Metal

Tama’s Starphonic Bell Brass snare is one of the finest drums available, creating an explosion of sound when played loudly while extremely sensitive for soft playing. The drum has the most complete range of any drum on the market with a very unique sound and one of the few drums which doesn’t need to be attacked to overpower a loud metal band. This snare allows the player to relax and focus more on the groove, rather than just beating the drum mercilessly to create volume. However, it’s durable enough to handle any kind of attack that you can provide.

The 3MM Bell Brass shell is one of the highest quality shells available and the hardware can handle intense tuning and rim-shots. This drum creates the standard that all other metal drums try to match, and that’s why it’s used by many top professionals. Although one of the most expensive drums one the market, it’s also one of the very best drums overall.

DW Collector's Series Bell Brass Snare Drum

DW Collector's Series Bell Brass Snare Drum - Best Snare Drum for Metal

DW‘s Collector’s Series Bell Brass snare drum is designed to compete with Tama’s Bell Brass snare drum but at a much lower price tag. It has just as much power but a slightly different sound that is a bit wider and has enough pop to cut through at extreme volumes while retaining DW’s refined sound. This drum is made from rolled brass alloy which is different than the beaded and hand hammered brass offered by other companies. The shell has a smooth and brilliant looking brass finish to compliment this overall very heavy drum with a large sound.

As stated in our previous reviews of DW Collector’s series snare drums, the hardware is extremely durable and well made with hoops which can handle intense rim shots and high tension tuning. The strainer is of the highest quality and there are also several different options for hardware colors. The drum is available in 4x14, 5.5x14, and 6.5x14 inch sizes; as with most metal drums, I recommend the deeper 6.5x14 size for increased volume capacity. As with most DW drums, this snare drum is expensive but well worth the extra cost when you consider its price against other brass snare drums.

Pearl Ultracast Snare Drum

Pearl Ultracast Snare Drum - Best Snare Drum for Metal

Pearl’s Ultracast snare drum is used by many professional Metal drummers. Rather than a brass shell, the Ultracast uses a thick 3mm aluminum shell to create its intense sound but retains a bit of warmth to which can overpower when necessary. The Ultracast features a milled cast aluminum shell with bearing edges which are very consistent to help the drum retain some tone even when cranked to extreme tightness.

The drum features quality SuperHoop II rims and a great sounding set of snares while all of the hardware has the same consistency and durability Pearl is known for. The drum is available in 5x14 and 6.5x14 inch sizes although I prefer the deeper 6.5x14 size for increased volume capacity. The drum has a nice black heavy-metal look that will fit right in on stage or in videos while being priced several hundred dollars less than its competitors, making it a great buy.

Pearl OH1350 Omar Hakim Signature 13x5" African Mahogany Snare Drum - Best Snare Drum for Hip-Hop

Pearl teamed up with drumming legend Omar Hakim to create his unique signature snare drum. While he isn’t known specifically for being a hip hop drummer, his snare drum works well within the genre. This snare is referred to as the Power Piccolo because it has a tight, but powerful sound. The 5x13-inch dimensions work extremely well in the studio because the drum delivers a sharp attack. Even though it’s quite small, this pick is louder than maple drums because it has a 6-ply African mahogany shell that’s more powerful than maple. In fact, not many drums are made from mahogany so this pick delivers a unique sound ideal for hip hop.

Because this is a wooden snare, it can serve as a nice foundation for hip hop production effects because they’ll often enhance the sound of the drum rather than changing it. The SuperHoop II hoops are very durable and hold tension well while the SR-015 strainer is smooth and well designed to prevent bending. This reasonable priced drum has a natural, beautiful mahogany finish which is unique enough for the hip hop genre.

Pearl Maple Piccolo Snare Drum - Best Piccolo Snare Drum

Pearl’s Maple piccolo snare has always been my favorite piccolo snare because it has the classic small and compact sound you’re likely to associate with piccolo snares. The maple shell prevents the drum from sounding like a tin can (a common problem with other piccolo snares) and also makes for a warm sound unmatched by other piccolo snares. The Maple shell also gives the drum a softer tone that is very useful when using it as an alternative to a big metal snare drum.

The 13 inch diameter and 3 inch depth are the perfect dimensions because they keep the sound very pointed and this drum is great for orchestral players looking for a snare drum responsive enough for soft, intricate playing. Pearl is known for their quality hardware and this drum’s lugs and hoops are extremely durable; the 1.6mm steel hoops are designed to hold pitch and the one piece lugs can support the tightest tensions. This drum's price tag is slightly higher than other drums, but it is well worth the investment because of the great sound and high quality maple shell.

Mapex MPX 14 x 5.5" Snare Drum - Best Budget Snare Drum

Mapex drums are quickly growing in popularity and their MPX Maple Snare is the best budget maple snare available. Maple is one of the finest woods for drums because it has a warm sound that adjusts well to dynamic changes. While often an expensive wood, this drum has a very affordable price tag. Like most maple drums, this drum has a lot of warmth but still has great punch with a 6.5 MM maple shell which has a very clear tone and crisp attack. The triple-flange hoops are well made and very durable along with two-piece low mass lugs which aren’t as prone to breaking as one-piece options. This very professional-looking drum is available a couple of different finishes and sizes, but I prefer the black 14 x 5.5 inch size.

Buyer's Guide

The snare drum is often the first purchase made by any drummer because of its practicality for learning technique and rudimentary skills. Unfortunately, many drummers often purchase the first snare they find and end up wasting a lot of money on a poor choice. Additionally, many parents will buy a snare drum for their child yet know nothing about what they’re purchasing. This buyer’s guide will help you in your search for quality snare drum whether it’s for yourself or your child.

Snare Drum Parts


Snares are wires or cables spread across the bottom head of the drum. These snares vibrate when the drum is struck, giving off a crisp sound.


The snare drum shell is usually made of wood or metal. There are some drums constructed from synthetic materials such as fiberglass but they often sound inferior to their wooden and metal counterparts.


Snare drums have calfskin or plastic drumheads stretched across the top and bottom of the shells. The top head is called the “batter” head which is struck with a stick to create sound. The bottom head is called the “resonant” head and interacts with the snares to produce the crisp, snare drum sound.


Hoops are round pieces of metal or wood which keep the drumheads in place.

Tension Bolts and Lugs

Tension bolts are screwed through the hoop and into lugs attached to the shell and when tightened with a drum key, these bolts lower the hoop and tighten the tension of the drumhead to produce a higher pitched sound.


The strainer is a device mounted to the side of the drum which tightens the snares with a screw.


The throw-off is a switch attached to the strainer which detaches the snares from the bottom head, generating a sound similar to a tom-tom.


Shell Material

Wooden shells usually produce a warmer sound than metal. The most common woods used to make shells are maple, birch, or mahogany, each offering a different sound. Maple tends to be the warmest, refined-sounding wood. Birch shells produce a more focused sound which still blends well. Mahogany typically sounds deeper than either maple or birch.

Drums manufactured with metal shells produce a sharp sound that cuts through the texture of a band. Brass and aluminum are the most common metals used to make shells. Brass produces a sharp and pointed sound while aluminum sounds thin and “pingy”.

Shell Depth

The depth of the shell determines if the drum has a high or low pitch. 5 inch shells will have a higher pitch that cuts through the texture while 6 1/2 inch shells will support and blend well.

Snare Material

The material used to make the snares determines how crisp the drum sounds. “Snappy” snares are made from metal and produce a crisp sound while cable snares are plastic which produce a very full sound.

Snare Drum Features

Solid Shell Construction

These shells have a very pure sound since they’re made from one solid piece of wood.
Alternately, multi-ply shells are made from several different layers of wood and are much more common.

Die-Cast Hoops

Some drummers prefer die-cast hoops to triple flange hoops because they hold tension extremely well.

Custom Strainer/Throw-off

These are designed to allow quick and easy snare tension adjustment. Many companies offer specific strainers and throw-offs with additional features exclusive to their brand.


Some snare drums have a built-in dampening device mounted to the inside of the shell. This device presses a piece of felt against the underside of the batter head and mutes the head slightly. Professionals usually remove this dampener because it’s not the best way to evenly dampen a head.

Specialty Snares

Piccolo Snare Drum

Piccolo snare drums are smaller in depth and diameter than normal snare drums. These drums have a higher pitch than common snare drums and often have a smaller sound.
While normal snare drums are 14 inches in diameter and five or six-and-a-half inches in depth, piccolos are usually 13 inches in diameter and 3-4 inches in depth. For specific recommendations, refer to my picks for “Best Piccolo Snare Drum”.

Soprano Snare Drum

Soprano snare drums are smaller in diameter than normal snare drums, but are often much deeper. These drums have a very unique pop which works well for hip-hop and other specific musical genres.


Companies known for producing quality snare drums include Ayotte, ddrum, DW, Gretsch, Ludwig, Mapex, PDP, Pearl, Rogers, Sonor, Tama, Trick, and Yamaha.
Pork Pie makes specialty snare drums, and manufacturers such as Black Swamp specialize in making orchestral snare drums. You can refer to my picks for “Best Snare Drum” to get specific recommendations.


A great sounding snare drum can increase in value and may quickly become a collector’s item so think of your purchase more as an investment. The price is based largely on the cost of the materials used to make the shell and hardware and while high prices usually correspond with a great sounding drum, this isn’t always true.
Maple and brass shells usually sound better than other materials but are often more expensive. If you’re looking for an affordable drum which still sounds great, I recommend an aluminum or birch shell with triple-flange hoops.

Snare Drum Size

Most snare drums are 14 inches in diameter with a depth of either 5 or 6 1/2 inches.

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