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Best Subwoofer Cables Delivering High-Quality Sound

  1. AudioQuest SUB-1 Subwoofer Cable
  2. Blue Jeans Cable LC-1 RCA Stereo Audio Cable
  3. Silver Serpent Subwoofer Cable
  4. Monster Cable MC 600SW-8M Subwoofer Cable
  5. Mediabridge Ultra Series Subwoofer Cable
  6. Buyer's Guide

A subwoofer cable has the job of delivering a line-level audio signal (typically 0.3 to 0.45 volts) from your A/V receiver, amplfier, or preamp to a powered subwoofer. In many cases, the subwoofer is some distance from the rest of the system, so a good cable must keep signal loss to a minimum. Additionally, quality subwoofer cable must be well-shielded to minimize the pickup of 60 Hz hum from power cables, a frequency right in the sweet spot of a subwoofer's frequency response. RFI (radio frequency interference) can also be an issue. RCA connectors with gold plating are always nice since gold resists corrosion. Our selections below are based on cable capacitance, shielding, and connector quality, and are for mono cables only i.e. single connection point at both ends.

For more information on what to look at in selecting the best subwoofer cable in 2022, We have listed below the subwoofer cables available for you to help you decide what product is best to buy.

Best Subwoofer Cables of 2022 Reviewed in Detail

AudioQuest SUB-1 Subwoofer Cable - Best Subwoofer Cable Overall

If you want a great subwoofer cable, look no further than the AudioQuest SUB-1. This cable features three separate silver-plated solid copper conductors to maximize signal transfer, with each conductor having its own air core insulation layer. All three conductors together are also shielded to effectively eliminate noise, with the shield completely covering the outer sleeve of the RCA connector. The conductors are also sliver-plated copper, and attached with silver paste instead of standard solder. A very nice feature is a separate ground wire which can be connected to further reduce the potential for AC hum.

This cable is a great choice for audiophiles, and it is not insanely priced. The only caveat would be using this subwoofer cable in systems where the equipment is exposed to moisture. The silver-plated copper is electrically superior, but not corrosion resistant like gold.

Blue Jeans Cable LC-1 RCA Stereo Audio Cable - Runner Up

The Blue Jeans Cable LC-1 is a close second to the AudioQuest SUB-1. Blue Jeans is a small company that makes great products. Their LC-2 cable is quite thick - .30 in diameter, and constructed of low-capacitance copper. Each cable has two separate braided shields, with the shields tightly connected to high quality RCA connectors with gold-plated contact points. Additionally, the Blue Jeans LC-1 is UL listed and CM rated for in-wall applications. These subwoofer cables are made to order in the desired length, and can be further customized as needed. The only negative could be the profile and thickness if you are running this under a carpet.

Silver Serpent Subwoofer Cable - Honorable Mention

This audiophile subwoofer cable has all the essentials for a high quality interconnect. Like the Audioquest SUB-1, the Silver Serpent contains silver-plated copper conductors, but these are stranded core instead of solid. Some audiophiles will prefer solid over stranded wire for these applications, but the silver plating still makes this cable a decided upgrade in terms of signal transfer. The rated signal loss is only .3 dB over a 100 ft run - quite impressive. This subwoofer cable has a bare copper shield to minimize noise pick up, and has a very sturdy outer jacket. The Silver Serpent is a good choice to improve the sound of the bottom octave of your system.

best Monster Cable MC 600SW-8M  Subwoofer Cable

Monster Cable MC 600SW-8M Subwoofer Cable - Consider

The Monster Cable 600SW subwoofer cable is yet another quality subwoofer cable from a company known for their interconnects and speaker wire. The 600SW has two solid-core copper conductors to carry low frequencies with another wire network designed to deliver higher frequencies which, when lost, can result in less defined articulation. Like all quality cables, this subwoofer cable has a shield to reduce EMI and RFI noise. And the flexible outer cover, and gold-plated RCA connectors makes this a useful cable for both home and car applications. This is a product is a typical Monster offering - high-quality and priced within reach.

best Mediabridge Ultra Series Subwoofer Cable

Mediabridge Ultra Series Subwoofer Cable - Best Subwoofer Cable

The last entry in our Best Subwoofer Cable category is not really in the same league as the first three, but it still is a very capable interconnect and a bargain. This Mediabridge subwoofer cable uses a single copper conductor with a double shield system consisting of copper and aluminum along the entire jacket. Aluminum keeps the price down, and works well as a shield at lower frequencies (less so at higher frequencies). Gold-plated RCA connectors finish this nice choice for music lovers on a tight budget. And, unlike most subwoofer cables, the Mediabridge Ultra Series is also perfectly suited to being used as a digital audio or video cable. So if you upgrade later, this will still be a useful interconnect.

Buyer's Guide

With several subwoofer cable options produced by different brands, finding the right one can be confusing. Even expert cable users may find new cables with other specifications different from what they are used to. But getting the perfect line shouldn't be too difficult if you follow this guide of the best subwoofer cables.

Does a Subwoofer Need a Special Cable?

Although there are several ways you can connect a subwoofer, remember that only the best pieces give the best results. Also, many of the subwoofers need a simple cable with RCA connectors on either end. Specific subwoofer models often need inputs for the left and proper channels, and the LFE subwoofer cable can be good with LFE input and AV receivers on the subwoofer.

Factors to consider before choosing subwoofer cables

Here are a few things you should never forget as an expert or a newbie when scouting for wires.

· Shielding

The size and type of material used in making the cable's shield will play a massive role in how well the output will be protected from interference. Many of the best-performing cables out there come with aluminum foil or braided copper. Usually, cables that come with dual shielding layers are known to do far better.

Also, cables that come with shielding that is too thin may not give the best shielding performance. Also, external interference from EM fields close to the wire finds its way into the cable with ease and causes noise which may affect the speaker’s sound response.

· Connector design

The ends of a cable that plugs into the ports on the sound components are known as the connectors. Also, the way the connector is designed will show its signal and fit transmission efficiency. Most of the top brands do not include connectors that help them provide securely into your jack. Those types of connectors do not come out with ease. Note that a secure connection cuts down the risk of noise pick-up where the connector links the port's core.

· The length of the cable

If you are not looking to host a large party, you may not need to choose very long cables. When selecting the length, ensure to consider what your set-up will look like.

· Subwoofer types

Many of the user's purchase cables based on how their speaker ports look like. Always recall that there are several types of the subwoofer. It suffices to say that you should check your type of subwoofer, so you don't end up buying what you don't need.

· Cable thickness

Everyone buying electronic auxiliaries these days is quite focused on how long they will last. The durability of a cable can be easily deduced from how it looks. It suffices to say that the thicker the cable seems, the longer it may last.

· Conductors

Certain conductors are designed to transmit signal frequencies at a slower pace than others. Therefore, you should select a product that comes with good quality copper and those that are resistant to penetrants and corrosion. Such cables always have better sound and audio reception.

What is the difference between Coaxial and RCA CABLES?

There are two distinct digital audio connection types between subwoofers and other acoustic system components. One of the connections requires RCA, while the other depends on coaxial cables. These cables are pretty similar to each other, although they initially come with separate functions. RCA cables help transmit analog signals, while the coaxial cords help in broadcasting digital signals.

The RCA cables are used primarily on connecting video and audio devices. While the coaxial cords are for Radio Frequency uses. Also, the digital coaxial cables can use RCA connectors on either end along with it.

How to keep your wires organized and concealed

Even if you buy the best subwoofer cable, it will only last as long as you let it. This is why you should invest time, energy, and resources to ensure the line stands the test of time. Here are some helpful tips to help you prolong the life of your cable.

· Get the cables bundled.

You can keep your cables neat and organized by having them bundled together with cable ties. Ensure you tie them after each foot to create a bundle of subwoofer speaker cables instead of having them scattered. If the wires are bundled up, you will find it easy to hide them behind furniture, which makes them hidden.

· Conceal the cables between the carpet and wall

Instead of letting the cables lie or hang everywhere in your house, you could make them more organized by hiding them between the wall edges and carpet. In a situation where you don't have carpets, you may think of adding a dense one to hide the cables and beautify your home.

· Conceal them on the wall with paint

If your speakers are wall-mounted, you ought to create a minimalist look by concealing the cables on the wall. The easiest way to do this is by painting them. To do this, run the wires in a straight line and have them held in place using staples and zip ties.

· Have the speaker cables installed via walls and ceilings

If you are using in-ceiling speakers, you will have more work to do concealing the wires. Although you can still use paint to hide the cables, the best way to completely cover them is by hiding them in walls and ceilings. Also, you may choose to cut small holes via the walls to pass the cables through the walls.

Frequently asked questions

Q. Which of the cables should I connect with my subwoofer?
A. If your subwoofer gets placed close to the speaker, you may have to connect the cable into a low-frequency effect input (LFE). Note that the LFE is also referred to as the RCA or mono input.

Q. Are coaxial digital audio cables any different from RCA cables?
A. Although both cables look alike, the RCA cable transmits analog signals, and they are pretty thinner while also having narrower bandwidth. Also, RCA signals have a reputation of quickly losing the signal.

Q. What is the ideal length of the cable?
A. The ideal length for your cable should work with the distance between your electronics and the subwoofer. But it would help if you stayed away from cables that measure over 20ft long, except they come with thick shielding.

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