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Give Your Car an Upgrade with the Best Tires for the Honda Accord

It's no secret that the Honda Accord is seen as a more sporting choice than its archrival, the Toyota Camry. This is due to livelier engine options and suspension tuning which trades what some would consider excessive isolation exhibited in the Camry for a more driver-oriented feel. Thus, it's important to match the tires to suit the Accord's characteristics.

As with any tire recommendation, individual drivers will have different preferences when it comes to what they like their tires to do. Consider any of the tires listed here to be top picks for your Accord, though some may not be available in the size needed for your particular model. All of our selections of the best tires for honda accord in 2021 will complement the relatively sporting nature of the Honda Accord while maintaining a quiet, comfortable, and compliant ride.

Best Tire For Honda Accords in 2021 | Review by Bestcovery

best all season tires for honda accord

Continental ExtremeContact Tires for Honda Accord - Best Tires For Honda Accord Overall

If you have a newer Accord Coupe V6 with 18-inch alloy wheels, you're in luck. The sublime Continental ExtremeContact DWS becomes a realistic option if you want the extra performance. Even if you don't have the top-trim model, access to this tire is only a wheel upgrade away.

Among high-performance all-season tires, the ExtremeContact DWS is a top choice thanks to its excellent traction in all conditions, including reasonable winter situations. These tires also blend long tread life with a compliant ride and muted tread noise; a feat which was once considered difficult, if not impossible when also keeping up high grip levels.

The built-in tread monitor lets you know when the tire has lost optimum grip in that condition: the S disappears first to indicate that snow traction has decreased, and the W eventually goes away when wet weather performance has been compromised. Just like the Accord, the Continental ExtremeContact DWS is well-balanced, versatile, and capable of handling many different situations while still being economical to purchase and run.

best all season tire for honda accord

Yokohama Avid Tires For Honda Accord - Runner Up

What we're focusing on are the H- and V-rated versions of the Yokohama AVID ENVigor. Ignore the awkward name, and instead concentrate on the performance that these tires deliver. Though there are better-rounded performance all-season tires around than these, not very many are able to match the ENVigor's high grip levels in both dry and wet.

Snow and ice traction is disappointing at best, but careful driving will get you to your destination. These tires are quick to communicate their sporting intent with the harder ride than you would expect from a tire of this nature, but this is the tradeoff in the quest for a better-handling all-season tire. If you live in an area where snow is a rarity, you could do a lot worse than leave these tires on year-round.

best tires for honda accord

Michelin Primacy Tires For Honda Accord - Honorable Mention

The Michelin Primacy MXV4 works so well that you begin to wonder why it isn't original equipment to begin with. This class of car is designed to be a comfortable, efficient family car, and the Primacy MXV4 highlights these characteristics. These tires give the car sure-footed traction in better conditions, and allows the car to remain drivable when Mother Nature catches you off guard (even with a powerful V6).

Certain sizes come with Michelin's Green X label, which indicates low rolling resistance for better efficiency. High-traction tires are generally harder-riding and noisier than the rest, but the Primacy MXV4 remains quiet and compliant, even over bad surfaces. Although you may be turned off by the higher price tag, it's important to weigh the abilities and tread life of the Michelin Primacy MXV4 before writing it off too quickly.

general altimax rt43.jpg

General Altimax RT43 All-Season Tire - Consider

Although General tires may not carry the same instant name recognition as Michelin or Goodyear, this does not mean that their products are inferior. The Altimax HP is an excellent choice for Accord owners who want a high performance tire without having to spend big bucks.

The tread of the Altimax HP is stamped with a “REPLACEMENT TIRE INDICATOR”, which allows drivers to monitor tread depth at a glance. When the tire is worn beyond the point of acceptable tread wear, that same indicator then reads “REPLACE TIRE”.

General placed extra emphasis on extending tread life with devices such as the above indicator, as well as moldings in the shoulder blocks which wear away if the wheels are not aligned properly. These tires are downright affordable, and are a sweet deal considering their overall performance.

continental controlcontact tour as plus.jpg

Continental ControlContact Tour A/S Plus All Season Tire - Best Tires For Honda Accord

The Continental ProContact EcoPlus all-season tires are designed to provide all-around performance while improving fuel economy due to their low rolling resistance and lighter weight. Although users report mixed results, these tires are nonetheless excellent tires overall.

The ProContact EcoPlus tires offer a quiet and comfortable ride, with confidence-inspiring handling in most weather conditions. Like any all-season tire, these are not nearly as capable of handling winter conditions as a dedicated winter tire, but in both wet and dry conditions they offer good steering response and traction. Tread life is also excellent, resulting in an overall solid tire that is good for general-purpose use.

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