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Best Toddler Playpens for a Safe Play Space

  1. Baby Playpen Kids Activity Centre Safety Toddler Playpen
  2. Mloong Toddler Playpen
  3. Uanlauo Foldable Baby Playpen
  4. Foldable Baby playpen Baby Folding Play Pen
  5. Dream On Me 14 Panel Oasis Play Center, Toddler Playpen
  6. Dream on Me Baby Town Playard II
  7. Buyer's Guide

Those first steps your toddler takes open up a whole new world of possibilities for both parent and child. However, those first steps can also lead to mischief and more worry than you're probably comfortable with. Unfortunately, you can't stand next to your toddler every moment, but you can make sure that they stays safe with a dedicated toddler playpen. They're an excellent way to keep your little one safe and secure when you're making dinner, folding laundry or tending to other responsibilities. The best toddler playpens in 2022 that were selected for this list feature activity panels with engaging toys to stimulate your child's senses and encourage motor skills development. They're also designed with easy-to-access entryways with child safety locks to keep them in one place, and they're all designed to be quickly broken down for excellent portability.

Compare The Best Toddler Playpen Of 2022

Baby Playpen Kids Activity Centre Safety Toddler Playpen - Top Pick

The Friendly Toys Little Playzone is a space your toddler will love to play in with vibrant, eye-catching colors which will instantly draw their attention. You and your child can easily access the playpen via the lockable hinged door that swings open and closed. While inside, your tot will love playing with the interactive toys which include a picture house, spinning balls, play phone, and a light up musical keyboard. This playpen initially comes with four panels but you have the option to purchase extra panels to give your child even more room to move around. Constructed of durable plastic, it’s easy to wipe down, it will withstand tough toddler play, and it’s also easy to assemble and disassemble, making it a great travel companion.

Mloong Toddler Playpen - Great Option

Equipped with a play mat and a net bag, this playpen will save you additional costs. With more than 20 square feet of safe playing space, it is large enough for the baby — or multiple babies — and the mother to play together. Because it is made of durable and waterproof oxford material, cleaning is effortless. The side panel is soft, breathable mesh to keep the baby visible. Because of the non-slip suction cups on the bottom, the pick will not move, allowing the baby to walk and play freely. It's a viable option with excellent safety features and a solid build.

Uanlauo Foldable Baby Playpen - Runner Up

The Best Choice Products Baby Playpen comes with eight interlocking panels and offers plenty of space for your toddler and a few friends to play in. The vibrant colors will instantly draw your tot’s attention, and the interactive toys, including a picture house, spinning balls and a play phone, will keep her entertained. A hinged door swings open and closed, providing easy access, and the safety lock provides security. Rubber suction cups along the bottom of the panels secure this playpen to the ground, providing additional stability. Made of durable plastic, this playpen is a cinch to keep clean and it can playpen can be used anywhere you need a safe place for your toddler to play since it’s easy to take apart and put together.

Foldable Baby playpen Baby Folding Play Pen - Honorable Mention

The Clevr Safety Playpen has eight hinged panels that are easy to put together to create a large and safe space for your toddler to play in. The activity panel features interactive toys including a picture house, ball spinners, and a play telephone, all of which will provide your little one with plenty of entertainment. The swinging door gate with a safety lock makes it easy for you and your toddler to get in and out, but the safety lock ensures they’re safe and secure while inside.

This playpen can be configured into various different shapes, including a rectangle, square, and an octagon. You can also add or remove panels to make it as small or large as you need which each panel has suction cup feet which contribute to this playpens stability. The lightweight panels are easy to put together and take apart, making it easy to move around and set up wherever needed.

Dream On Me 14 Panel Oasis Play Center, Toddler Playpen - Consider

The Dream on Me Deluxe Play Yard has a circular design, which eliminates any pointed corners that you may be concerned about. The bright yellow, blue and red of this play pen features a friendly bear-shaped baby gate with a child safety lock which provides easy access for you and your little one (as well as instantly capturing your little one’s attention). Once inside, your toddler will enjoy playing with the spinning ball and stimulating toy phone.

The playpen also features a jungle gym with engaging hanging toys that will encourage development of eyesight and motor skills. Your child will also enjoy the brightly colored padded mat which provides a comfortable surface to play on. Since this lightweight playpen is easy to put together, it’s great to use in any room in the house or even outside on a sunny day.

best Dream on Me Baby Town Playard II

Dream on Me Baby Town Playard II - Best Toddler Playpen

The Dream On Me Baby Town Play Yard II will provide your toddler with hours of entertainment in a safe and secure environment. The hexagonal shape provides plenty of space for your little one to move around and play in and the vibrant primary colors will make them want to jump inside. The molded plastic design not only ensures that there aren’t any sharp corners, but it also makes it easy to wipe this playpen clean. There’s also a hinged door which swings open and it has a child safety lock to ensure your tyke stays safe. Added fun features include spinning balls, a picture house, and play telephone, all of which will keep your tot entertained and encourage fine motor development at the same time. The panels are easy to take apart and put together with each one featuring a handle at the top, making this playpen easy to transport.

Buyer's Guide

Playpens have proven to be necessities in raising toddlers. Toddlers can be quite a handful to control as they can now crawl, walk, and pull at things. This is worse when you have other things to do and you don’t want them getting in your way or harming themselves while you're away. Getting a playpen for them could be the best solution to this problem. Playpens help to keep your child busy while simultaneously restricting the toddler’s movements to within the pen, thereby preventing risks of collision and other hazards.

There are a number of things to consider when getting a safe playpen for your toddler and this buying guide offers useful on that end. Read on.

Why Do You Need A Playpen?


A playpen is designed as a safe space to keep your child while you're busy doing other things in the house, at work or trying to take a nap yourself. This eases the burden of having to carry your toddler everywhere and you can work or rest without having to worry about your child’s location.


One of the major functions of a playpen is keeping your toddler safe while you are busy. A playpen is built with fences that keep your baby safe within its walls. They are usually strong enough to keep your toddler in while being simultaneously easy for you to access.

Makeshift Bed

Due to its comfortable interiors and portability, a playpen can be used as a makeshift bed for your toddler in the absence of one. This means that rather than carry your baby's cot or bed, which might be a hassle, you can make use of the playpen bed when going for a picnic or visiting a friend or family.

Child Development

A playpen gives your toddler a safe space for some personal playtime. It is recommended that for healthy growth, a toddler needs some personal playtime. It helps to improve a child’s independence, calmness and boost his creativity.


If you're keeping your toddler in your own room and not a separate room or when sharing a room between two kids, a playpen’s adjustable fence can be used as a means of demarcating the room and dividing it for the two kids. It can also be used as a baby gate, to protect your toddlers from certain things like fireplaces, falling off staircases, balconies, etc.

What Are The Types of Playpens?

Although all playpens serve the same function, they can be classified based on shape, size, the material with which they were made, and portability but, the major types are;

Traditional Playpens

They are usually made of wood and have flat, hard floors, with wooden bars serving as a fence all around the playpen. A lot of attention is required as you need to keep an eye on your kid at all times, to avoid self-harm. They’re best for stationary use as they are usually too heavy to be moved around.

Modern Playpens

These ones can be made of more comfortable materials ranging from soft plastic or nylon to basic metal. They’re usually lighter and foldable into a compact form.

Travel Playpens

They are usually the best to carry along when going for picnics, outdoor events, work, etc. They are foldable and require lesser trunk space. Minimal attention is required because they are so safe that they let you leave your toddler in another room or somewhere that doesn't require you checking on your baby every minute.

What To Look Out For When Getting a Playpen


The first and most important thing to look out for is the safety of the playpen you want to purchase. You have to check thoroughly to see that there are no sharp edges, corners, and points that can harm the child. Also ensure that there is no small object that can be swallowed and that there is no opening or space in the mesh big enough to trap your kid’s finger, head, or entangle his cloth.

Child Weight

To avoid a collapse of the playpen, ensure that your child is not overweight for the playpen you're trying to get.


This helps to make sure that you don't have to lift your child over the fence and into the playpen all the time. This gate, however, has to be hard enough for your child to open but easy and safe for you to operate.


The fence of the playpen has to be adjustable to support an extension of the gate when necessary and to give space for other functions like improvising it for a baby gate.


To allow for ease of movement, you should go for playpens that have wheels and can be folded into a reasonably small size.

High Walls

Ensure that the walls of the playpen are high and strong enough to keep your child in. To avoid the risk of the toddler climbing or falling out, the walls should be at least 0.5meter high. Also, ensure that the floor of the playpen is anti-slip.

Mesh Sides

This feature would let you be able to easily keep an eye on your toddler from afar and it would allow for proper ventilation in the playpen.


This extra feature allows you to be able to raise the sleeping platform of your toddler. This feature can come in handy on nights when you're too tired to bend low.

How Much Do Toddler Playpens Cost?

The price of toddler playpens varies and depends largely on the size and features but they generally cost from around 60 dollars to over 300 dollars.

Toddler Playpen FAQs

Q. Can A Toddler Sleep Overnight In A Playpen?

A. Definitely. You can lay your toddler to sleep in a playpen as it is often substituted for a baby bed. However, ensure that the playpen is well set up before laying him or her to sleep.

Q. At What Age Should A Toddler Stop Using A Playpen?

A. The age is not all that important compared to the height and weight of the child. You should stop using a playpen as soon as your child starts to climb out on his own.

Q. How Long Can You Keep A Toddler In A Playpen?

A. As important as a playpen is for child growth, it is not advisable to confine your toddler in for too long as it would limit your child’s exploration of his surroundings.

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