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Best Trash Compactor Bags

A trash compactor reduces the volume of waste you generate down to a smaller size. Having a robust compactor bag makes this process even easier. Read ahead to check out our top five choices and find out which best trash compactor bags in 2021 suits your needs.

Best Trash Compactor Bags

Ultrasac trash compactor bags

Ultrasac - 771228 Trash Compactor Bags

These bags are at least 90% recycled plastic and include twist ties. Each bag has an 18-gallon capacity and runs 25" x 35". This pack contains 40 puncture and tear-resistant bags.

  • Thick gauge
  • Eco Friendly
  • May not be compatible with all compactors

We love that these commercial-quality bags come in a neat compact packaging that dispenses one at a time. Its cube-shaped dispenser carton provides easy storage. Each bag is easy to open and available in white.

whirlpool trash compactor bags

Whirlpool W10165294RB Trash Compactor Bags, 60-ct

This pack of 60 white compactor bags has a unique feature that prevents the bag from slipping. Its treatment inhibits the growth of mold and bacteria, and they are 50% post-consumer recycled plastic.

  • Anti-microbial properties
  • Anti-slip
  • Fits only 15" cans

We love these heavy-duty bags for their super-strong resin and puncture and tear-resistant materials. They carry an odor-eliminating feature, keeping your space smelling clean and fresh. They ideally fit 15" compactor trash cans.

kirkland compactor bags

Kirkland Compactor Bags, 18 Gallon, Smart Fit Gripping Drawstring, 70 ct

This box dispenses heavy-duty compactor bags, and each holds up to 18 gallons with ease. Its drawstring opening allows for tightly securing waste and is strong enough to use as a handle after tying.

  • Strong drawstring
  • Stretchable material
  • Not eco-friendly

We love that its materials are secure and stretchy, which reduces the likelihood of tearing with bulky items. The smooth opening provides a secure grip over the opening of any bin.

bestair heavy duty trash compactor bags

BestAir WMCK1335012-6 Heavy Duty Trash Compactor Bags

These trash compactor bags take care of all wastes easily. Their reinforced bottom seal makes them durable. Its strong wet-strength paper and plastic liner provides puncture and is moisture-resistant.

  • Moisture-resistant
  • Made of 100% recycled paper
  • 12 bags per box

We love that the paper element used comes from 100% recycled paper. It also offers a pre-cuffed edge for secure mounting. Its dimensions make it suitable for rectangular canisters for over 12 brands of trash compactors.

poly america compactor bags

Poly-America Husky 18 Gallon Drawstring Compactor Bags

These household compactor bags effectively hold up to 18 gallons. Each box has 50 tough bags that dispense one at a time. These bags measure 65 cm x 71.1 cm and grip securely onto cans.

  • Holds 18 gallons
  • Grips securely around can
  • The drawstring can break with too much stretching.

We love its expandable drawstring, which makes taking out the trash a breeze. They’re made to withstand pressure, so no need to worry about it bursting even while heavily loaded. Will fit most compactors.

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