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Review: Best Baster

The baster, also known as a turkey baster, can do much more than baste turkey. Baster have not had a very reliable past. With some concerns revolving around them being difficult to clean, I was determined to trying to see what had been done to redesign and update the baster. In choosing my favorite basters, it was essential that they were easy to clean, did not drip and were sturdy. Check out these best basters in 2021 and reintroduce yourself to all they have to offer.

The Best Basters in Detail

ZYLISS Silicone Baster

Now this baster totally won me over and is my favorite! The Squeeze Baster is a unique approach to basting. This baster is designed to extract juices to spread over meats. The tip allows you to brush on butter, glazes or more juice in addition to basting. It also can double as a pastry brush. The silicone design makes for easy cleaning and the brush is also removable. This is a baster unlike any other. Baste and brush your meat or dishes. Hand washing is preferred.

Zyliss 50510 Angled Baster

The Zyliss Baster is a glass baster that does two things. As a baster, it has a tight fitting bulb that guards against leaks. It also has a steel injector tip. This tip works well to inject marinades or seasoning into your meats prior to cooking. The other basting tip is used for drawing up juices and releasing them over the meat. A nylon brush is included for cleaning. It also has easy to read measure marks on to the tube. No worries about harboring bacteria with this glass tube. It is dishwasher safe.

Norpro Stainless Steel Baster

Well this stainless steel baster is nothing like the old school plastic ones. The Norpro Stainless Steel Baster one is constructed of heavy duty stainless steel that is heat resistant as well as the bulb. The tight fitting bulb prevents drips or messy spills. Use this baster to spread juices or marinades over your meats when cooking to help them retain their moisture. It comes with a stainless steel needle and brush to help keep it clean and ready to use. Hand washing is preferred.

Cuisipro 3-in-1 Baster

The Cuisipro 3-in-1 Baster is a great all around baster. This sleek, durable baster is made of a see through Tritan material that is heat resistant. This baster comes with silicone brush and nylon shower head attachments with a comfortable bulb. Use it for marinating or basting and brushing your beef roasts or poultry. The shower head attachment lets you baste like a quick shower spritz over your meat. Remove it and you will get a heavy, steady stream of liquid and this baster holds a lot. It has a clear window with measurements and dissembles easily. Top shelf dishwasher safe.

Fox Run Heat-Resistant Glass Baster

The function of this baster is pretty basic. The one feature that separates it from the rest is the accordion design, known as a bellow. This handle scrunches down, pushes down air and then fills up to full capacity. It can holds up to 90 ml of liquid. It has a no drip tip, making the basting process mess free. This is a really well made and innovative baster that is nothing like your mom's old turkey baster. The tip is removable and the tube can be hand washed with the brush.

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