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Stay Prepared With the Best Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS)

  1. CyberPower Smart App Sinewave UPS
  2. Tripp Lite UPS 1500VA 940W Battery Backup Tower AVR UPS
  3. CyberPower 2200VA/2200W 8 Outlets UPS
  4. CyberPower OL5KRTHD Smart App UPS
  5. Powercom KIN-1500APRM 1500VA 900W 6 Outlet UPS

You never know when the power will suddenly go out, so why not protect your devices and get some extra power in the meantime? An uninterruptable power supply can store the power necessary to give you some more time to find a new power source. When looking for the best uninterruptible power supply, or UPS, consider overall performance as the most important factor. Try to find hardware that is reliable and can provide as much time as possible in the event of any kind of power outage. While even a minute can be enough to maintain system integrity and data in the case of a brief power surge or flicker, you should try to find systems that can provide several minutes or more for you to react appropriately to a power outage. You might also look for hardware that includes utilities that you can use to set up safe power-down options in case there is a power outage when you are not at your computer.

We've chosen these picks as the best UPS devices in 2022 on the market because of their voltage and capacities. Each of these picks has an output watt capacity of at least 800W, which gives you enough power for quite a few different devices. Further, each of these units has six or more outlets to connect to and they all offer some surge protection. While it's important to consider the available capacity, each of these picks is designed to give you at least two minutes of backup time under full load and nine minutes or more under half load. Read on below for our favorite UPS devices of this year.

Detailing the Best Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) of 2022

CyberPower Smart App Sinewave UPS - Best UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply) Overall

There is a lot to like about this UPS, starting with its capacity and the amount of power it can provide to your devices. This pick holds up to 1500VA and has 900W output, so it can handle some demanding hardware such as a high-end computer and other devices. You get eight outlets on this model, including one that's set apart from the others for a larger plug, four of which only offer surge protection while the other four have battery backup. It has in/out connections for both coaxial cable and Ethernet, making it perfect for both home entertainment centers and extensive computer setups. This pick also includes a six-foot cord with a right-angle plug that makes it easy to set up just about anywhere, plus there's also 1,500 Joules of surge suppression included. If you do lose power, this UPS can run for three minutes under a full load and 11 minutes under half load, giving you plenty of time to backup data and properly shut down your devices.

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Tripp Lite UPS 1500VA 940W Battery Backup Tower AVR UPS - Runner Up

There are a lot of great features with this UPS and they all come together to make one of the best options on the market. It has 1500VA of capacity and 940W of power output, which is perfect for plugging in a lot of hardware. You get a total of eight outlets on this model, six of which offer battery backup and surge support, while two of them are only for surge protection. There are also input/output connections for Ethernet cables and a USB port on this model, so it is ideal for battery backup of a powerful computer setup. Under full load, you get four minutes of runtime with this UPS, while it offers more than 11 minutes of runtime under half load. Keep in mind this model only offers 690 Joules of surge suppression which is quite low for such an otherwise excellent UPS.

CyberPower 2200VA/2200W 8 Outlets UPS - Honorable Mention

This pick is a great option for power backup but the voltage and power capacities are less than some others on the market. If you have several computers together or a high-power system, you might only get a few minutes of performance out of this one, since you'll draw a full load from this model more easily than higher voltage options. It has a capacity of 1,350VA with 810W of power output and at full load this model gives you three minutes of power and less than 10 minutes under half load. This pick provides 10 outlets which is nice, but only five of them have battery backup while the other five only offer surge protection. This model also includes a pair of coaxial connectors and Ethernet ports along with two USB ports on the front which gives you excellent connectivity options. With 1,030 Joules of surge suppression, this is a great all around choice that's perfect for a lot of setups.

CyberPower OL5KRTHD Smart App UPS - Consider

While this UPS does have some great features, there are also a few weaknesses that should be kept in mind while comparing it to other models. The 1300VA and 810W output capacities are worth considering because it offers less overall power than some other UPS models available. If that is enough power for your hardware, however, then that is perfect. This pick provides 10 outlets, five of which only have surge protection without battery backup along with two USB ports, a pair of coaxial connections, and two connections for phone. Perhaps the biggest weakness of this UPS is it has a very short runtime of only two minutes under full load, though it does offer 10 minutes of time under half load. The 1,500 Joules of surge suppression is excellent but the low backup runtimes may present some issues.

Powercom KIN-1500APRM 1500VA 900W 6 Outlet UPS - Best UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply)

There are a few issues to keep in mind with this UPS, but in general it's a very good option. With 1500VA and 900W of power output, this is a terrific model in terms of capacity and running some demanding hardware. It only has six outlets but all of them provide battery backup, though this pick lacks any additional connections for Ethernet or phone. One of the biggest weaknesses of this model is it only has 320 Joules of surge suppression which is better than nothing, but really not enough protection from serious surges. Perhaps the greatest strength of this model is it offers much more runtime under battery power than any comparable UPS. Under a full load, this model can run for up to seven minutes while it runs for 15 minutes under half load, which is almost double what some other models are offering.

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