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Anyone Can Be an Artist with the Best Watercolor Brush Pens

  1. Arteza Real Watercolor Brush Pen
  2. Art-n-Fly Watercolor Paint Brush Pen
  3. Zenacolor Watercolor Brush Pens
  4. GenCrafts Washable Watercolor Brush Pen
  5. UPINS 12 Piece Watercolor Brush Pen
  6. BENICCI CRAFTS & COLORS Watercolor Brush Pen
  7. Ohuhu Watercolor Brush Pen
  8. Buyer's Guide

It's not always easy to get the perfect color, especially when blending— it's crucial to have the right brush to make that happen. Watercolor is a great way to create unique works of art with the depth and vibrancy you're looking for. While you can certainly use traditional watercolor palettes, watercolor brushes are an easy-to-use alternative. There are many different types of watercolor pen options to choose from, so here are the best watercolor brush pens in 2022 worth considering.

Comparing the Best Watercolor Brush Pens of 2022

Arteza Real Watercolor Brush Pen - Best Overall

These watercolor brush pens come in a wide range of 48 colors. The nylon brush tip is flexible and allows for easy painting while resisting wear and damage. Each pen is conveniently labeled with the color and associated number which helps with storage and arranging them. This set from Arteza is ACMI-certified guaranteeing safety and quality.

Art-n-Fly Watercolor Paint Brush Pen - Most Versatile

With these paint markers, you may create a hyper-pigmented, watercolor effect. It's a part marker, part watercolor, and there's none of the mess that comes with typical painting supplies. These versatile paintbrushes let you color with more pressure. You can use them as a calligraphy pen or create subtle thin lines with the fine tip of the paint pen. It's like having an endless supply of paintbrushes. These watercolor brushes are a fun change from standard craft tools like coloring paint and drawing pens. These brush pens respond with any paint without the use of water or a normal paintbrush set. Simply fill the pen with water and begin painting - it's as much fun as a watercolor set but with a fraction of the mess.

Zenacolor Watercolor Brush Pens - Runner Up

This watercolor brush pen set is perfect for artists of any level. The Zenacolor watercolor brush pens feature 46 unique shades with two black pens, making it a must-have for all artists. This paint is non-toxic, high quality, and the nylon tip of the pen is made to give maximum precision and flexibility. The water-soluble and leak-proof water brushes mean less mess and greater precision. With these watercolor pens, you can create all kinds of art such as calligraphy, drawing, and painting.

GenCrafts Washable Watercolor Brush Pen - Honorable Mention

These watercolor pens are perfect for beginner painters. The brush pens have a flexible nylon paintbrush tip that allows for broad and fine strokes. It’s made from high-quality materials, so you won’t have to worry about any paint leaks. A convenient storage case makes it easy to take with you wherever you go.

UPINS 12 Piece Watercolor Brush Pen - Honorable Mention

Unlike others on this list, this set of 12 brushes from UPINS do not come with paint or ink. This pack includes 6 flat brushes and 6 sharp brushes ranging from small, medium, and large sizes. From fine lines to broad strokes, this is the perfect set to enhance your artistry. Simply fill the pen with ink and/or water and see where your creativity takes you.

BENICCI CRAFTS & COLORS Watercolor Brush Pen - Contender

This watercolor brush pen set offers 25 water-based markers so you can easily create your own unique designs. It also comes with a refillable brush pen if you prefer to mix your own colors. The brush tip is flexible and creates beautiful, fluid lines. The set also includes a handy carrying case and a watercolor pad, which makes it a great gift idea. If you decide to let your little ones use these, rest assured that these are non-toxic and non-permanent.

Ohuhu Watercolor Brush Pen - Consider

The Ohuhu paint brush set comes in a pack of 6 paint brushes with a mix of 3 point tips and 3 flat tips for a range of art applications. Add ink or water to the brush and simply squeeze. They are very easy to clean with just water, leaving them ready to use next time creativity strikes.

Buyer's Guide

Many people have always had a thing for painting from an early age, especially since watercolor paints are easy for young children to use. Many art enthusiasts love to play around with watercolor paints because of how they layer and spread to make stunning images and patterns.

Watercolor brush pens are the perfect tool that helps bring out your inner artistic genius. But the challenge with these brush pens is finding the perfect one for you. In this guide, we will be exploring all you need to know to get the best brush pens out there.

What makes brush pens unique?

Brush pens share many similarities with painting with traditional watercolor, only you can do it without a set of paints and a brush. Also, brush pens have a broad selection of line widths that can be used for expressive sketching.

Factors to consider before buying watercolor brush pens

We all want the best when scouting for brush pens, but the process of choosing the perfect one is not that easy thanks to the numerous choices out there. Here are some tips to consider before you buy some.


The most vital component of any artistic work is based on color, and the watercolor paint itself is a core factor to consider. Watercolor paint is popular because it has a wide range of colors with great pigments. Colors can easily blend to form fantastic effects. Watercolor is unique because it can pass light through the paint, which creates a washed-out effect. When searching for the best watercolor brushes, make sure you get a set with all of your desired colors and ensure the brushes have acceptable pigmentation.


One other thing to consider when buying brush pens is the brush itself. You need the right brush to create the ideal artwork. Look out for mess-free pens to efficiently remove unwanted colors. Also, it helps to look for pens with a more comfortable grip, since you don't want to deal with hand cramps while you're painting.

The tip

This is the part of the tool that is crucial to consider, especially because it can be used to change the thickness of your brushstrokes. Ideally, you should select flexible nylon tips if you want to draw, do calligraphy, and do coloring.


Before you buy the pen, ensure you check for its safety certification. You should find out how it reacts with your skin. Additionally, many brush pens have a recommended minimum age to avoid choking hazards or other infant-specific risks.


If your choice of brush pen does not blend correctly, it shouldn't be called a watercolor. Always search for a pen that mixes well with other hues and makes smooth gradients. Many of the brushes blend well when they are first applied. However, dry colors should reactivate when mixed with water properly.

Guide to using brush pens for beginners

Note that using brush pens is pressure-dependent. When drawing fine lines, you need to apply a delicate touch, while thicker lines need more pressure. If you are just starting with watercolor, you should start by simply writing your name with the brush pen until you become comfortable with it. Getting used to the process takes some time, but you will find it easier to express yourself once you are satisfied with it.

- Ensure you shake the pen before using
- Try and remove the cap and press the nib on a piece of paper until you observe ink coming out

How to buy

The good news is that there are several watercolor brush pen sets out there, and they are not expensive. You can quickly get one for about $20, but make sure you check for reviews from previous buyers.

You may also explore specialty stores offering art supplies for your watercolor paint. Also, you can check for them online on reputable e-commerce platforms.

Tips for cleaning and caring for your watercolor brush pen

Compared to the regular paint and brushing system, watercolor brush pens are easier to maintain. The rules you must never forget include:

- Make sure you place the cap on when you are done using it
- Store the pens in a horizontal position to make sure that the ink does not settle at the base

As for cleaning the pen, all you need to do is squeeze the water through the pen’s chamber until it gets to the tip of the brush. You should wipe the pen on a piece of paper or towel and repeat this process until it is clean.


Q: How do I know the best brands to buy?

A: We have listed some of the top watercolor brush pens above that come from reputable brands. Check customer reviews, brand pages, and you can ask your friends and colleagues who may have used such a product before for their recommendation as well.

Q: What type of watercolor pens should I use?

A: You will need waterproof pens periodically, either for touching up artwork or simply making it pop using bold outlines. You will find a diverse array of waterproof pens on the market that can suit a variety of techniques. Some have better tips than others that can make beautiful brushstrokes.

Q: Do I need to be an expert to use the brush pens?

A: You do not need to be a professional to use a brush pen effectively. You just need to understand the basics and apply the necessary art principles to have the best experience possible.

Final thoughts

Getting the ideal product can be challenging, especially if you are new to the game. We hope this guide gave you the information you need to buy the best watercolor brush pens for your artistic needs. Be sure to look out for color quality and tip thickness when making your selection.

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