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Even Heat and Quick Cooking: The Best Woks

  1. Lodge Cast Iron Pro-Logic Wok
  2. Presto Stainless-Steel Electric Wok
  3. Willow & Everett Wok Pan
  4. Breville Hot Wok
  5. Aroma 5-Quart Electric Wok
  6. Buyer's Guide

Wok cooking can be a fun and exciting experience. There are two main types of woks to choose from: Electric or Traditional. Traditional stove top woks typically have a flat or round bottom. Round bottom woks are generally for pit stoves because the bottom sits in sort of a fire lit hole. Flat bottom woks are for standard or induction cook tops. They also come in electric versions. Woks are made from stainless steel, cast iron or carbon steel and has become very popular as it is a great way to cook quickly.

The surface of the woks are nonstick which allows for healthier cooking without the need for extra oil. They heat quickly and maintain that heat throughout the cooking process. The high sides of the wok makes it easy to utilize the entire surface of the wok. Whether you choose an electric or traditional wok, you will be able to enjoy the versatility that comes with owning one. You can also use your wok to braise, steam or deep fry.

Woks come in a variety of sizes and you don't have to spend a lot of money to find a good quality one. With so many types on the market, it won't be hard to choose the best wok for your needs. Just a little bit of research goes a long way when selecting the right one for you. Check out our list of the best woks in 2022 below.

Here are the best woks of 2022

Lodge Cast Iron Pro-Logic Wok - Best Wok Overall

The Lodge Pro-Logic P14W3 Cast Iron Wok is a good quality cast iron wok from a trusted brand that knows quality cookware. It comes already seasoned and is ready for use immediately. Cast iron is one of the best materials for even heating and heat retention, so you can expect this wok to perform beautifully. The rustproof finish is easy to clean by hand washing. With a nonstick interior, you can stir fry, steam or fry with confidence. The large loop style handles allow for easy handling. This flat bottom wok can be used on any cook top.

Presto Stainless-Steel Electric Wok - Runner Up

The Presto 5900 1500-Watt Electric Wok gets our vote for being a great overall electric wok. This attractive, high performance wok is in a class all by itself due to its incredible features. You can take this durable wok anywhere and enjoy even heating and versatility. It boasts an aluminum base and a 1500 watt heating element for speedy heating. It also comes with a wooden spoon with a tempered glass cover. To top it off, it's also dishwasher safe.

Breville Hot Wok - Honorable Mention

This wok mimics the the same high performance cooking one could expect from a stove top wok. The Breville Hot Wok Pro is a champ in this category. Made with an 1800 watt heating element, stir frying will be a breeze. It has 15 temperature settings for up to 450 degrees F. The smooth interior is made of durable aluminum and a toxin free nonstick cooking surface. It also comes with a tempered glass lid with an adjustable vent. To clean, simply disassemble, hand wash and store. You will love the versatility and portability of this wok.

Aroma 5-Quart Electric Wok - Consider

Cook like a pro with the Aroma AEW-306 5-Quart Electric Wok. This amazing wok has a nonstick surface that will heat evenly and make sure that foods retain heat. It comes with a domed lid that allows you to control how fast or slow your food cooks. It also includes, long cooking chopsticks, a steam rack and a tempura rack. You will be able to expertly prepare anything from stews and soups to deep fried or stir fried dishes. The cool touch handles makes for easy transportation hassle free clean up, you will disassemble, place into your dishwasher and that's it. Enjoy your favorite foods cooked to perfection with this wok.

Buyer's Guide

When you think of Chinese food, you probably think of a wok. Although a wok is not necessarily needed for Chinese cooking, it also has several advantages. They equally disperse heat and use less oil when cooking food. The wok's high heat searing gives Chinese food its distinct indescribable taste, which we often find in restaurants.

It doesn't matter whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro when it comes to Chinese cooking. You may be wondering, "What is the best wok to buy?" For this purpose, we have created a guideline that will assist you in choosing the best work for you.

What are The Things to Consider While Buying a Wok?

If you like the taste of simple stir-fried food, then wok helps you obtain the fast frying action and the desired flavor. In the market, there is a variety of wok. The following is a guideline to help you know about the basics while selecting a wok.

Materials of The Wok

The most significant element is the material of the wok. Carbon steel woks are the most common and preferred by many professional chefs. Besides that, if you use it at home, an aluminium wok is another lightweight choice. The wok's material provides the perfect aroma.

Size of The Wok Woks

come in a variety of sizes. For example, if you need to prepare for a large party or dinner for eight to ten people, you might consider investing in a giant wok. Besides that, if you're cooking for two or three people, the smaller wok is a decent option.

Cooking a small amount of food in a large wok can result in a bitter taste. As a result, the wok size should be determined by the number of people served.

The Shape of The Wok

The wok's height and diameter are the most critical factors. Although wok shapes are made of different materials, this is an essential aspect to remember. It should have concave characteristics. The deeper one would aid in heat retention and distribution.

However, if the wok is too shallow, it will lose the ability to stir and move food. Look for a wok with a flat bottom of 5" and a width of 4".

What Is The Price Range of Best Woks Available in The Market?

The wok's price depends upon the material quality, weight, and shape. Some are reasonably priced, whereas others are prohibitively expensive. A good wok can be found almost anywhere. The only thing you need to keep in mind is your needs. Amazon also has a wide selection of wok.

You have the option of selecting the wok that best suits your requirements. A wok will cost as little as $29 or as much as $275 or more. Carbon steel or heavy cast iron are typically used in the more expensive models.

What Are The Different Types of Woks?

There are several woks on the market. Every sort of wok has its own set of advantages. Every wok is different, from nonporous stainless steel to non-stick properties. Before making a purchase, you should research every form of wok available and how it is used. The different types of the wok are mentioned below.

Carbon Steel Wok:

This is the most widely used and standard wok. It's chef-favourite feature provides quick and even heat. Seasoning helps to reduce the risk of food sticking to the pan.

Stainless Steel Wok:

This is thought to be a long-lasting wok with a professional look. Unlike cast iron and carbon steel woks, it does not need seasoning. It's pretty simple to keep clean.

Cast Iron Wok:

This is the one that will last the longest. It retains heat for a more extended period than any other cookware material. The more it is used, the seasoned it becomes.

Non-Stick Wok:

It is for entry-level cooks. The best things about non-stick woks are that you don't have to season them, and they are easy to clean. They don't pick up the heat efficiently, so learning gradually would be beneficial for a newbie.

Cantonese Wok:

It has a u-shaped handle on one side and is ideal for serving many people. Cantonese woks are used for cooking, and the handle makes it more accessible.

How to Season Your Wok?

When using your wok for the first time, it is important to season it. Season the wok as soon as you get it. Here are some tips for seasoning your wok for the first time.

1. Fill the sink with hot and soapy water
2. Scrub the wok
3. Dry the wok with a clean towel
4. Put the wok on the stove to evaporate the leftover.

How to Clean Your Wok?

For the cleaning part, always consider the care instructions that come with it. For Aluminium and stainless steel, use a dishwasher for cleaning purposes. Apart from that, extra caution is needed when it comes to cleaning cast iron and carbon steel. To clean the wok, follow the steps below.

1. Wash the wok in hot water.

2. You can also use soap water to sanitize it properly.

3. Remove any food particles with a sponge and brush.

4. Towel dry it thoroughly.

Best Wok FAQ

Which is better, cast iron or carbon steel wok?

The carbon steel wok conducts heat better than cast iron. It retains heat for a more extended period, whereas cast iron is more durable and does not require regular seasoning. You will choose the one that best suits your requirements or use.

What type of wok do Chinese restaurants use?

Chefs and restaurateurs favor carbon steel woks. These types of woks are best for home use. Carbon steel has always been a top choice for restaurateurs, whether it's a single handle or a larok.

Should a wok be a non-stick?

Yeah, indeed! A non-stick wok has many benefits. If you're new to Chinese cooking or a seasoned pro, the non-stick wok is a must-have. It does not necessitate as much seasoning. The non-stick surfaces are quick to clean.

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