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Best Wood Chisels for Smooth Woodworking Experience

  1. WORKPRO 3-piece Wood Chisel
  2. Morakniv Craftline Carpentry Wood Chisel
  3. STANLEY 150 Series Short Blade Wood Chisel
  4. GREBSTK Professional Wood Chisel
  5. VonHaus 8 pc Craftsman Wood Chisel
  6. Buyer's Guide

A wood chisel is an essential tool for anyone who enjoys doing carpentry or has any wood-related DIY projects around the house or garden. Finding the best wood chisels for you and the jobs you’ll be working on might be challenging. There are quite a few available on the market. It’s rare to finish a woodworking project without using a wood chisel at some point.

Nevertheless, when it comes to wood chisels, there are numerous factors to consider, including size, handle, and blade, as well as the sort of wood chisel that is best for you. In our buyer’s guide, we tried to highlight these characteristics in order to help you select the best wood chisels.

Best Wood Chisels of 2022 Reviewed in Detail

WORKPRO 3-piece Wood Chisel - Best Overall

The WORKPRO Wood Chisel Set is perfect for a variety of woodworking projects, including tough, delicate, and layered wood. The blades are sturdy and long-lasting as they are made of chromium-vanadium alloy. Furthermore, the instruments’ heat-treated beveled edge design enhances edge retention and efficiency when utilizing the wood chisel. The set includes three blades of various sizes to work on a variety of projects and wood types. With a pleasant handle made of unique ergonomic bi-material, you can conveniently operate the tools. Besides this, each chisel features a steel-hard strike cap that can readily resist some hefty pounding.

  • The steel can endure pressure and last longer
  • Perfect for novices as well as professionals
  • Ideal for all kinds of wood
  • Not sharp enough for some wood carving projects

Morakniv Craftline Carpentry Wood Chisel - Runner Up

The single grind carbon steel blade has an astounding thickness, making this chisel one of the most strong and sturdy knives available. With its robust and shock-resistant handle, this chiseling knife is the perfect choice for all types of carpentry. The comfortable rubber handle provides ideal friction, and the knife’s cylinder shape ensures that it always fits gently in your hand. The Morakniv Chisel is a simpler and lightweight tool for professional use and DIY projects.

  • Rubber contoured handle ensures a secure grip
  • The sharpened single-side blade is perfect for carpentry
  • Knuckle guard on the handle for enhanced safety
  • Rusts very easily because it is carbon steel

STANLEY 150 Series Short Blade Wood Chisel - Honorable Mention

For several reasons, we believe the Stanley Blade 3-Piece Wood Chisel Set is a terrific beginner set. First and foremost, this set will not blow the budget, and it is composed of steel material that will endure a long time. This set features a polypropylene grip to offer a one-of-a-kind carpentry experience. The material used to make the handle lasts a long time, preventing you from the hassle of buying a new one every few months. You’re unlikely to need to replace this chisel set unless one of the pieces breaks after rigorous use.

  • Has a lacquer finish
  • Has weight allocation that is evenly distributed
  • Not the best quality due to it being a beginner set

GREBSTK Professional Wood Chisel - Contender

This toolset from Grebstk includes four chisels of various sizes. These tools are excellent for wood-crafting whether you are a pro or a hobbyist wood artist. These chisels are composed of vanadium steel, which provides long-term durability as well as rust resistance. Furthermore, the blades are razor-sharp and operate with ease. With its comfortable beachwood grip, you can effortlessly grip the chisel. The toolset is packaged in high-quality kraft paper and comes with a handy zipped bag to make it easy to transport and store. In addition, each blade has its own cap to protect it after use for further safety.

  • Novice wood artists find it simple to use
  • Rust resistance is provided by the vanadium steel alloy
  • Comes with a high-quality carrying case
  • Has an unpolished finish

VonHaus 8 pc Craftsman Wood Chisel - Also Consider

This six chisel blades set will be your go-to option for all your wood-working needs. It is perfectly suited for both amateur and expert carpentry. The tool’s ergonomically built handle allows you to operate it effectively without the worry of losing your grasp. It has chromium and vanadium steel alloy blades, which allow the toolset to maintain its sharpness for longer. Furthermore, the chisels have been heat-treated to improve edge retention. It includes an easy-to-carry plastic storage bag for storing the tools safely after use as well as a sharpening stone to keep your blades sharp even after years of use.

  • Comes with a plastic storage bag that is easy to handle
  • There are six different chisel sizes available
  • Honing stone is a little difficult to use

Buyer's Guide

With a decent wood chisel, you can make your carpentry practice easy and smooth without investing a lot of money. If you’re buying wood chisels for the first time though, it can be a daunting undertaking. Because there are so many different wood chisels on the market, you can end up buying the wrong one for your specific needs. To assist you, we conducted thorough research and compiled a list of important elements to consider before purchasing a wood chisel.

What type of wood chisel should you buy?

Paring chisel

The paring chisel is exactly what it sounds like: a fine-toothed chisel with a long blade for fine detail work.

Dovetail Chisel

Dovetail chisels are specialized, yet necessary, chisels for completing dovetail joints in your chisel work. Consider a paring chisel with beveled edges that extend all the way to the steel’s center.

Corner Chisel

Corner chisels are V-shaped chisels with a stubby blade and a large handle that are suitable for chiseling straight edges or doing significant first-draft work. The corner chisel is dependable and requires minimal ability to achieve the desired effect.

Chisel for Carving

The carving chisel is used for precise detail work with a smaller span than the paring chisel.

Mortise Chisel

The mortise chisel serves a more specialized purpose, which is to create deep mortise holes.

Which factors impact the purchase of wood chisels?


The handle of your wood chisel is critical to the tool’s usage as well as its long-term durability. Rubber handles are typically easier on your hands, allowing you to work for longer periods of time without feeling the aching in your hands, but they are not as sturdy as metal handles. Wooden chisel handles, on the other hand, have a lot more “classical” aspect to them that we can’t help but adore.


Smaller wood chisels will allow you to get into tighter areas, making them preferable for more delicate or precise projects. On the other hand, larger wood chisels are ideal for working with broad areas because they allow you to complete the task in less time.

What unique features of wood chisels are worth considering?

Ferrules and Bolsters

A chisel’s bolsters and ferrules are key elements. Look for chisels with bolsters that are about the same diameter as the bottom of the handle, as they are both designed to provide support. This prevents the blade tang from being forced further into the handle and splitting it during usage.

Ferrules surrounding the bottom of the handles provide additional support for the handles and blade during levering activities and prevent the handles from breaking.


In recent years, a growing number of tool steel alloys have been produced for edge tools, making it difficult to identify between them. Many chisels are now manufactured of high-strength steel (HSS) and chrome vanadium alloys. These are significantly harder than the widely used high carbon steel and are less prone to the difficulties that come with it, such as losing temper and becoming brittle if the blade gets too hot during honing. Because chrome vanadium alloy steel is less prone to metal fatigue than other steels, it’s the best choice for chisels designed to be pounded with a mallet.

The shape of the Corners

Before choosing a wood chisel set, be sure to look over the edge form details. There are a variety of edge shapes available, including narrow beveled edges, plain beveled edges, and more.

What steel types are used in the construction of wood chisels?

The type of steel used in your chisel affects its longevity, the time between sharpening, price, weight, discoloration or corrosion, and, yes, its capacity to influence wood.

The heaviest chisels are made of tempered steel, although they lose their edge faster than other steels. Chisels made of tempered steel will last a long time.

The lightweight and most costly of the common chisel steel alloys are chrome and vanadium steel alloys. Alloy-based steel chisels require periodic sharpening, but in the hands of a skilled chiseler, they offer the best results. The one main disadvantage is that alloy-based steels have a short lifespan, as they discolor, distort, and occasionally shatter.

Carbon chrome steel chisels cost more than tempered steel chisels but less than alloy-based chisels.

Wood Chisel FAQ

Q: What is the best way to sharpen my wood chisel?

A: Some wood chisels come with a sharpening stone that you can use to sharpen the chisel by simply working it back and forth against it. If not, you can purchase a sharpening stone to keep your chisel in prime shape.

Q: Are wood chisels backed by a warranty?

A: Yes! The majority of the wood chisels come with a one-to-two-year warranty.

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