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The Best Youth Hockey Sock to Keep Your Kiddo Warm

  1. COLDINDOOR Youth Hockey Sock
  2. Hockey Player Athletic Youth Hockey Sock
  3. Hockey Shipper Knit Hockey Socks
  4. Buyer's Guide

Youth hockey socks are a great way to make sure you can practice and play hockey without going barefoot or having to keep changing socks. With so many different options on the market for youth hockey socks, we've combed the web to figure out which ones are actually good. Through all of our research, we've found three pairs of socks that met our standards. With a breakdown of each below, we've also included a buying guide that will help you pick out the right one for you and your kid's needs- read on to figure it out now!

Our Top Three Hockey Socks for Kids

COLDINDOOR Youth Hockey Sock - Top Pick

These hockey socks are constructed from high-quality materials, which makes them highly durable and resistant to moisture. They are available in four sizes and are breathable for better performance.

These hockey socks have a breathable mesh design that keeps your feet cool and comfortable. The elasticized ankle tabs keep the socks stable while you’re on the ice, making it easy to slide them down when needed. They also come with two velcro tabs at the top of the sock, so they can be easily attached to shorts if necessary.

Hockey Player Athletic Youth Hockey Sock - Runner Up

These hockey socks are made with a flexible cotton blend and are designed for optimal ventilation and support.

These hockey socks feature a hockey player silhouette on a camo background. The socks are made from high-quality cotton, spandex, nylon, and poly-spandex to ensure you’re getting the best performance out of them. They come in sizes ranging from small, medium, large, and XXL

Hockey Shipper Knit Hockey Socks - Honorable Mention

These hockey socks are made from 55% polyester and 45% cotton and have a soft knit top that allows the socks to stay comfortably in place. The material blend also means they’ll last you a long time. They come in sizes ranging from 20 to 32 inches, making them suitable for all ages up to senior levels. The short tabs on the back of the socks make them easy to put on and take off without having to worry about slipping or falling over. You can also choose between three different color options.

Buyer's Guide

It is essential to choose hockey socks that allow you to have a comfortable experience while optimizing performance and safety. Check out our buying guide to figure out what features actually matter when it comes to buying a high-quality pair of hockey socks for your young ones.

Factors to Keep in Mind When Buying Youth Hockey Socks

Many youngsters choose to wear youth hockey socks because they are more comfortable and allow you to play safely without any injuries. Listed below are a few things you must keep in mind when picking a pair of youth hockey socks.


There are different lengths of youth hockey socks available on the market. Depending on how long you like your socks to be, you can pick anywhere between short, calf, and knee-length.


There is a wide range of materials that youth hockey socks are made of. You can look for the perfect material depending on your skin conditions and weather. Some players prefer woolen socks, but they can be quite itchy for others. Therefore, most youth hockey players opt for other materials such as synthetic cotton, polyester, and, in some cases, nylon. The material you pick should be waterproof to absorb sweat and breathable enough to maintain foot health.


One of the most frequently asked questions about hockey socks is how thick should the socks be? If you are opting for thinner socks, they allow you to have that no-sock feel and add to the breathability, keeping your feet from getting too clammy. On the other hand, players who like a bit of cushioning under their feet prefer thicker socks, which might be more noticeable.


If you are playing for a team with dedicated socks as a part of their uniform, good for you. However, certain players do not get socks with their hockey attire and gear, especially when playing locally. Go for a color that not just matches your uniform but also represents who you are as a person.

What are the Different Lengths of Youth Hockey Socks?

Youth hockey socks are available in different lengths. You can pick one that allows you to feel most comfortable during the game.


Short youth hockey socks cover your entire foot and come up to the ankle. These are preferred by players who get irritated by synthetic material on their legs. Other than this, they can also be a source of comfort and warmth for feet during colder weather. However, you need to understand that short socks do not provide your legs with adequate cushioning and prevention against injuries.


Just like their name suggests, calf youth hockey socks are medium-length socks that cover half of your leg a bit under the knee. A perfect choice for uniforms, calf socks are very comfortable and allow a good sporting experience. It is vital to buy tight socks so that they don't drop down and cause distraction during the game.


Also known as tall socks, they are long enough to cover your knees. Although knee-length hockey socks provide protection against weather and injuries depending upon their thickness, they can be somewhat restrictive. However, many players like an extra layer of cushioning to keep their knees covered for added safety and comfort. You need to consider a tighter material with a better grip when buying knee-length socks, so they don't fall and cause distraction and irritation during the game.

What are the Benefits of Buying Youth Hockey Socks?

Multiple reasons indicate that wearing hockey socks is actually preferable for young players.

Absorb sweat

Whether you are playing ice hockey or burning some calories on the field, sweating is a standard part of the entire sport. It increases moisture on the feet, making it very challenging to remain comfortable. Hockey socks absorb moisture from the feet, ensuring that you have a dry and comfortable game.

Sense of cleanliness

Boots worn without socks tend to become packed with odor and disturb everyone around you. This is mainly because of moisture build-up. Smelly shoes are not only prone to quick deterioration, but they also get significantly frustrating for you to use and traumatizing for people around you.

Protect feet

Wearing boots without socks can result in damaged feet like fungus issues and blisters. Wearing socks ensures that your child’s feet remain dry and protected from injuries.

What Material are Youth Hockey Socks Made of?


One of the most popular choices, cotton socks are a top priority among sportsmen of all ages and generations. They are durable and breathable, ensuring long-lasting use without any deterioration in the quality of the product and your overall foot health. Cotton material is also an affordable option, but longer versions of cotton socks might not be as tight as you would want them to be.


Polyester socks are a tight-knit fabric highlighting durable and long-lasting use for youth hockey players in all categories. They do not change their shape easily and dry very quickly. However, polyester socks might not be as moisture absorbing as you would want them to be.


A warmer option with added comfort, wool can provide excellent cushioning and moisture-absorbing properties. People usually don't prefer wool because of its ability to be a bit harsh on the skin. Wool is often blended with polyester and cotton to provide a softer finish.

All in a nutshell

Youth hockey is one of the best sports to keep younger kids and teenagers active. You need to buy high-quality hockey socks to keep your kids and their shoes healthy. It is mandatory to look at the material, thickness, length, and colors before picking the best youth hockey socks in 2021.

Some Hockey Socks Buyers Also Ask

Q: How can I secure my long-length youth hockey socks in one place?

By using double-sided tape, it is possible to keep your socks in one place; this helps alleviate frustration and distraction during the game.

<h4>Q: Where do youth hockey socks go in the gear? </h4>
Hockey socks are worn under the footwear, and they go over the shin pads which is connected with the garter belt.

Q: What is the best length of youth hockey socks for uniforms?

The general length of hockey socks in uniforms should be according to the height of your players. For instance, a person who is 140 cm tall should wear 20-inch socks and so on.

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