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Bring the Cosmos Indoors With the Best Projector Night Lights

  1. BlissLights RGB LED Projector Night Light
  2. Fortally Kids Projector Night Light
  3. Buyer's Guide

Remember that poem called 'Stars' by Sara Teasdale that we used to read in middle school? It talked of how the writer was alone in the night, on a dark hill, and had a heaven full of stars over her head. Well, you too can recreate such a moment where you can witness those "myriads with beating hearts of fire" and unwind under the backdrop of the cosmos. Sounds too good to be true? Well, say hello to the best projector night lights in 2022 that allow you to display the stars and the heavens on your walls and ceiling.

A night light projector, or star projector, as its name suggests, projects images of the constellations and celestial objects onto your room's ceiling and walls. Place it in your room to create a soothing environment that can help you unwind or better yet, place it in your young one's nursery where your baby can sleep in peace under the soothing lights. Today, we'll be taking you through a complete 101 to these gadgets and help you choose the best one for yourself.

So, with that set, let's blast off!

Best Projector Night Lights Worth Considering in 2021

BlissLights RGB LED Projector Night Light - Best Overall

Precision optics, direct diode lasers, and the holographic cloud. These three goodies manage to create a night sky on your walls and ceiling that looks like something straight out of a fantasy book. As its name suggests, it's actually blissful. This projector night light is 5.9" tall and 3" wide. It looks something like a cute little Roomba that you can place upright on any table near a wall that you can plug this device in. You simply download the Multicolor Cloud+, connect your phone to the gadget via Bluetooth, and Voila! Unfortunately, it doesn't play any music.

  • The app allows you to set custom timers and control the light spread
  • Cloud shaped lights with adjustable brightness for each color of light
  • The app is quite slow

Fortally Kids Projector Night Light - Runner Up

Shaped like a magical orb, the Fortally Kids Projector Night Light holds all the power to turn your little kids' room into a magical starry night. Customers particularly love just how easy it is to use. You simply chuck in four AAA batteries into the little guy or plug it in via USB. Once juiced up, this projector lamp will start rotating on its base quietly. The base is five inches in width and the hemisphere that sits on top of it is five inches in diameter. The entire device is only 5.8" tall and is compact enough to leave a small footprint in the bedroom. You can control the lighting with the buttons located on the front.

  • 7 unique color options
  • Clear bright lights with 9 modes
  • The plastic of the dome can scratch easily

Buyer's Guide

While the entire usage part of star projectors may be peaceful, buying one is sure not. With dozens of manufacturers and hundreds of different products on the market, it can get a little overwhelming when trying to find a projector night light for your own home. So, to help you get a better sense of things, here is our comprehensive buyer's guide.

How We Choose the Best Projector Night Lights?

Let's start things off by taking you through these two factors that we ensured in all of our top-picked projector night lights:

Timer Function

For most cases, a star projector is meant to help you sleep, right? So, a projector that keeps on running long after you have lost yourself in your dreams is just a waste of power. This is why we ensured that all of our shortlisted projector lamps came with some sort of a timer function. The extent to which the device will allow you to set custom timers will obviously vary from product to product.

Light Patterns

Another thing that we did when compiling our best-of list was to seek out customer reviews that specifically talked about the light patterns and their overall brightness levels. So, from mystical light clouds to multi-colored constellations, you'll find all sorts of light patterns in the projector night lights that we have recommended.

Why Do You Need a Projector Night Light?

We see that you're second-guessing this purchase that you're about to make. Well, you should stop. Take a look at these three reasons that make night light projectors a must-have:

A Soothing Experience

There is something about laying under a night sky that calms the nerves. Maybe it's the feeling of being close to nature or that notion of how calm everything and orderly the heavens are. Regardless, a starry sky equals a soothing experience.

Many customer reviews that we came across mentioned how the night lights help them with panic attacks as well. Now, we're not saying that we have found a sure-fire way to deal with panic attacks and anxiety but we promise that the serene lighting can be soothing.

Creating an Ambiance

Poets and writers have long been romanticizing the starry night sky. So, what better way to conduct an at-home date than by turning on your projector night lights and some soft jazz music? Oh, by the way, some star projectors, like the ones in our article, can do both at the same time!

A Nurturing Side

Projector night lamps are primarily targeted at children. It helps them sleep peacefully. Well, you can capitalize on these devices by introducing your little one to the mysteries of the cosmos. Nevertheless, a star projector can be a great way to build some astronomy-related interests in your child from early on.

Factors To Consider When Buying Projector Night Lights

Now that you know all about the benefits of projector night lights, here are two things that you must consider when buying one for yourself:

Control Options

The exact way that a star projector will offer you control will vary from device to device. Some will have a simple button layout on the front. Others will have a dedicated remote control that you can connect to the lamp via Bluetooth. Others still will allow you full control via a dedicated app.

As a general rule of thumb, a dedicated mobile application will offer you the most control. From toggling music to controlling the spread, pattern, and individual brightness of the light patterns, the sky's the limit when it comes to the functionality options of such apps. So, you must go for the option that meets your needs.


If it was up to us, we would definitely go for the projector night lights that give you the option to play music over built-in Bluetooth speakers. There is just something so blissful about hearing some soothing music while mesmerized by heavenly lights. Regardless, you can still opt for simple lamp options if you want to.

Buying Tips for the Best Projector Night Lights

Now, let's end this buyer's guide off by equipping you with these two killer tips that will help you make a more informed choice:

Dynamic Range

Dome-shaped star projectors come in rotating and stand-still options. The rotating ones offer you a dynamic experience where the starry sky slowly revolves around you. If you go for such an option, make sure that the rotation can be toggled off.

The Angle of Projection

If you go for standstill versions, we recommend that you go for night light projectors that allow you to move their light panels. This will allow you to set an angle of projection according to your liking.

Projector Night Light FAQ

This succinct FAQ section will answer any remaining questions that you still might have about projector night lights:

Q: Do projector night lights help you sleep?

A: Whether it is the projection of the heavenly bodies or wave-like motions, a star projector can act as a sleeping aid for your baby and help calm their nerves. It can also help you unwind after a long day at work and sleep better.

Q: What is the best star projector?

A: The best night light projector is, hands down, the Lupantte Galaxy Projector Night Light. It ticks all the boxes with its speaker function, 72 light effects, and the option to set on/off timer.

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