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Best Camping Air Mattresses

  1. Active Era Luxury Camping Queen Air Mattress
  2. Etekcity Upgraded Camping Queen Air Mattress
  3. Coleman Cot Camping Queen Air Mattress
  4. Coleman Double-High SupportRest Camping Queen Air Mattress
  5. iDOO Inflatable Airbed Camping Queen Air Mattress

Have you ever gone camping and been woken up by a deflating air mattress? Our selection of camping air mattresses will make your next outdoor adventure more comfortable than you ever imagined. Air mattresses are no longer exclusively used for camping. With lifestyle changes, more and more families are traveling and visiting other family and friends. No one wants their loved ones staying in a hotel. Air mattresses have gained in popularity and have come a long way in durability and comfort. We’ve researched the best camping air mattresses in 2021 options on the market to help you choose the one to suit your needs.

The Best Camping Queen Air Mattresses of 2021 in Detail

Active Era Luxury Camping Queen Air Mattress - Best Overall

Camping requires the ability to adapt to the environment, and that often means there's nowhere to plug in electronic devices. Our first pick for camping air mattresses is particularly well-suited for this purpose; in addition to the built-in foot pump, the electric air pump is a USB-powered unit that can be plugged in to a portable charger. The whole mattress will inflate fully in 2 minutes using the electric pump, and the thick PVC material makes it extremely puncture-resistant.

Etekcity Upgraded Camping Queen Air Mattress - Runner Up

This particular air mattress offers sturdy construction that can withstand up to 650 pounds, and is both waterproof and puncture-resistant. There's no built-in pump, but the electric unit that comes included with the mattress is rechargeable and does not need to be plugged in to use. It does need to be charged prior to operation, so keep that in mind if you're planning your next camping trip.

Coleman Cot Camping Queen Air Mattress - Honorable Mention

Sometimes, all you need for a good night's sleep is to not sleep on the ground. This Coleman air mattress comes with a collapsible base, and there are even luxuries such as a fold-out side tables that can double as makeshift nightstands. It's designed to accommodate up to 600 pounds, and the mattress can be left deflated if you have other solutions for sleeping.

Coleman Double-High SupportRest Camping Queen Air Mattress - Contender

The air mattress is every bit as strong as it is comfortable with a plush layer of velvet to meet everyone's needs. This air mattress is 18" tall, meaning it's roughly double the height of some of the most common air mattresses on the market. It's comfortable for people of all heights to get on or off, and the top fold is designed to be compatible with queen-size sheets.

iDOO Inflatable Airbed Camping Queen Air Mattress - Also Consider

This air mattress has a built-in pressure regulator and has a double-layer construction. It’s also lightweight, making it ideal for lugging around. This mattress comes with a built-in pump that can run in either direction; it'll inflate or deflate the entire air mattress in just three minutes. It’s waterproof and made from multi-layer puncture-resistant PVC. For added convenience, there is a spot for the built-in cord to be stashed away.

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