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Best Cheese Board Sets

  1. SMIRLY Cheese Board Set
  2. ChefSofi Cheeseboard Set
  3. Dynamic Gear Cheese Board
  4. Royal Craft Cheese Board Set
  5. Bambusi Cheese Board Set
  6. Buyer's Guide

Looking for great Mother’s Day gift ideas? We’ve got you the perfect one; Cheese boards! If you enjoy setting up lavish cheese spreads, there’s nothing quite like an exquisite cheese board set that holds your entire spread and also draws the attention of your guests or diners.

Whether you're hosting a dinner, looking for the perfect Mother’s Day gift, or simply a housewarming present, you cannot go wrong with the right cheese board set.

And if you’re on the prowl for a utensil that can be used as a cutting board around the kitchen or for a charcuterie display… a cheese board set is the perfect addition to your kitchen.

Detailing the Best Cheese Board Sets of 2022

SMIRLY Cheese Board Set - Top Pick

This extra-large set has a board and round tray combo that allows you to serve dishes creatively. The cheese board set includes charcuterie boards with bowls, accessories, and a cheese knife set. This cheese board set is the perfect gift for birthdays, Mother’s Day, or even housewarming. It is lightweight and can be easily moved.

  • Comes with a fruit tray, cheeseboard, accessories, and a cheeseboard guide
  • The board set is made from earth-friendly bamboo wood
  • Easy to clean
  • It may be too pricey

ChefSofi Cheeseboard Set - Best Design

With its sleek German design, this board is excellent for serving at luxurious parties and dinners. It is made from Acacia wood, is 13 inches wide, and has enough space to display all the bits of food you want. This cheese board set comes in a gift-ready package, making it an excellent gift for Mother’s Day or housewarming. The set includes a cheese board set, four bowls, and four knives.

  • The cheese Knives are made from stainless steel and are sharp enough to make precise cuts
  • This cheese board set can be easily cleaned and stored away when not in use
  • Should only be cleaned with warm water

Dynamic Gear Cheese Board - Best Materials

Made from 100% natural bamboo, this cheese board set is durable, easy to clean, and is scratch-, odor-, and stain-resistant. It has storage drawers with deep grooves to store knife sets. This cheese board set is the perfect accessory to host events and dinners with. It is very unique and comes in a gift-ready package. It is portable and convenient to carry about.

  • Handcrafted board
  • Has a simple but classy design
  • It has groves serving rims deep enough to hold food and fruits in place
  • Glue gives off an odor

Royal Craft Cheese Board Set - Most Efficient

This cheese board set is non-absorbent and odor-free. Its ergonomic design makes it easy to carry and allows you to display your items without clutter. It is efficient and features an internal drawer to store serving accessories in. Dinner hosting just got better with this versatile cheese board set; it is intentionally crafted to help you serve meals creatively and effortlessly.

  • Two serving compartments on the sides
  • It is easy to maintain
  • Scar-resistant surface
  • Drawer has tendency to stick

Bambusi Cheese Board Set - Another Top Pick

The Bambusi Cheese Board set includes a tray, four utensils, a wine opener, two markers, three labels, and a carrying bag. Talk about the perfect Mother’s Day gift! The board is made from handcrafted bamboo wood that is versatile and durable. This board set is functional and practical; it has smooth edges, is scar resistant, and would not retain any odor. Even with it packed with food, it can easily be carried around without any spillage.

  • This cheeseboard is large enough to put a variety of foods and wine
  • It has a hidden drawer inside of it to store accessories in
  • It may be too pricey

Buyer's Guide

There are various types of cheese board sets; consequently, selecting the one that covers everything you need from a board can be somewhat challenging.

Some cheese board sets are meant for large gatherings, while others are limited to the kitchen or small parties. They are great for serving or displaying cheese or being used as cutting boards. The versatility of this product makes it a great Mother’s Day present as well.

We have carefully compiled this list to make your selection process easier and ensure you get your money’s worth.

How to Choose a Cheese Board Set

Generally, the perfect cheese board set boils down to personal preference. However, there are some qualities that you objectively need to consider when selecting a cheese board set. Whether you are buying it for yourself or as a gift for a family member or friend, the ideal cheese board should have all the right features and functions.

The most important quality of a cheese board is the material it’s made from. The best cheese boards are made from organic materials like non-porous hardwood, marble, bamboo, etc.

Best vs. worst wood types

When selecting a cheese board made from wood, go for non-porous wood-like acacia, walnut wood, teak, bamboo, etc.

Non-porous wood does not absorb moisture. They are antimicrobial: making them safe for food. Also, they are very durable- lasting for years even after consistent usage.

You should avoid porous wood like oak and cedar. They absorb moisture, which in turn, breeds unpleasant odors. They are also microbial and can infuse your cheese with unpleasant flavors leading to a bad taste.

Materials like marble, granite, and ceramics are perfect for cutting, withstanding high temperatures, and keeping your cheese at cool temperatures. However, prolonged usage may blunt your sharp knives, so use specific cheese knives for stone boards.

Size and weight

If you intend on hosting large parties with elaborate cheese spreads, you should go for a board with ample sectioned spaces to help divide platters and spreads.

However, for a cheese board set that will primarily be used at home or for picnics, you want something that isn’t too big but portable enough to be easily moved, which is why a 9x13-inch board or thereabout will be perfect.

For the weight, stone cheese boards like marble or granite are much heavier and denser. They have limited mobility and can be pretty stressful to carry around.

Materials like bamboo or kitchen slates are relatively lighter and can easily be carried around to display and serve.


Cheese board sets often come with additional accessories, but this is not always the case. Typically, the ones with accessories are more expensive.

Some common accessories that are part of some cheese board sets are cheese knives, white markers to label the different cheese platters, sampler forks, wine openers, serving plates, serving forks, bowls, etc.

If you want a board with everything you or your guests may need for your cheese spreads, go for a board with good accessories.


Some cheese board sets are dishwasher-friendly, which makes cleaning easier. Kitchen slate boards are perfectly safe being chucked in a dishwasher after being used. However, keep in mind that wooden cheese boards aren’t dishwasher-safe as the high temperature and detergents may damage them over time. Cheese boards made from wood or marble can easily be swiped with a washcloth and stored in a cool, dry place.

You do not want a board that takes forever to clean, so opt for one that can be easily maintained.

Cheese Board Set FAQ

Q: Can I use a cheese board set as the centerpiece at my party?

A: Yes, you can. A large cheese board set made from an ornamental, yet functional, material like crystal or marble is the best bet for an occasion like this. However, wooden cheese boards are more popular and ornately made. They can also be utilized as a centerpiece.

Boards like this will not detract from the allure of your cheese spread; rather, they will enhance your guests' appreciation for it.

Q: Do cheese board sets have drawers?

A: Some cheese board sets have retractable drawers where additional accessories are stored. If you purchase an all-in-one cheese board set, you’ll find a drawer or retractable trays among its accessories. These drawers are usually hidden in the cheeseboard set, so you may want to look carefully at the product descriptions to ensure that whichever one you’re getting has retractable drawers.

Q: What material is most durable for a cheese board set?

A: A cheese board set made from hardwood or bamboo is your best bet. A cheese board made from crystal or marble is susceptible to damage if it falls, so you really can’t move it around much.

However, a wooden cheese board can fall multiple times without major damage.

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