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The Best Collage Photo Frames

  1. Melannco Collage Photo Frame
  2. Amazon Basics Collage Photo Frame
  3. SONGMICS Collage Photo Frame
  4. Love-KANKEI Collage Photo Frame
  5. Bikoney Collage Photo Frame
  6. Buyer's Guide

We make new memories and preserve them in the form of pictures. With these pictures, we can look back upon those days and feel all the joy and happiness we felt back then. For such precious memories, the best collage photo frames in 2022 are a great choice to help hold and display them together.

Thankfully, we have just the thing for you with our guide to buying the top collage photo frames that you can use to showcase all your favorite pictures. Collage frames are a type of frame that allows you to put differently themed and shaped pictures together in beautiful configurations.

When creating your own configurations with collage frames, you can be as creative as you want. These frames come in a wide variety of shapes and colors. This way, you can choose the ones that best fit your home’s theme and mood.

Compare The Best collage photo frames Of 2022

Melannco Collage Photo Frame - Top Pick

This collage photo frame set by Melannco comes in five sizes, with each size providing different configurations. It also gives you the option of choosing between black, white, and gray color options. Additionally, most frames in the set are shaped differently to accommodate a variety of photo sizes. The letterboard included in this kit is a great tool that can be fun to have around. It can be used to write inspiring quotes or some other lovely quotes about the pictures.

  • Comes in five size options and configurations to choose from
  • Features a letterboard
  • Frames can be too large, but this can be fixed with some cardboard paper

Amazon Basics Collage Photo Frame - Runner Up

AmazonBasics has brought us this amazing collage photo frame that allows you to display multiple photos in one frame instead of having you combine multiple frames together. This makes it easy to assemble and hang. Also, this frame can be placed on a desk or hung on a wall allowing for more flexibility in its placement. This frame provides you with a simplistic look that will fit your home’s theme. The barn wood, white, black, brass, and natural color options also further enhance the rustic design of this frame.

  • Comes in five color options: barn wood, white, black, brass, and natural
  • Choice between five opening options
  • Only comes in one size

SONGMICS Collage Photo Frame - Best Wooden Frames

This collage photo frame set by SONGMICS allows you to change the photo in each frame individually, which makes using it so much easier. The set includes twelve photos allowing you to display more photos than other options. The assembly process is also very simple, with clear and easy instructions. This photo frame comes in black and rustic brown color options that are perfect for a rustic theme. This rustic feel is further enhanced by the fact that the frames are made using wood grain.

  • 12 photo display
  • Frames fit into each other pretty seamlessly
  • More sizes to choose from would have been nice

Love-KANKEI Collage Photo Frame - Best Adjustable Frame

The Love-Kankei collage photo frame is available in black, carbonized black, and weathered gray color options, making it suitable for most home themes. The frame is also very easy to install and assemble. It can be used with both vertical and horizontal wall mountings for further customization. You can hang your favorite photos on this collage photo frame instead of placing them inside a restrictive frame. This means that you are not limited in terms of photo size and shape, making it very customizable.

  • Allows you to hang photos of all shapes and sizes
  • Hanging a photo on the apparatus is as easy as clipping it on
  • Photos will not be as safe as they can be in a glass frame

Bikoney Collage Photo Frame - Also Consider

This collage photo frame set by Bikoney comes with three magnets that you can use to stick more photos to the blackboard. You can also adjust the length of the hemp ropes by cutting them to fit your wall space easily. This kit comes with a blackboard which is usually children's favorite and a great way to place a message alongside your photos. You can use it to draw something, write a memorable quote, or put down a reminder. This collage makes a great decor item for a baby shower or engagement party.

  • Features five hemp ropes on which you can hang as many photos as you like
  • Blackboard allows you to write messages
  • Only one size option is available

Buyer's Guide

If you want to give a collage photo frame set as a gift for Mother’s Day or special occassion, then you want to get the perfect one. To help you with that, here is our guide to buying collage photo frames so that you can get a great deal and a high-quality product.

Frame Size

The first thing you want to look at is the size of the frame. There are two factors that you should take into consideration when deciding on frame size. Number one is the amount of wall space you have available. Be sure to check if the frame set you want to buy will fit on your walls. The other thing to consider is the size of the photos you want to put in.

This way, you can find just the right frame size. Go through the product description to check the size of the photo frames in the set that you wish to purchase.

Frame Design

The next thing you should take a look at is the design of the frames. A collage frame set that you buy should fit your home’s theme and preference. Thankfully you can get them in a large variety of design and color options.

Make sure to check for any electric wiring or pipes near where you will be drilling holes for installing your frames. If you don’t want to drill holes into your wall, you can also find frames that use hanging apparatus that do not need drilling.

Most frames usually come with instructions on how to use and install them. Also, be sure to go through the product description to see what hanging apparatus is needed to hang the frames and choose the one you prefer.

Collage Photo Frame FAQ

Q: What is the difference between collage photo frames and regular photo frames?

A: A collage frame is different from a regular photo frame with the main difference being their design. Regular photo frames are hung separately from each other, while collage photo frames are placed in an artistic manner, almost touching each other.

By doing so, they create a beautiful design. Some collage photo frames don't consist of several frames, but instead have a board-like configuration where you can place your photos as you see fit. This makes them perfect for a family photo wall as they allow for a more space-efficient photo display setup.

Q: What does “collage” mean?

A: Collage is used to refer to a form of art where different materials are stuck together to create a new form. These materials can be magazine covers, photographs, fabrics, or simply pieces of paper. Collage photo frames imitate this artistic style by allowing you to place several pictures in such a way that they create a beautiful design when put together.

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